The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 57: “If I’m the male lead, the female lead can only be you.”

It was like an invisible bug suddenly bit her heart. A little bit of pain, more sour and numb.

Ning Yi’s hand was raised in the air, but suddenly she couldn’t continue and push.

Lu Xu Nan was like a big dog that finally found his owner after being lost for a long time. His furry head was rubbing against Ning Yi’s neck. She couldn’t bear the itchiness and leaned back subconsciously.

The other person noticed her movement instantly. The arms around her waist suddenly tightened and his head eagerly caught up, so clingy that it seemed like he couldn’t part with her for a second.

“Mmm.” Ning Yi hurt from his hugging and couldn’t help groaning. The hand hanging in the air also pressed against Lu Xu Nan’s shoulder and pushed him out with force, “Sss- Are you Astro Boy? It hurts!”


Perhaps he heard her cry, Lu Xu Nan’s hands loosened, but remained at a strength that Ning Yi couldn’t push away.

He buried himself in the other person’s delicate white neck and questioned in a low muffled voice, “Where have you been?”

Ning Yi was speechless, what does where she had gone have to do with him? And she had to report to him? He was fine just now, what kind of sickness did he suddenly get?

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Fortunately, because of its remote location, the stretch of grass was left uncut all year round so it had grown to a lush state.


Ning Yi touched the thick layer of grass underneath and breathed a sigh of relief.

“I… you… why are you here?” Lu Xu Nan seemed to wake up with this. He squinted, saw Ning Yi kneeling and sitting beside him, and was obviously stunned. Then, he rubbed his pulsing temples and sat up with the help of the grass.

Ning Yi was also stunned for a moment, she asked in puzzlement, “You…don’t remember how you came here?”

“I was clearly at the old banyan tree north of the auditorium just now, and my head suddenly hurt…” Lu Xu Nan clenched his right hand and knocked his forehead. He looked around the surroundings and his tone of voice was equally confused after identifying the location. He spoke while turning to look at Ning Yi, “I just sat down on the stone bench, how did I get to the begonia field…”

“Your eyes!” Ning Yi’s exclamation interrupted Lu Xu Nan’s words. She saw the white part of the other person’s eyes were bloodshot bright red, almost dyeing the pupils red, an extremely shocking sight.

Lu Xu Nan stopped speaking and held his eyelashes up in alarm, “What’s wrong with my eyes?”

“Don’t move!” Ning Yi was both anxious and afraid. She knelt and opened her hands to check whether his head was injured again, but as soon as her fingers touched his scalp, she unexpectedly found the red in his eyes fade quickly like a tide.

She thought of the situation she saw at home the previous time, and said blankly, “It’s gone again…”

Lu Xu Nan felt a familiar gentle coolness coming from the place her fingertips touched and the headache that troubled him gradually disappeared.

He arched into Ning Yi’s hand subconsciously trying to increase the area of contact to relieve his discomfort.

Ning Yi was instantly reminded of the scene of this person holding her and not letting go. She immediately withdrew her hand, rubbed her palm on her clothes uncomfortably, and said awkwardly, “You, what are you doing?”

Why is he like a dog? Even the Samoyed at Ju Meng’s house is not so clingy…


The comfortable coolness disappeared. Lu Xu Nan scratched his head in dissatisfaction, frowning and muttering, “Why do you keep calling me a dog? If I really am a dog, I, I will…”

Ning Yi humphed inwardly.

You will what? Will you bite me?

Lu Xu Nan who was provoked suddenly leaned in her direction and stopped when he almost hit the tip of her nose.

His sword eyebrows raised, his eyelids lowered, and his eyes fell on Ning Yi’s lips. His voice was deep and hoarse, “En, I will really bite you.”

Ning Yi’s body shook. She instinctively raised her hand to cover her mouth and leaned back, pulling away from Lu Xu Nan who suddenly felt oppressive.

She abruptly regained her senses after several seconds, and she looked at him in shock, “You, how can you hear me…?”

Could it be that I just said it aloud unconsciously? Impossible! I clearly didn’t!

Lu Xu Nan froze and he realized that his suddenly disappearing and suddenly reappearing mind reading ability was accidentally exposed like this.

He licked his lips, retracted his arms and said up cross-legged. He had no intention to continue hiding it. “En, I can hear you.”

As he spoke, he raised his finger to his head and added, “I can hear what you think in your head.”

What international level joke are you making with me? You think this is a science fiction novel?


Lu Xu Nan glanced at her and said, “I’m not kidding, this is also definitely not a science fiction novel.”

