You Are My… Natural Mosquito Killer


In July, it rained for several days in a row.

Located in the basin plains, Chengdu, where summer was hard to bear but accompanied by drizzle and cool breezes which swept away the sweltering heat left the faces of the citizens full of smiling with relief. 

Except Xia Yu, who has returned from university for the summer holidays and was idle at home.

Xia Yu, which means summer rain, was born in the summer rainy season, yet Xia Yu dislikes the summer rain the most. 

Heh, this was revenge, right? Xia Yu thought sullenly as she stared at the red and swollen bumps on her hands and legs. Because of her type O blood and being a standard otaku girl with fair skin, Xia Yu’s blood seemed to be particularly tasty. Every summer, the mosquito season, Xia Yu suffers.


Usually when it was too hot the air condition was turned on at home. It’s okay to say that mosquitoes don’t enter the house for fear of cold, but it has rained for several days, and there was no reason to turn on the air condition when the air outside was naturally cold so Xia Yu was very annoyed.

“Yucky yucky so yucky!”

Xia Yu hugged the pillow and sat on the sofa kicking her feet in a missy temper.

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Annoyingly annoying, this damn summer, this damn rainy day!


Xia Yu gave in, “Fine, my house is not airy, you go back to your own house and watch football!” 

As long as she drives this person away, she would be able to sleep peacefully, right?

Who knew that Qin Ran didn’t feel the host’s eviction order at all, and said leisurely, “My parents and uncle and aunt specifically instructed me to take care of you before they went on their trip. Also…” Qin Ran turned around slightly, his delicate features facing Xia Yu as he uttered cruel words.

“Also, can you really cook on your own without me?”


Xia Yu was silent. After a while, the mosquito ate another meal on her neck and pinched her to death. Xia Yu gritted her teeth and said, “But are you not afraid of mosquitoes by keeping the window open like this?”

At that, Qin Ran gave a wicked wry smile and said word for word, “No, with you as a natural mosquito killer, mosquitoes never bite me.”

Xia Yu was so angry that she wanted to vomit until her insides hurt but still ended up compromising.

So, under the compromise, Qin Ran gave up watching football to cook. Xia Yu well….. continued to lie on the sofa like a corpse and serve as food to mosquitoes.

—— Short stories can also have dividing lines——

Half an hour later, Qin Ran came out of the kitchen carrying the food, but someone was already holding her phone, dejectedly.

That summer, it was really frustrating. Xia Yu looked up at Qin Ran with no energy, “I don’t want to eat, so I will go back inside and sleep some more.”



Hearing the call, Xia Yu mechanically turned her head, and saw Qin Ran smiling extraordinarily, “Don’t you want to lose weight?” 


“If you don’t eat enough, how can you have the strength to lose weight?” 


Xia Yu clenched her fist, and her dark eyes, which had been unfocused a moment ago, gradually gathered light.

“Also, what about these mosquitoes I’m raising when you, the natural mosquito killer, don’t eat and smell good anymore?”

“Qin Ran, you big idiot!!!” Xia Yu roared like a lion.  

This person and his eight character1 The Four Pillars of Destiny, as known as “Ba-Zi”, which means “eight characters” or “eight words” in Chinese, is a Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour. was in disharmony with hers since the day he was born, has always been and always will be.

He was deliberately mocking herself, wasn’t he? Yes, just a few months ago, Xia Yu had gleefully told Qin Ran on the phone that she had a crush on someone who was tall, handsome, sunny and the school’s swimming champion. In order to match herself with the handsome swimmer, Xia Yu was screaming about losing weight in the hope that she could one day wear a sexy bikini and confess her love for him, but just when Xia Yu was torn between the two options of losing weight and eating every day, and making a fuss every day about “how to lose weight without eating enough”, the other guy already found a girlfriend.

Xia Yu completely rested and lay back on the sofa again, sighing, “Just now my classmate called to say that his girlfriend is very beautiful, has a great body, and seems to wear expensive perfume on her body.”

After saying that, Xia Yu didn’t wait for Qin Ran’s answer and lazily rolled over and mumbled, “He also said before that the smell of Six Gods Flower Dew Mosquito Repellent2 Six gods flower dew is a brand name of fast itch reliving perfume kind of mosquito repellent on me smells great! Why does no one else like this smell?”

Six gods flower dew mosquito repellent; source: google images

Qin Ran did not say anything, put down the bowls and chopsticks and walked over, patting Xia Yu’s head like a kitten and narrowed his eyes before speaking, “Maybe….. someone likes it too.”

“Huh?” Xia Yu tilted her head, Qin Ran raised his eyebrows with a stroke, “Didn’t you say that muscly swimmer man has a competition the day after tomorrow?”

Hearing this, Xia Yu’s bright eyes dimmed again. Yes, it was because of this reason that she lost her soul when she answered the phone. If she didn’t go, she would look too spineless, but if she did, she would be alone and have to watch those two lovebirds together.

The thought of a beautiful woman wiping sweat and passing water to a swimming champion drove Xia Yu crazy.

“Aghh, what the hell to do?” To go or not to go, it was a harder choice than eating or losing weight.

Qin Ran snorted, “For the sake of being an old friend for many years, I’ll do you a favour.”


“I’ll introduce a boyfriend to you. Let’s meet at the swimming pool the day after tomorrow.”

Xia Yu’s eyes bulged wide and shone brightly, “Really? Is he more handsome and taller than the swimming champion?”


“More sunny and brighter than the swimming champion?”



“Better than the swimming champion…”

“Why are you being so annoying?” Qin Ran hugged his chest and was about to scold more when he saw her propping up her chin with a pensive face, “But Qin Ran, what if I don’t like the other party?”

Qin Ran, “…This sentence should be said by the other party.”

———The dividing line that reappears in the short story———

The day after the next day, at the swimming pool.

In order to score extra points for herself, Xia Yu deliberately changed into a snow-white dress before leaving the house that day. The skirt had a nice lace hem with a black bow tied around the chest, matching Xia Yu’s fair skin and big dark eyes. The style was simple, yet glamorous and pretty. 

At the moment, Xia Yu was hiding in a cool corner where the sun doesn’t shine and looking around. Xia Yu was really having a hard time because of the weather. When she was a house girl a few days ago, she didn’t see the sun, and when she decided to go out on a date, the scorching sun came out.

Xia Yu was thinking about it when a pair of leather shoes fell into her eyes and she looked upwards along the feet —

“Qin Ran?” Xia Yu tilted her head and looked around mysteriously again, “Hey, where is the boyfriend you were going to introduce to me?”

Qin Ran pursed his lips, the corners of his eyes curled up playfully with a “Are you blind?” expression on his face.

After a pause, Xia Yu faintly understood and couldn’t stop her mouth from opening wide, “No – it wouldn’t – right -” How could there be one to serve as an introducer to oneself?

Qin Ran seemed to understand Xia Yu’s mind and ruffled her hair, “Idiot, so that you don’t have to pay the thank you money to the matchmaker for your marriage in the future.”

Xia Yu was about to say something when Qin Ran had already dominantly taken the other party’s hand and walked inside, “How could I be stupid enough to give up the natural mosquito killer to someone else?”

You are, after all, the goods that I booked for myself more than ten years ago.


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Hey everyone, happy summer vacation. 

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