No One Knows

Chapter 1


On a cold winter evening, He Yusen finally closed his eyes for an eternity.

One’s life was short. However, he didn’t even have the time to see the spring flowers that would fully blossom in the following year. “Such a pity ah,” he thought.

Not long ago, he received a call from his ex.

—In his heart, he secretly called his ex, his lover, not letting anyone hear this wishful thinking of his.


Even if his ex already had a lover of his own.

“He Yusen, can you guess where I am?”

The other party’s tone was full of malice as if he was intentionally provoking him.

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Naturally, He Yusen heard it and slowly lowered his gaze.


“That’s great.” He said.

In the past, He Yusen had always thought that he could understand his ex-lover’s hatred. He tried to imagine their situation in reverse. He thought that if Lu Jing also left him for so many years without saying goodbye, it meant that Lu Jing had abandoned him, that he was abandoned by the person he loved, and he would hate such a thing happening to him either.      

That time, He Yusen just wanted to return to this city to have one last look. 

Doctor Lian told him that his time was running out. 

Therefore, he returned to the place where he and Lu Jing used to play ball.

This place carried a small and insignificant trace of their love from the past.

However, he never thought that Lu Jing would take a friend to play with on that day, and that he would recognize him, who was about to run away in haste, with just one glance.  

“He…Yusen.” Lu Jing’s tone had changed from being surprised to indifferent. He said with a trace of disgust, “It’s you.”


When He Yusen knew that he was suffering from a family genetic disease. The first thing he did, after completing a set of examinations, was to spend all of his savings to seek medical treatment overseas.  

He couldn’t tell his lover to wait for him, because he didn’t know if waiting would be fruitful. He didn’t want to make Lu Jing grieve for him.

So he only sent a scheduled email to his lover. He briefly said goodbye to his lover without giving the reason why. 


He left in a haste without even waiting for his reply.

However, his illness was still not cured. The doctor regretfully informed him that after the operation, he had a rejection reaction. As a result, his heart would gradually fail, and complications such as heart attack and arrhythmia had a high risk of occurence — he might suddenly stop breathing someday.

After experiencing such grave news twice, He Yusen became more optimistic. 

He thought that he was lucky. After all, the surgery had extended his life for several years, and at least, he tried his best to survive. At least, he tried. 

Only…he had one wish left. 

…Lu Jing. 


Lu Jing almost forced and locked him in his home. 

Perhaps, he was too cowardly and felt guilty. Therefore, when he saw Lu Jing, he couldn’t help but want to accommodate him. After all, throughout all these years of treatment, he felt as if time had stopped for him. He would often lie on the hospital bed while looking out the window and thinking of Lu Jing. His only bit of comfort was thinking that he and Lu Jing were breathing under the same sky.

Lu Jing naturally perceived his cowardice. Perhaps, he also discerned his conscious love. Thus, Lu Jing knew that through pain, hate, and revenge he could destroy him to the greatest extent. 

Lu Jing would sleep with him. 

At first, he wanted to refuse, because he was afraid his body wouldn’t be able to take it. But sadly, he realized that he couldn’t refuse Lu Jing at all.


Lu Jing moved roughly as if he was venting his anger. So, after fainting a few times, He Yusen had  finally mastered some tricks. He would secretly take his medicine before Lu Jing returned from work.  

The reason was that after he took different kinds of pills, his body’s acceptance became better. The only drawback was that the duration of time he slept through was getting longer. Lu Jing often felt dissatisfied because of this and said that he was old and weak. That he was dry and not energetic enough. 

At that moment, Lin Yu appeared.

That was one of the most dreadful memories for him. 

If the rough sex, previously, tortured his body, then Lin Yu’s appearance toremented his mentality.

Because, Lin Yu was the substitute that Lu Jing had found for himself.

To be precise, Lin Yu was a replacement for his, He Yusen’s, younger self. 

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