Ning Yi was choked by his words, and it took her a long time before she murmured, “Of course, I know that this isn’t a science fiction novel, this is obviously a CEO romance novel!”

After she said that, she suddenly raised her head to look at Lu Xu Nan and asked with a horrified expression, “So you’ve always known that I’m not the original Ning Yi, but a transmigrator? Then your gifts and confession, have you been playing with me for so long?!”

“Ah! Do you want me to help you cheat and give you answers during exams?” Ning Yi’s thoughts became more and more off.

“When have I cared about grades? Besides, I can only hear what you think within a certain distance. It’s just over a meter, and I won’t be able to hear if it exceeds that. What cheating ah!” Lu Xu Nan was a little angry. Then, he asked in confusion, “By the way, what CEO novel did you just say? And also something transmigrated, not the original Ning Yi, what do these mean? If you’re not Ning Yi, who else can you be?”

However, since Lu Xu Nan could hear her, she wouldn’t be able to keep it from him sooner or later. She simply said it directly, “It’s as you heard, I am…actually not the Ning Yi you know. I come from another world. And the place we’re in is a novel I’ve read. The male lead is you, the female lead is Mu Wanqing, and the original Ning Yi is a vicious female supporting character who hinders your affection…”

A warm palm covered her forehead and Ning Yi heard Lu Xu Nan’s worried voice, “Did you hit your head somewhere just now? What nonsense are you saying?”

Ning Yi shook his hand off in anger and said, “You hit your head! Is this the time to worry about this? Aren’t you focusing on the wrong thing? This world is a novel! You are just a character created by the author, you don’t truly exist! Doesn’t hearing this make you panic?”

Lu Xu Nan saw that she didn’t appear injured and then thought about her questions.

Perhaps because of his mind reading ability, he didn’t feel too particularly emotional because of Ning Yi’s words and even quickly came up with his own answer.

“Even if this world is really just a novel, it’s not so terrible, right? I am alive, I feel, I have family, friends, and…you, everything around me is real.”

As he spoke, he patted the grass under him with his hand, picked up a fallen leaf and placed it in his palm. Wind from somewhere took it away and it whirled and fell not far off.


Lu Xu Nan continued, “Look, the ground that we walk on also has plants, and the wind in the southern hemisphere similarly follows the ocean current to blow across the treetops here. All life in the surroundings, including us, will experience birth and death. All of this, is it any different from what you call the so-called “real world”?”

Ning Yi was bluffed by the “Philosopher Lu” in front of her, and shook her head blankly.

“So ah, I don’t think it’s scary.” Lu Xu Nan shrugged and said, “Moreover, how do you know which world is real? Maybe this is the real one, but that one you speak of is false?”

Ning Yi’s heart was shocked, she was directly confused by his question.

She opened her lips slightly to refute, but she didn’t know what to say. It took a while before she remembered Xu Xing Ji, and immediately said, “Xu Xing Ji also transmigrated! He’s also a supporting role, he even asked me to help him follow the plot and be a couple with him! It’s impossible for both of us to get it wrong, right?”

“Him too? Be a couple?” Lu Xu Nan gritted his teeth. He just knew that Xiao Xue Ji was abnormal!

He grabbed Ning Yi’s hand, pressed it on the left side of his chest, and asked in a deep voice, “Do you feel it?”

“Bathump bathump bathump.”

The powerful heartbeat drummed under her palm, and it seemed to hit her heart through the palm of her hand.

Ning Yi took her hand back quickly, stammering, “Just say what you want to say, what are you suddenly moving your hands and feet for? Scared me…”

Lu Xu Nan noticed her bright red earlobes that looked like two sweet cherries which made him want to take a bite.

He restrained the impulse, looked away, and rubbed the tip of his tongue against his itching canines, and said, “According to what you said, this is a novel. Do I have to be together with Mu Wanqing as the male lead? But in fact, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even be able to remember that there was such a girl in class.”

“As for liking you?” Lu Xu Nan’s ears flushed red uncontrollably. He pointed to his heart, and said in a small but serious voice, “Didn’t you just hear what it said? Ever since I was young, I have only liked you ah…”

Ning Yi seemed to be scalded by his eyes. The temperature of her face suddenly rose, and even a thin layer of red appeared on her white neck. She lowered her eyes, a little flustered, “But the n-novel’s plot isn’t like this, the one you should like is Mu Wanqing ah…”

“I don’t care about what novel or no novel.” Lu Xu Nan frowned slightly and interrupted her categorically, “If I am the male lead, then the female lead, except for you, it’s impossible for it to be anyone else.”

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