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    Extra: Lu Jing 2

    He Yusen didn’t reply. This made Lu Jing a little unhappy but didn’t bother to do anything else.

    The next day, he drove to the apartment where He Yusen was currently living.

    He deliberately arranged Ji-jie to take care of He Yusen because she was meticulous and capable in her work. Despite not wanting to show He Yusen that he cared, Lu Jing just felt that he should maintain his due demeanor in front of his old lover —- at least, basic necessities like food, clothing, and housing must not be bad.

    When the front door opened, he noticed that Ji-jie was dressed in plain clothes, and her eyes were red and swollen, which was vastly different from her usual neat appearance. Once she saw Lu Jing, she froze for a moment.  A dazed expression appeared on her face as if she found the matter of Lu Jing coming here unbelievable.

    Lu Jing himself knew that since He Yusen moved in, he had rarely indeed come. It should also be the first time that he had come here without any prior notice.


    He lightly coughed and looked around. He didn’t find the person he was looking forward to seeing. He then asked, “Where’s He Yusen?”

    Hearing his name, Ji-jie seemed to have finally snapped out of her shock.

    “Xiao He…”

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    Lu Jing stared blankly at the person’s faint smile displayed on the tombstone.


    Ever since he had stepped into this cemetery, his mind had gone blank — his limbs had followed Ji-jie forward unheeded, and he felt like his soul had left  his body. He had no idea what he was doing or why he was here.

    Why was he here?

    “Xiao He… was too young when he came to know the existence of his illness. He didn’t know what to do at that time, how to tell you about it, and deal with the relationship that you guys had, so he left.” Seeing Lu Jing’s expressionless face, she wanted to gently say a few good words for Xiao He, who had already passed away. She understood and expected that Lu Jing had already found another new lover and didn’t have much affection for Xiao He anymore. “If you still blame him, Mr. Lu, please let it go.”

    Lu Jing’s body slightly shook, but Ji-jie didn’t see it.

    “He was left with after-effects from his treatment and didn’t have many days left. So I guess he wanted to see you one last time,” she continued, “and he didn’t mean to bother you much. After he found out about that you now had Young Master Lin by your side, he accepted it.”

    It’s just that he had been waiting for you.

    Ji-jie hesitated for a moment, not wanting to upset Lu Jing, and finally didn’t say anything anymore.

    “Xiao He wanted to be buried at sea. I thought about it and left half of on the land, so that he could  have a home to return to, after seeing the world.” She was superstitious and still took the liberty to make this decision, hoping that He Yusen’s spirit would not be drifting without a home.

    Lu Jing hadn’t spoken since earlier, making Ji-jie unable to really figure out what he was thinking. However, when she turned her head, she saw that his face was pale, his thin lips were tight, and his whole body was trembling. She couldn’t help but be a little nervous, “Mr. Lu?”


    Once he opened his mouth, his voice was so hoarse as if it wasn’t his own.

    “…He turned out to be… suffering from an illness.”


    The suppressed truth, that made him angry and hateful for many years, had finally surfaced at this moment.

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