Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 12-13: Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo

Just like handling a fragile porcelain, I grabbed both of Risha’s hands gently to give her the evidence that I was real.

At first, Risha asked me questions and her voice hinted that she was afraid that I would disappear as she touched me with fright.

“Oi, if you grabbed me that hard, I can’t move even if I want to.”

“I-I am sorry…”

And finally, when Risha finally realized that I was not an illusion, this time she grabbed on my sleeves with all of her might so that I would not run away from her.

With this, I could not do what I wanted to do originally, so I asked her to let go of me. However, although she continuously apologized, her hand did not loosen up.


“I-I am sorr— Ah!”

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“Tuyyyyyyyyyyy!!? Zs-us-us-us-uswa!?”

“Ebyv’p vbl xyvvla? Ebu eke usw ulzz ps pweeldzu?”

From that point, it seems that I also fell asleep while holding Risha.

Sadly, the words sleep and hold in here do not mean something dirty. It is just like what the words mean. I fell asleep while holding Risha.

Well, even if I could do it, Risha was still very young, so I did not feel like doing it.

Moreover, as I felt blessed just being able to touch Risha, I was satisfied with this. But, when I was already sucked into the swamp of happiness, Risha’s high pitched scream made me come back to reality.

“Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-your Highness Claude?!”

“Yes, I am your fiance, Prince Claude.”

“I-I am very sorry!!!! I will receive any punishment, but please don’t punish my family!!”

After Risha’s face turned red, she raised her voice with tremendous momentum as she kneeled down.

At the same time, the blanket that covered both of us before I knew it already fell to the floor and Nina quickly took it and folded it in a flash before she disappeared.

Really, she was a brilliant vassal.

However, since she hid her existence from the air, I felt like I was being peeped, so inside my heart, I hoped she did not do it.

Back to the main topic, I worried that Risha was too nice as she would easily be deceived by bad adults. She was still thinking about her family’s safety although she had gone through a lot. But, it was the chance for me to carry out my plan, so I immediately switched my mind.

*** Ch 13 – Surgery

“Now, I will start the surgery.”

“Su-surgery… What is it?”

As I said so, Risha tilted her head and asked what surgery was.

It might be a nonexistent word in this world with magic.

People in this world would not have the idea of cutting off a body to cure an illness.

The only field that was developed in the commoners who often could not pay for the priests was the pharmacy, but it still lacked credibility and there were quite a number that were turned into an occult activity.

That’s why it was normal for people in this world to not know the meaning of surgery.

“Surgery is a method to cure illness and injuries other than magic and medicine.”

While I told her so, I took the teddy bear that had been torn off with white cotton coming out from it.

“Originally, it was conducted to a person, but since it was not healed by magic nor medicine, we could call it a surgery.”

From my words, as expected Risha noticed what I was going to do and was surprised.

I grabbed the tools that I ordered Nina to bring and carefully untied the stitch on the teddy bear while impolitely sitting with my legs crossed. The teddy bear broke down into cloth and cotton.

Usually, Risha would definitely scold me because I was sitting with my legs crossed, but Risha now was getting her hands and knees on the floor, intently looking at the teddy bear in my hands.

Then, the cloth that had already been disassembled was replaced with the new one. I put the new cloth on the disassembled parts, took the mold one by one, and I cut them with scissors.

I had been practicing making teddy bears many times for the sake of that day.

My hands moved smoothly and the surgery went well.

“See, the surgery was a success. How is it? It is strange to say it by myself, but it turned out to be very splendid, isn’t it?”


Risha shook her head several times towards my question as I was able to restore back her teddy bear and gave it back to her.

“And this stuffed animal is a present from me. It’s a teddy bear friend.”

And then I gave Risha the teddy bear, which somehow looked like me, that I made for this day.

“Tha……., thank you, very much, huuuuu!!”

“You are welcome. Now, you have a runny nose. I’ll lend you a handkerchief.”

“I am shorry. It’sh embarashing so pleashe don’t lookkk!”

That day, Risha’s treasures had became two.

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