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  • The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

    Chapter 9: Corruption of the evil that is capitalism

    The fact of the matter was that she was hospitalized. Even though there weren’t any problems with Ning Yi’s physical exam, her worried parents and older brother still believed that she should rest at home for two more days.

    Ning Yi of course disagreed.

    What a joke, after the hero saves the beauty in the alley, the main plot officially kicks off. As the “villainous female supporting character,” her mission has picked up as well! If she doesn’t go to school, how would she find trouble with Mu Wanqing? And how will Lu Xu Nan notice her and then develop feelings between the two of them that go beyond classmates?

    “There’s no need for that, right? The results of the exam indicate that I’m healthy, my health is excellent! I feel like I can go run three kilometers in the garden without being out of breath! Really!” Ning Yi blurted out, patting her chest.

    Ning Xiu tore her apart at once: “You’re planning to take a walk until tomorrow morning?”


    Ning Yi: “…Brother!”

    Regarding his little sister’s health, Ning Xiu won’t budge even if he heard his little sister acting spoiled. He spoke seriously, “Dr. Zhang contacted our family, your hypoglycemia flared up this time. You secretly started dieting again, didn’t you? Nanny Chen said the amount you eat has dropped for nearly a month.”

    Ning Yi felt deeply wronged.

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    “!!!” Ning Yi jumped off of the scale, resisting, “Brother, this is restricting my freedom! Affecting my studies! Mom and dad definitely won’t agree!”


    Ning Xiu put away his phone, pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, and revealing a gentle smiling expression, he asked back, “Really?”

    Ning Yi turned to look at her parents, looking aggrieved. Le Bai Qiu shrugged her shoulders at her, expressing that she was a spectator and won’t get involved. Ning Xuemin simply didn’t even give her a glance and simply continued to look at documents with his head lowered.

    Ning Yi: “…”

    She suddenly discovered that it wasn’t such a good thing for her family to be too rich. Neither her parents nor old brother had the beautiful desire for their little girl to become successful and actually believed that gaining weight was more important than studying, forcing her to peacefully stay at home to eat and get fat?!

    This was completely the unfathomable corruption of the evil that is capitalism on good youth who strive to work hard!

    It was a pity that even though Ning Yi was extremely unwilling in her heart, it was still hard for one person to go against the wish of the whole family. She could only properly stay home to rest.

    The thing that made her teeth hurt the most right now was this weird constitution. In order to obtain her freedom and go to school to go along with the plot, she obviously worked very hard at eating her meals already and even newly added afternoon tea and a late-night snack. Even though she didn’t get heavier on the second day, her weight was stable at the least. But on the third day, when Ning Xiu made her get on the scale at night, she actually lost twenty grams!

    Ning Yi’s face almost turned black from anger. Going back to school could only be postponed for another day.

    She threw herself on the bed lifelessly, feeling that working through a math test from <Comprehensive Quiz King> could no longer mend her incredibly injured heart. Must add a set for comprehensive sciences!

    Ning Yi flipped over, fetched her phone from the bedside cabinet and was about to start when a QQ notification suddenly popped up. It was Ju Meng.

    [Ju Xiao Meng will start losing weight tomorrow]: Reporting! Today, Comrade Lu Xu Nan received three love letters, four boxes of chocolate, and a drink! But he didn’t accept any of them, I saw him sweep them all into the trash after school! Over!

    Ning Yi couldn’t go to school herself and worried that the plot would develop under circumstances that she wasn’t familiar with, so she used “concerned about Lu Xu Nan” as a reason to have Ju Meng keep track of the situation in her place.


    [Don’t gain ten jins11 jin is about 0.5 kg, not changing profile picture]: Then that’s good, yingyingying. You help me watch more, I have to see who’s taking the chance to worm their way into being Lu Xu Nan’s friend while I’m not here, heng!

    [Don’t gain ten jins, not changing profile picture]: Other than those that sent presents, are there any others? Such as…giving him notes or copying homework, attentive gestures and the like?

    Ning Yi remembered that it was written in the novel that after the matter in the alley, Mu Wanqing was a little more concerned about her savior Lu Xu Nan. Seeing that he was always sleeping in class, she wrote notes for studying and gave them to him. To prevent him from being questioned by the teacher because he didn’t do his homework, she specially prolonged the time it took to collect homework and even lent him her workbook to copy. As a result, she was admonished by the teacher for this and it happened to be seen by Lu Xu Nan. From here, a different faint ripple was left in the unfeeling iceberg male lead’s heart.

    [Ju Xiao Meng will start losing weight tomorrow]: ??? Who would be so boring? Gifting notes to the school tyrant? Are they making fun of his bad grades and asking for a beating?

    Ning Yi shook her head, saying in her heart: That’s why everyone has the life of a little cannon fodder! If the female lead didn’t stand out like this with a new way of doing things, how could she distinguish herself from Dog Lu’s numerous pursuers and obtain his special treatment?

    [Ju Xiao Meng will start losing weight tomorrow]: Wait! What’s with your profile picture??? Did I see wrong or did you make a mistake? Gain ten jins? Are you crazy?

    Speaking of this, Ning Yi was not happy. Her fingers flew, rapidly telling her friend about the entire sequence of events. In the end, she complained–

    [Don’t gain ten jins, not changing profile picture]: I ate four meals today. For afternoon tea, I ate two cupcakes, a slice of strawberry mousse, and in the evening, I even purposely drank a bowl of soup. In the end, I actually lost twenty grams! I say, can you believe it?? I simply want to cry to death, I can’t go to school until the day after tomorrow now, yingyingying QWQ

    [Ju Meng will start losing weight tomorrow]: …

    [Ju Meng will start losing weight tomorrow]: [Smile] [Smile] [Smile]

    [Ju Meng will start losing weight tomorrow]: For a moment, I didn’t know whether I should envy the unlimited vacation you got or envy your constitution that allows you to eat and not get fat [lemon]

    [Ju Meng will start losing weight tomorrow]: We can’t go back anymore, you’re no longer that my good sister that grew fat from drinking water with me. Blocking you for half an hour [Goodbye]


    Ning Yi: …Sister, you can’t see the bitterness and tears in my heart QAQ

    [1] 1 jin is about 0.5kg

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