Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 1, 2: Prologue 1, 2

When I woke up, I was in a different world.

I could not even move my body as I wanted to, and when I tried to speak, I could not do it properly and there were only “Aaa–” or “Maaah!” sounds that came out from my mouth.

It was strange.

Just the other day, I was playing an otome game in order to become popular with the girls.

When I was thinking about the otome game, I gradually got angry, and regardless of my intention, I started to cry out loud. “Ogyaa– Ogyaa–”


But for the time being, it did not matter.

After all, I might have just been dreaming.

I did not need to think too much about it.

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And it was the long-awaited academy life.


The engagement with the first prince, who was the same age as her, had been decided.

It was the only place where she was permitted to speak with other people outside the family members and the maids.

To Risha, they all looked brilliant.

However, the academy life Risha had been waiting for was nothing but another place to slam her into the bottom of hell.

Up until that time, Risha was in a state close to confinement, so she was not able to measure the distance she should take between people and had the tendency to say what she thought as it was.

And the ones who were told the truth by her were not happy about it.

Sometimes, there was a time when a just argument was not the solution and in contrast, make the other party feel unpleasant. 

The more perfect Risha was, the more the words coming from her mouth felt painful to the others.

And until she noticed it, she was alone.

Since the situation became like that, the only salvation she got was her fiance, the first prince, only.

But, the first prince was secretly dating a commoner.

Risha who knew about it didn’t break there, but, although it was allowed for the first prince to have a concubine, the person must have a minimum education that was necessary to stand at the position, and because of that, Risha was always acting strictly towards the heroine.


I saluted that she didn’t break at this point.

If I were her, I would ask myself, “What is my life up until now?” and definitely shattered that person into dust.

Put it aside, what makes it worse is that Risha had never been taught kindly, so she only knew how to teach people strictly.

The rest of the story was just as you expected.

Her attitude was interpreted as bullying by the heroine, and as the behavior was reported to the first prince, the furious first prince broke the engagement with Risha in front of the people at the dance party in their third year, and then he disappeared in front of Risha. It was a happy ending, and then the ending movie was rolled.

Later in the epilogue, only one statement was stated there which said, “Risha committed suicide,” and that was the end.

This was not supposed to happen.

I searched for the way so that Risha could live happily in the walkthroughs etc., but no hits were found.

I was very angry from the bottom of my heart.

At first sight, she was a villainess, but actually, she was a good person. Is it my ego to wish for her happiness?

(Chapter 2)

Risha in that world was very pitiful.


If I were inside the game, I would do anything to save her from that hell.

“Arara, Your Highness looked lively. Do you need anything? Do you need milk? Is it poop? Or is it pee?”

As I thought so, a giant who wore a maid uniform grabbed me on both sides and then held me in her arms as she supported my neck.

I didn’t understand when she was asking about milk and poop… Wait?! Why did she take my clothes off without my permission?! Couldn’t she tell it from the smell?! Stop!! Stop it!! AaaaAaaaaaaAaa!!!!

“Arara, If it is not poop, then it must be milk. But, being lively is a good thing. I will call the nanny, okay?”

Then, after the giant took a firm look at my junior, she said so and then left the room.

Although it was just a dream, this was the first time I was being humiliated so much.

If this act of humiliation needed to be named, then I would name it “SM Baby Play”.

And then, somehow, I felt that I lost something important as a human being.

It was weird.

No, I had known that something was weird from the first day.


I noticed that there was no hint of waking up from this reality-like dream.

In this dream, although I slept and then woke up, I was still inside the dream.

Obviously, it was strange.

As I continued to turn my eyes from reality, three whole years had passed.

Let’s admit it.

I was reincarnated into another world.

“Oh, Your Highness Claude, you are awake.”

“Good morning, Nina-san.”

“Yes, good morning.”

And now, I am Claude Von Highness, the first prince of the Kingdom of Gradeas.

Yes, I have the same name as one of the vicious and hated main characters, and the same status which is the first prince of the same kingdom.

It was unfortunate that I had spent three years in vain as I couldn’t accept the reality, but since it was not the case anymore, I could see clearly what I should do from now on.

“Ara ara, do you imitate your father’s dignified face? It suits you well, but I think it was too fast for Your Highness to make such an expression.”

Towards that determination, my personal attendant and maid, Nina, said that the expression didn’t suit me.

I had been spending three years here.

Therefore, as expected, I later knew why the first prince, Claude, became such trash.

This personal maid of mine, Nina, was always softly denying everything I did or what I tried to do.

Moreover, as I received the education for royalty, I was using a cheat which was my past life memories, but no matter how good my grades were, I were never been praised, and only being told, “You are going to be the future king, so it is natural for you to get those results.”

Was it not one kind of abuse?

As he was raised in such an environment, no wonder that person fell in love with the daughter of a commoner who was like an angel and always positive compared to Rishe who had strict behavior. As I had experienced it, I understood it now.

I could give my empathy to him, but that didn’t mean that I forgave him.

While I was waiting for the day to come, I made various plans to rescue Rishe night by night, and as I did the simulation in my head, I kept refining it and wrote it on paper. 

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