The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 6 Don’t touch laozi!



There was a very soft groan. Ning Xiu, who was concerned for his little sister at the moment, immediately swept his gaze like electricity toward the hospital bed.

He just saw Ning Yi’s curled lashes lightly tremble a few times, about to open her eyes.

Ning Xiu turned around and shouted, “Dad, mom, Yiyi’s awake.” Then, he rapidly moved past Lu Xu Nan, running over to the head of the bed.

The two parents of the two families, Lu and Ning, also quickly gathered.

Thus, upon opening her eyes, what Ning Yi saw were the five heads clustered around her. In that split second, she almost thought she’d transmigrated into a Journey to the West sticker set. Staring at them again, she found that they were all familiar people.

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I actually didn’t die ah? Hydrogen helium lithium beryllium boron, lawrencium nobelium mendelevium fermium einsteinium. That’s right, still me, this cutie that knows the periodic table of elements by heart!

Lu Xu Nan who was standing behind everyone heard Ning Yi’s voice and raised his eyebrows in bewilderment.

Ning Xuemin, seeing his daughter’s face looking foolish and blank, thought she was hurt because she was scolded and said from the side, “Yiyi was also bravely doing what’s right, this point is still worthy of praise.”

Le Baiqiu glared at her husband and said disapprovingly, “Even so you can’t be bold without thinking. There are so many other ways, how can you just smack your head and rush in yourself? If it weren’t for Xiao Nan…”

Zheng Yuhong cut her off, “I say, if you had to blame someone, you should blame Xiao Nan. If he usually went with Yiyi to and from school, then this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened!”

Le Baiqiu: “How can you blame Xiao Nan for this…”

However, Lu Ting pulled his son from behind him, echoing his wife: “It’s just like that, it’s all this guy’s fault! After Yiyi recovers, let him pick her up and drop her off every day in the future!”

Lu Xu Nan: ??? You can even put the blame on me for this?

Ning Yi hurriedly waved her hand, “It’s better not to bother gege with that, I was rash this time. Next time, I’ll definitely contact the driver first and not do this…”

My god, Uncle Lu, don’t harm me! We already see each other frequently in class, I even have to see that face of his when I go to and from school in the future? I choose death!


Lu Xu Nan lowered his eyes, his face solemn. Sneering at Ning Yi who seemed to be afraid of giving him trouble, he moved his lips, “It’s no trouble.”

!!! Dog Lu, what’s wrong with you?? Aren’t you annoyed simply at the sight of me? Did you forget you just threw away my cake and bruised my wrist?! Perhaps your brain is filled with water!

Lu Xu Nan’s gaze fell on the other person’s wrist that was laying on the bed and indeed saw a little bruising. A trace of remorse couldn’t help bubbling up in his heart.

He added, “I beat that group of people up, it’s very possible they’ll bear thoughts of coming back for revenge. During this time, I’ll send you to and from school.”

“Cough.” Ning Xiu suddenly coughed lightly. He placed his hand on Lu Xu Nan’s shoulder and said, “Boys your age have many things that require your attention, no need for you to strain yourself for Yiyi. Work hasn’t been busy for me recently, I’ll just send and pick her up myself. As for those hooligans, I’ve already contacted people to look for them, everything will be alright soon.”

Older brother! You really deserve to be my biological older brother! Starting tomorrow, I don’t need to make cake for Dog Lu anymore! All the ones I make in the future, I’ll give to you to eat!

Lu Xu Nan couldn’t help frowning when he heard that familiar “Dog Lu”, but the next instant, he suddenly realized.

Since Ning Yi woke up, he only heard solely her thoughts, he couldn’t hear the other people’s thoughts at all…

What was going with this now?

Some shoddy mind reading ability and it only works from time to time?

Lu Xu Nan focused as he thought back, trying to see if there was something different in the midst of this.

At the time he heard his mom and dad’s thoughts, it was when he was laying on the bed, sleeping.

