No One Knows

Chapter 3


Lu Jing took him to live in another house.

He Yusen accepted his fate and stopped thinking about escaping. After all, all of his savings had been spent on his medical treatment, and it seemed nice to have a warm place to spend his remaining days, rather than ending up miserable on the side of the road.

While living there, he had to admit that he always looked forward to Lu Jing’s every arrival.

However, Lu Jing only stayed for a month or two after he moved in, as if it was just to make sure that he was obediently staying there. 


He rarely came after that.

Lu Jing found him a nanny. She was an older woman who took care of his living, diet, and daily life. She was extremely amiable and even told He Yusen to eat and drink well as she felt unbearable looking at how thin he was.

She reminded him of his mother, who had died many years ago.

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However, he felt wronged and couldn’t help but defend himself in a whisper一I didn’t.


He hadn’t seen Lu Jing for a long time.

Lin Yu sneered and said, “Really not? Then why did Lu Jing call the wrong name yesterday?”

He froze.

“You’re very proud of yourself, aren’t you? To tell you the truth, I had a fight with him, and Lu Jing is already doing everything he can to coax me. You should just leave us alone!”

The call was hung up, and He Yusen was left holding the phone in a daze.

There was too much information to process all at once. Lu Jing called his name. Lu Jing went to see Lin Yu last night, Lu Jing was… coaxing Lin Yu. He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, and after standing for a long time, he silently returned to his room.

He suddenly had an impulse to call Lu Jing.

However, he didn’t dare. The few times Lu Jing had answered his calls, he responded perfunctorily and seemed irritated. He also hung up without even allowing him to say anything.

His heart once again twinged in pain at the thought. He quickly swallowed his medicine and tried to calm his breathing as he diverted his attention.

He tried to think of something that would make him happy.

For example, when he first got together with Lu Jing, he was really happy.

He and Lu Jing were on the same school basketball team, and Lu Jing was a year older than him. When he was just recruited into the team as a freshman, Lu Jing took the initiative to care for him.


He had blushed the first time he saw Lu Jing, not to mention the occasional intimate physical contact between the two of them during practice, and the intent gaze Lu Jing looked at him with when he was instructing him.

He actually thought it was just wishful thinking on his part at that time. Until after one practice, Lu Jing suddenly pressed him onto the reclining chair on the empty court.

He then confessed to him.

Maybe because he just finished the strenuous exercise, his youthful burning breath sprayed on his ear as he spoke. Moreover, his entire face was blushing so red as if he had just been fished out of a pot.

He whispered, Yes.


He did owe Lu Jing for providing him with the best and happiest memories when they were together. They also made many, many promises to one another.

Regarding their future plans, some of them were to travel around the world, to go to Northern Europe to see the aurora, and to go to Hokkaido to see the snow. They also talked about what kind of house they would live in, what kind of pets they would raise in the future… Promises made at a young age were so easy to give, but now were discarded and set aside to collect dust.

Maybe Lu Jing had already forgotten them all.

He had recently been sleeping increasingly longer than he did before. Even Ji-jie could see that there was something wrong with him. He found a random reason to temporarily appease her, but he knew inwardly that his days were already numbered.

Furthermore, his medicine bottle was almost emptied out.

Maybe one night, he would suddenly stop breathing.


When thinking about this, the piercing thoughts tormented him, and he finally couldn’t hold back and called Lu Jing again.

The prompt said the one he was trying to call was in an area with no signal coverage, but he didn’t give up and immediately dialed Lu Jing’s assistant’s number.

Lu Jing’s assistant also knew about him and had mixed feelings of some pity and comeuppance towards him, who was already adult enough yet still clung to Lu Jing. This made people not know what to say towards him.

“Boss went on a trip. He just left today, and he’s still on the plane, I think.”

The assistant added, “He went with Mr. Lin Yu… Mr. He, ah, you shouldn’t disturb them, it’s gonna make them upset.”

He Yusen was silent for a long time. When the assistant was about to think that there was something wrong with the signal, he gently apologized in reply.

After hanging up the call, he sat in silence for a while, then swallowed the last few pills in the bottle.

He would also love to travel with Lu-ge.

However, he forever lost this opportunity, and time never waited for anyone.

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