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A Professional Avenger

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: [快穿]金牌鲨手
Release Schedule: Mon,Tue
Author: 一山钩月
Total Chapters: 63 Chapters + 3 Extras
Genres: Action Non-CP Quick Transmigration Shounen Ai Transmigration


My name is Lin Yuetian, 23 years old.

I come from a somewhat chaotic cyberpunk future world, unmarried. I work at a company and go home punctually at 8 PM every day. I don’t smoke, I only drink a little, and I go to bed at 11 PM, getting a full 8 hours of sleep each night. Before bed, I always drink a cup of warm milk and do 20 minutes of seated forward bends. Once in bed, I fall asleep immediately and sleep soundly until morning, never carrying fatigue or stress into the next day. The more than thirty psychologists I’ve seen all say I’m very normal.

System: That’s enough.

I have a gentle personality, I’m kind and reasonable, work diligently, and have good relationships with people.

And, though it may sound a bit arrogant, I know I’m very good-looking. Every morning when I go out, I attract at least four waves of cyberpunk-themed villains. Of course, I handle them all.

System: Maybe you should introduce some objective content now, dude?

Oh, I forgot to mention. I’m a killer, a gold medal killer. I have been ranked number one on the company’s zero-complaint list for ten consecutive quarters. My dream is to earn a lot of money, achieve financial freedom, and enjoy life happily. Although I admit I am very excellent, I just want to live a peaceful life.

System: Ha!

I never expected that I would wake up one day to find myself inexplicably transmigrated into various scumbag stories, with an additional system in my head—the same one that has been interrupting my self-introduction. He is my colleague. Alright, system, please introduce what I need to do.

System: You need to make the scumbags fall for you and then genuinely regret it… Wait, what are you doing?

Sharpening my sword—oh, it’s just a prop for completing my tasks. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely make sure the scumbags are both sincere and regretful.

This story solemnly promises that no scumbag will survive and no innocent systems will be harmed in the story.

System: Ridiculous!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!



Chapter 3 NEW

Chapter 4 NEW



Chapter 3 NEW

Chapter 4 NEW

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