And when Ning Xiu came, he was then sitting in the chair.

He didn’t do anything at all, nor did he feel anything abnormal.

If there was one thing in common, then it was that…at the time, he unknowingly held Ning Yi’s hand…

Could it be…if he held Ning Yi’s hand, then he was able to hear other people’s thoughts?

The moment that this thought appeared in his head, it first made Lu Xu Nan feel it was somewhat ridiculous.

What kind of xuanhuan combination was this? Him and Ning Yi?


Wasn’t this matter of mind reading already very much fantasy?

Furthermore, he was also able to continuously hear Ning Yi’s thoughts..

Lu Xu Nan gradually wavered.

He looked toward Ning Yi who was currently being pampered and surrounded by everyone on the bed, clenching his teeth.

Since he wants to know, he will just go and verify it.

He had just come to a resolution when he heard Ning Xiu ask, “Are you thirsty? Do you want some water?”

Ning Yi nodded: “Yes.”

“Let me.”

Lu Xu Nan immediately turned around and walked toward the water dispenser, not seeing the meaningful expressions of everyone behind him.

He quickly poured a cup of water then returned to the bedside, handing the cup of water to Ning Yi. “Drink.”

Lu Xu Nan poured water for me? On his own initiative? So I’m dreaming? Or is there poison in this water? Isn’t this too unrealistic?!

Ning Yi dazedly reached out. The two people bumped into one another in the air and the cup of water accidentally spilled over a little.

Lu Xu Nan immediately seized the opportunity to support the back of Ning Yi’s hand as he said in a low voice, “Be careful.”

Ning Xiu: The h*ll! It’s just pouring a cup of water, do you have to touch her little hand?! Seems to me you’re using pouring water as an excuse to actually be lovey dovey! I just knew this guy doesn’t have good intentions, coveting my family’s fresh little bok choy!!!

Lu Ting: He’s figured it out, he’s figured it out, he knows to actively attack.

Zheng Yuhong: Heavens! The youth has come riding on the bamboo horse to entangle with the green plum. This is simply the scene of a lifetime ah! If I pull out my phone to take a picture right now, will it damage my usual image? Ahhhh, so conflicted!

Ning Xuemin: Oh, Xiao Nan is pretty good.

Le Baiqiu: Sure enough, I didn’t misjudge. Since he was little, Xiao Nan has been a gentle child~

Lu Xu Nan felt like his hand was shaking a little, the gaze with which he looked at Ning Yi also gradually became hidden and deep.

It was actually true!

So long as he touched Ning Yi, he would be able to hear everyone’s thoughts!

As for Ning Yi, her gaze first fell blankly on that large hand with distinct joints on the back of hers, her mind blank for about five seconds, then she lifted her head to meet the other person’s “focused” gaze. She suddenly trembled and speedily pulled her own hand back, looking at Lu Xu Nan in alarm–

F*ck! Don’t touch laozi!

Mother, what’s this look in Dog Lu’s eyes?? That was purposely touching me just now, right? I’m not thinking too much, right? Don’t tell me it’s a repercussion of messing up the plot? He, he, he, he wouldn’t have come to like me???? What dog poop turn of events is this? Deceitful Heavens, you might as well kill me!!

Lu Xu Nan who was violently disliked: …

Stinky punk! He even dares to seize the opportunity to make a move in front of his elders, at school, won’t it…

Ning Xiu’s thoughts “spoke” halfway, then cut off and disappeared. Lu Xu Nan attentively listened for other people’s thoughts and discovered the mind reading ability wasn’t working again.

He turned his head unconsciously to look at Ning Xiu. The other person was wearing gold-rimmed glasses, his lips carrying a mild smile. A gentle and refined image.

But when Lu Xu Nan met the pair of eyes behind the transparent lens, he felt like his mind reading ability had come back again. Written brightly in the other person’s eyes–

Hey, stinky punk, stay farther away from my little sister!

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