The Madman and The Doll

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 咬痕 Bite Marks
Release Schedule: Tue,Thu,Sat
Author: 曲小蛐
Total Chapters: 100
Genres: Angst Drama Modern Mystery Psychological Romance School Life
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Translator’s Note: The original title is “BITE MARKS,” but there’s a novel with the same title already so I decided to use the title of the first arc as the main Title of the novel.

First Arc:
Qin Lou was like a madman from a young age, feared by everyone. Only one person wasn’t afraid and helped him lock away the demons in his heart. Later, the girl became Qin Lou’s first love. And then, the girl died. Qin Lou went even more mad, becoming uncontrollable.

Until a woman who bore a striking resemblance to his first love appeared.

Second Arc:
Ever since Qin Qing became Qin Lou’s assistant, she had to endure daily mockery besides her work:

“President Qin only sees you as a stand-in.”

“You have no idea how much Qin Lou loved Song Shu. Compared to Song Shu, you’re nothing!”

“Being someone’s stand-in, how pitiful you are.”

Qin Qing cooperated well, always lowering her eyes, looking as if she was about to cry.

“It’s okay, I’m willing to endure it. Even if he only loves my face.”

Thus, rumors spread in the venture capital industry, saying that Qin Lou’s assistant was a pitiful stand-in who accompanied him for drinks, chats, and warmth in bed. This finally reached Qin Lou’s ears.

At the Vio annual meeting, in front of everyone, the utterly fed-up Qin Lou pulled Qin Qing into his arms—

“Song Shu, after faking your death for so long, how many more years do you plan to toy with me?”

Everyone: …Who??


Youth Arc: You were my redemption
Two kids with problematic families, mutual salvation.

Return Arc: My Hell and Heaven
[Venture capital workplace background] Fake death, exoneration, and revenge storyline (In short, “After faking my death and returning, I became my own stand-in, juggling my career, exoneration, and acting skills while outsmarting my mad ex-boyfriend (not really).”)

**The two Arcs were separated by a Time Skip.

Tags: Love Story, Two-way healing, Revenge, Drama, Childhood sweetheart

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