The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 8: 40-meter long knife cannot be restrained!*

Neither of the two people said anything again. There was only the chattering of the eight o’ clock dog-blooded drama from the television.

The male and female leads were shouting themselves hoarse in a heavy downpour.

–Yuwen Tuo! You only care about discussing the sky, the earth, the stars, discussing life and discussing dreams1谈地谈星星,谈人生谈理想: this appears to simply be chatting about everything (but emotions/affection) with your close female friend! I swear, in this life, I’m not going to love you anymore!

–Wanwan, I’m only willing to discuss the sky, the earth, the stars, discussing life and discussing dreams with you! In this lifetime, I won’t discuss the sky, discuss the earth, discuss the stars and life and dreams with other women!


Who am I? Where am I? Why do I have to sit here watching this dog-blooded drama with awful lines?

Ning Yi sat against the head of the bed, her eyes dully watching the male and female leads that seemed to be crazy on the television screen, looking like a spiritless empty shell.

Lu Xu Nan said to stay behind in the beginning originally to deliberately go against Ning Yi. Seeing this “nothing left to live for” expression of hers now, he couldn’t help smiling.

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The other person, however, was obviously in a pretty good mood, even the feet under the blanket were happily sticking up, moving from time to time, like a pleased mouse that had stolen some rice.


After Ning Yi inwardly criticized Lu Xu Nan, her mood indeed lifted plenty. Even watching the drama with that repetitive dialogue of the seemingly crazy male and female leads in the rain, she could find the advantage that the pacing was very good.

Finally, after the lovers went through arduous self-explaining and were wet by half a night’s worth of rain, they held hands as they gazed at one another. Just as there was about to be a “romantic hug and kiss”, the screen cut to an ad.

–Intelligent living befalls the population. Scan the QR code below, download the Comprehensive Quiz King APP. A million in prizes waiting for you every day!

The brief words were repeatedly broadcasted at least three times. The voice full of enthusiasm almost made people think that so long as they downloaded the APP, millions of prizes would be theirs.

Ning Yi looked at the QR code that practically took up the whole screen and couldn’t help picking up the new phone that Ning Xiu had prepared for her and scanned it. With a beep, she was automatically redirected to an app download page.

She casually tapped ‘download’, deeply feeling that the voice actor who did the dubbing for this ad should sell on a live broadcast. Just by relying on that voice alone to sway people with a few sentences, it would certainly be very easy to be the king of consumer influence.

The internet in the VIP ward was very fast. In about ten seconds, a notification came up that the download was complete.

Ning Yi opened the app, the program indicated for her to register.

She randomly put in a “Y_No.1”. As a result, she was told the username was already registered, so she changed the alphabet “o” to the number “0”. This time, she passed and it directly jumped to a <Comprehensive Quiz King> interface.

The program’s interface was very clean, separated into three pages: “Live Broadcast”, “Question Bank”, and “Exchange”.

The platform had a live quiz event every day at 13:00 and 20:00. The accounts that correctly answered twelve questions consecutively got to evenly split the 1 million in prize money.

Ning Yi recalled that this type of quiz platform had once been very popular for a while in her original world. In essence, it relied on money spent on advertising to make it popular. She suddenly felt less interested.


Just as she was about to exit, her finger accidentally tapped into the question bank. She discovered that it actually wasn’t just some ad and there really was an all-inclusive test question bank of elementary, middle school, and high school test questions!

Ning Yi tapped on a high school Year 3 math test and skimmed it over. To her surprise, she discovered that the quality of the questions were actually considerably high and similar to the questions on the secret exam from a famous school that she’d found with much difficulty before.

Conscience in the industry!

Ning Yi’s eyes lit up, excitedly rubbing her hands.

This was completing problems anonymously online, it had no relation with her grades. So long as she didn’t talk about it, no one would know it was her behind the account and naturally she won’t be breaking character.

Before she could break away from the plot’s control and completely regain her freedom, this app was simply sustenance for her mind!

Ning Yi was about to select a set of math problems to practice when someone knocked on the door.

She raised her head. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Lu Xu Nan also seemed to have just put down his phone.

The one that pushed the door open and walked in was the doctor. Holding the latest report, he said, “There aren’t any problems with the exam results. Suddenly losing consciousness was probably due to excessive fright and low blood sugar. You have to remember to replenish your sugar levels in a timely manner, did you forget to carry candy with you again?”

Because the original host was born premature, her health had always been bad. Her digestive system was weak and she had long term hypoglycemia.

But for girls in their youth, they always felt that being even a little fatter wasn’t good-looking. Sugar was simply the enemy of beauty, so the original host always controlled her sugar intake. Last year, she was even hospitalized once because she secretly dieted too much.

Ning Yi’s own body was very good before. Light symptoms of low blood sugar were originally not very obvious and she didn’t particularly prefer sweets. After she transmigrated, she indeed often forgot to carry candy around with her.


Hearing the doctor ask this question at this moment, she unconsciously felt a feeling similar to being caught goofing off, so even though she knew the reason for her fainting this time was brought on by a headache, she still couldn’t help revealing a small guilty smile.

The doctor had an “I knew it” expression. He lightly shook his head and persuaded patiently, “Miss Ning, you’re already very thin. Your body mass index is lower than average, you simply don’t need to control your weight. You have to know, your health is more important than anything.”

Ning Yi could only respond with agreement. After the doctor finished speaking, he warned her again before turning around and leaving.

Lu Xu Nan naturally heard the doctor’s words from beginning to end from the side. He looked at Ning Yi’s wrist that was resting outside the blanket, a little flabbergasted.

Very slender and small, a hand could wrap around it and still have an extra joint left over. It was so thin the bone could jab one’s hand.

“You’re still dieting?” He asked, sounding a little like he didn’t quite understand.

Ning Yi was dialing the driver’s number and didn’t hear him clearly, “En?”

She spoke very softly. Lu Xu Nan heard it and thought she responded. Unconsciously furrowing his eyebrows, he looked her up and down. His thin lips opening and closing, he said, “You don’t look good to begin with, you’ll look uglier after losing weight.”

Ning Yi’s eyelid violently twitched a few times. Fortunately, the call was connected at this moment. She took a deep breath and lifted the phone to talk to the driver. Only in this way did she push down the urge to smash her phone at Lu Xu Nan’s dog head on the spot.

Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, no one will share this sickness2 莫生气莫生气,气出病来没人替: lines from a poem titled ‘Don’t Be Angry’ (Translation from Reddit). I’m a fine and normal person, with someone that has a stunted aesthetic sense, blind as a bat…No! With a blind disabled person, what am I bickering over? Of course I choose to forgive him ah…Ahhhh! No, I’m furious! You’re ugly! In your previous life, this life, next life, you’re a tragically ugly, stinky pig head!!!

Lu Xu Nan was so startled by the sudden crazy rage in Ning Yi’s heart that he almost dropped his phone. He looked at the other person’s joints that were slightly white because of the strength she was using and unconsciously pursed his lips and touched his forehead. A hint of gladness from escaping a calamity suddenly rose from the bottom of his heart…

*40-meter long knife is a popular internet term/meme stemming from a typo on a 2016 Tencent article that was meant to say 40-cm instead. Netizens had fun cracking jokes and drawing creative renditions. (Baidu)


[1] 谈天谈地谈星星,谈人生谈理想: this appears to simply be chatting about everything (but emotions/affection)

[2] 莫生气莫生气,气出病来没人替: lines from a poem titled ‘Don’t Be Angry’ (Translation from Reddit)

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