No One Knows

Extra: Lu Jing 1


Maybe due to poor signal coverage, Lu Jing wasn’t able to clearly hear what He Yusen said at the end.

Nonetheless, he still heard his faint words of “I want to see you” and “I want to come travel with you too.”

This inexplicably softened his heart.

He Yusen, indeed, still cared about him.


He Yusen always wanted to leave him, which greatly upset him. He tried every means to make him stay but, each time, Lu Jing could not bear his own despicable and shameful acts.

Therefore, when he locked He Yusen up, he also restrained himself from seeing him.

Besides, Lu Jing also wondered if He Yusen would be jealous. Thus, he would take Lin Yu to travel to various places, openly and boisterously. This made everyone think that his new love was Lin Yu.

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Lu Jing seemed to have finally touched the soft flesh under He Yusen’s hard shell. This discovery made him restless and uneasy. Lin Yu, who had a face similar to He Yusen when he was young, couldn’t even dampen his yearning to go back.


But if he appeared before He Yusen so abruptly, wouldn’t his concern be too obvious?

Since, until now, he couldn’t forgive that person’s cruel abandonment back then, Lu Jing suppressed his impulse and found an excuse for official business to return to China with Lin Yu, who had not had enough fun. Lin Yu was very dissatisfied and pouted all the way. Lu Jing might have coaxed him before whenever he saw such an expression on that face, but he no longer cared about him now.

When he got back, Lu Jing didn’t go straight to where He Yusen lived. Rather, he posted numerous location check-in updates with much publicity, while waiting to see if He Yusen would take the initiative to find him.

He Yusen said that he wanted to see him.

He actually felt that He Yusen still had feelings for him. Whenever they were together, he could always catch the other person sneaking glances at him, with his eyes full of fondness, yet, those eyes always held the intent to leave.

With that thought, Lu Jing, once again, became upset. After his posts were liked and commented on by numerous people, he still didn’t receive any response from He Yusen. Didn’t he say he wanted to see him?

Lu Jing’s anger was rekindled. Just when he was starting to get angry again, Lin Yu happened to corner him and asked him to buy a new pair of limited edition sneakers. He paid without saying a word and ordered Lin Yu to come over tonight.

Later that night, he took a picture of his office, which seemed random on the surface, but, upon closer inspection, one could see Lin Yu’s side profile playing with his phone hidden in the corner.

He looked very much like He Yusen… in his youth.

You’re not the only one, Lu Jing thought indifferently.

He wanted to send the photo to He Yusen. As soon as he scrolled through their chats,  he noted that all of their chats were full of He Yusen asking if he would come over and if he wanted to drink some soup.

He read them in a trance.


…Yes, he had previously rejected him so much, even blocked his chat five days ago — which should be the time before he and Lin Yu had set off for a vacation. He Yusen also learned that he was traveling with someone else. Therefore, he stopped asking if he would come.

Afterwards… he received that call.

Lu Jing’s heart softened, and he quietly deleted the photo he just took.

He pondered for a moment and typed slowly on the keypad, “I’ll come tomorrow.”

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