Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 22-23: Thank You for Your Hard Work

Looking at his expression, it seems that Alvin did not notice even a little that actually Nina had betrayed him.

I was impressed that he trusted her that far.

From that point, I was once again reminded of how excellent Nina was. 

And the same Nina brought the documents summarizing the evidence of his betrayal, starting with dishonoring His Majesty Lord del, the king of Gradeas, and eventually all other actions that were classified as his betrayal in this whole ten years.

If he stopped just in dishonoring him, maybe it could still be managed somehow, but if it came with betrayals in addition to how bad the contents were, he would not be able to escape the execution.

However, without knowing it, Alvin was showing his relaxed attitude as he was looking down on me and thought that he had won this time.

“Your Highness Claude, I don’t know what you ask Nina to bring to His Majesty Lord del, but I encourage you to think more about how to use that confidence of yours in the future.”

“Fumu, I understand. From now on, it seems I will get busier because of you. I will brace myself to not make any mistakes in the paperwork.”

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“Tybybyby! Zsw’hl xyel xl zywtb.”

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“Gzhkd, vbydj usw qsa uswa byae osaj wr wdvkz dso.”

“Tyby! R’hl fwpv esdl kv qsa vbl pyjl sq Zswa Yyflpvu Nsae elz yde qsa vbl qwvwal sq Qayelyp! R byhl dlhla vbswtbv sq kv yp byae osaj!”

Gde yqvla bl tyhl vbl ryrlap vs bkp hyppyz, bl zlv swv psxl yrralnkyvksd osaep vs Gzhkd qsa bkp osaj. Ekvb vbyv, Gzhkd rwv bkp aktbv ryzx sd bkp blyav yde vbld csole, yp bl alrzkle vbyv kv oyp ds byae osaj.

If one only looked at this part, it was just a vassal who was giving his appreciation to the King, and he would just look like a vassal who had been loyal to his King.

“I can see that. Working for your own desire and thinking about how sweet the future will be. Of course, it would never feel hard.”

“Yes, that’s true….. What?”

Alvin did not understand what His Majesty Lord del was talking about. That was just how his face looked. Since I was very kind, I decided to tell him what those words meant.

“Alvin, Nina had been working as a double spy. And her master is me, not you. “

“…..What? …. Wha…. You’ve betrayed me, you brat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Then, as he finally understood what was going on, he ran towards Nina with a face like a demon, but he was stopped by the Imperial Knights and his body was brought to the floor before he reached Nina.

“Let go! Let me go! For a commoner of the Imperial Knights to touch me like this! It is blasphemy! I am the one who will become the next King!”

“Imperial Knights! Keep that person as it is! He is a criminal who was planning for treason! You are not allowed to let him free!”

*Ch 23: Looked Tired as The Heart was Stolen

“Don’t rampage!”

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts! You! Don’t you think you will get away after doing this to me! It hurts! Stop it! I say it hurts! I will definitely remember your face! Don’t ever think you and your whole family will be able to live peacefully in this kingdom! I will turn all of you and your family into criminal slaves! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”

Alvin was taken by the knight and he rampaged in their grasp. He screamed that he was hurt and threw some abusive words. Looking at Alvin’s appearance who was trying to make one fall with his power, I bet no one in the surrounding would help him.

Rather, everyone would think that Alvin was definitely evil, or maybe a bug with a lion’s heart.

“Imperial knights, it’s too noisy. You can just quickly find a rope to tie him and put him into the prison.”

Towards Alvin who was screaming noisily since then, as he was tired with the noise, His Majesty Lord del ordered the Imperial Knights to put him into the jail, and although his expression showed his heartless side, he looked like he was tired.

“Understood! Hey, stand up quickly!”

“Stop it! Don’t touch me! Let me go! You! Don’t tie me! Don’t touch me! Don’t tie me!”

“Move your legs!”

“Don’t pull! I need to tell His Majesty Lord del about the truth and uncover the wrongdoings of His Highness Claude over there—–”

“Shut your mouth and walk!”

“I told you to not pull me so hard! The rope wrapped my skin tightly, it hurts—–”

The Imperial Knight tied Alvin’s arms up with the rope and Alvin was pulled by the rope towards the door and after a moment, he was gone from our sights as the sound of the slammed door echoed loudly inside the silent room.

Then, two Imperial Knights secured the door and the guard was raised as nobody in the room was allowed to get away from there.

After he looked at those two Imperial Knights and nodded, His Majesty Lord del opened his mouth.

“Now, about the report that my son brought just now, which is about the sinner Alvin, naturally, the contents include the evidence that shows Alvin’s wrongdoings, and there are also the names of aristocrats who are connected with him.”

Here, His Majesty Lord del glared at the surroundings and said so with the voice that was heard as he was suppressing his anger.

That glare warned them to not even dare to run away. Don’t worry. We were just going to investigate every corner of their houses, and if we knew that they were innocent, we could just give them the consolation money as a bribe.

After His Majesty Lord del words just now, the silence was gone and the surroundings started to make a noise. At the same time, there were some of them whose faces turned blue or those who fell on the floor.

And the surroundings made a fuss about those six people in total.

That day, under His Majesty Lord del’s command, a drastic change was made. None of the captured aristocrats were bailed from the country and they were given the death penalty for planning national treason.

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