The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 5 Lu Xu Nan: I was wrong : )

Ning Yi felt like her body was in a pure white space, like a lightly drifting spirit moving along with the flow of air and unable to find a place to settle down.

I’ve probably died.

Ning Yi thought.

Because I messed up the original plot, I’ve been eliminated?

But logically speaking, this wasn’t entirely my fault either ah. If you didn’t permit me to do that, you can directly stop it. Or like before, use a headache stimulus to warn me.

When I’m doing it, you don’t care. After I’ve unconsciously finished doing it, you then react, “Ah, it turns out this little supporting character just now messed up the plot”, and then give me the ultimate punishment with zero tolerance, have I not been wronged?

Even if your reaction is slow, you can’t make an innocent person take the blame for you, okay?

Originally, my place as the national top scorer was just around the corner, but in the end, I inexplicably transmigrated.

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Lu Xu Nan was awoken by the noise everyone was making.

After Ning Yi suddenly blacked out, he urgently sent her to the hospital and contacted both their parents. Originally he wanted to sit and wait for everyone to come, then go back home to rest. In the end, probably because he practically got no sleep the day before, he actually unknowingly fell asleep.

In a daze, Lu Xu Nan thought he heard his parents’ voices.

The stinky boy has finally got it straight, even knowing the trick of ‘the hero saving the beauty’. He is worthy of being my, Lu Ting’s, son!

Lu Xu Nan: …Is this praising me or praising yourself?

Even sleeping, he doesn’t forget to guard beside Yiyi’s bed! Too touching, wu wu wu, such a warm scene, I must take a picture. Later, when Xiao Nan and Yiyi have gotten married and have kids, I’ll take it out again to show my little grandson and granddaughter! I just knew Xiao Nan definitely wouldn’t be so simple-minded and naive like Lu Ting nor would he be that cold and icy flower on the mountaintop like his older brother, he is a gentle and warm good child ah 155111551 stands for 噫呜呜噫 (yi wu wu yi) or ywwy and is used as a cutesy crying sound

Lu Xu Nan: ??? This is my mom? The successful career woman that was swift and decisive and not any worse than a man?

Lu Xu Nan’s eyes rolled and with difficulty, he opened his eyes and saw his parents standing at the end of the bed.

He stood up, calling: “Dad, mom.”

Lu Ting nodded, imposing as always: “En.”

Zheng Yu Hong’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, she softly ordered: “Be quieter, don’t wake up Yiyi.”

En, she was still that blunt and stern mother of his.

Lu Xu Nan let out a breath, he indeed should’ve been dreaming just now.

At this time, the door to the ward was pushed open abruptly and a flurry of rushing footsteps sounded.

The Ning family had arrived.

“Yu Hong, you guys got here already?” This was Ning Yi’s mother, Le Baiqiu.

Zheng Yuhong answered, “Just arrived, Lao Lu and I just happened to be nearby and got here a little more quickly.”

“No wonder, there’s traffic over at Erhuan, I was anxious to death the whole way.” Le Baiqiu spoke as she turned her head to look at the person on the hospital bed.

Zheng Yuhong pulled her arm and comforted, “No need to worry, we already asked the doctor just now. She’s just sleeping, nothing wrong with her.”

Le Baiqiu was obviously relieved, she lowered her voice, “You guys are discussing work-related matters here, right? Don’t delay proper business.”

Zheng Yu Hong was firm, “Yiyi’s matter is proper business.”

On the other side, Ning Xuemin also shook hands with Lu Ting and greeted one another with “Lao Ning” and “Lao Lu”. There was a warm and harmonious atmosphere in the ward, suddenly–

Tsk, when did this stinky boy from the Lu family change his character? He even knows to stand guard at the hospital.

Lu Xu Nan’s heart jumped.

Why was it happening again?

He followed the voice to look toward Ning Xiu who had walked to the bedside–the famous “other people’s child” of their young generation.

Although the Ning family, like their Lu family, were in business, the Le family was an influential scholarly family in Yucheng.

Ning Xiu was nurtured by his maternal grandparents from young, he was the well-known “talented but not arrogant, successful but not proud”, gentle and well-mannered noble person.

Compared to his family’s taciturn and quiet older brother, Lu Xu Nan instead had a more favorable impression toward this older brother of the neighboring household who was older by more than ten years. When he was little, he even once wanted to use Lu Ying Bei to exchange with Ning Yi for Ning Xiu to be his older brother.

Yet at this moment, the noble Ning Xiu that he respected and admired put one hand on his shoulder, patting him lightly, and mildly said in a low voice, “This time, thank you, Xiao Nan, I’m very grateful.”

F*ck, this stinky boy is actually holding Yiyi’s hand? Does he take me to be nonexistent?

Lu Xu Nan: …No no no, I’m definitely still dreaming, how can Ning Xiu use profanities?

However, this thought had just come out when reality then ruthlessly slapped him in the face.

Wait, these two couldn’t have really started dating, right? Hadn’t Lu Xu Nan always not liked Yiyi? What’s this supposed to be? Before you dug at my family’s little bok choy2 小白菜: innocent and pure, naive (or noob in gaming), did you ask for my opinion? I don’t approve! I firmly do not f*cking approve!

The last six words were simply deafening, Lu Xu Nan almost couldn’t help rubbing his ears.

He finally had to admit, he really could hear everyone’s thoughts.

Lu Xu Nan slightly raised his head. Looking at the seemingly no different from normal Big Brother Ning, he felt rather complicated.

En? What’s with the expression in this guy’s eyes? I’m right here, are you pretending to be stupid? Don’t you see me staring fixedly at that paw of yours grabbing Yiyi’s hand? I am watching you!!

Lu Xu Nan shivered. He lowered his eyes and discovered that after he fell asleep, he had actually somehow held Ning Yi’s hand!

He hurriedly took his hand off and stood up, “Don’t mention it, Brother Xiu, you’re too polite.”

Ning Xiu bent over and tucked the corner of the blanket for Ning Yi. He sighed and shook his head, “This can also be considered teaching her a lesson, see if this little girl still dares to be rash in the future. If it weren’t for you coming in time, I don’t even know how much Yiyi would’ve suffered!”

But it doesn’t mean I already approve of you and Yiyi dating. Our Yiyi is so kindhearted and adorable. Hate evil as one’s enemy, a heroic little girl fearless in the face of death should be loved and pampered. You, punk, have too many offenses with me here from before, just this one time is incapable of making up for them!

The corner of Lu Xu Nan’s eye couldn’t help twitching.

I don’t like Ning Yi at all and have never thought of dating her, thank you.

“I did what I was supposed to. Yiyi and I grew up together, I’ve always treated her as my own little sister.”

Lu Xu Nan emphasized the three words “own little sister”, indicating his position.

Own little sister? You know Yiyi is considered your own little sister and you actually still think of immoral things???

Lu Xu Nan firmly closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He was wrong – to actually once have had a period of time where he always considered Ning Xiu as his goal, hehe.

[1] 1551 stands for 噫呜呜噫 (yi wu wu yi) or ywwy and is used as a cutesy crying sound

[2] 小白菜: innocent and pure, naive (or noob in gaming)

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