The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 41.1: “On this midterm exam, my, Ning Yi’s, rank will definitely be higher than yours.”

Year 2, Class 1 group chat.

[AAA]: F*ck, I finally know the difference between me and top students. It’s that we’re both on a trip and I’m editing pictures to post on Moments while the top student has worked through questions and broken records again [Goodbye]

[AAA]: [Screenshot].jpg

[BBB]: Stop talking, looking at the spicy stick in my hand, I suddenly don’t feel like it’s so enjoyable [Cry]

[Duan Beilei]: Ah! I say, why did Ziyun return from the biology museum so early? It turns out she went back to work on questions! Worthy of being our king, Number 1 God! Mega thumbs up!


[C]: Makes me want to go back to my hotel room too… People who are better than me are still working hard, what qualifications do I have to be a salted fish?

[DDD]: Number 1 God, carry me!!! Starting from today, I will be your diehard fan!

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[GGG]: Eso! Mbl vsr pvweldv byp yrrlyale!

[JJJ]: Lwxcla 1 Qse! R byhl y qaklde obs oydvp vs vyjl y zssj yv uswa dsvlp, R esd’v jdso kq…

[U]: Sykpl byde! Uyd R zssj qsa usw yqvla ol ts cynj? Ewowow, R nyd’v pllx vs es qwdnvksd rasczlxp iwi


There were plenty of mentions for Yan Ziyun from jests around Number 1 God in the past, but she had never directly responded. This was the first time she did and equivalent to admitting that she was Number 1 God.

Just like this, the couple of classmates that still had doubts about Yan Ziyun’s identity no longer made a sound. In an instant, the QQ group became extraordinarily lively, all of which were trying to befriend Yan Ziyun or ask questions.

While Yan Ziyun responded to classmates in the group, she couldn’t help feeling a little guilty.

If she hadn’t followed Lu Xu Nan and left the biology museum early in the afternoon, then the matter about her not being Number 1 God would probably have already been exposed… After all, how can a person seen by everyone watching fireflies clone themselves to do questions and break records?

But this bit of panic very quickly drowned in the flattery of classmates and her own self persuasion.

If she could even chance upon such a coincidence, then isn’t this proof that even the Heavens are helping her?! Who else will suspect that she isn’t Number 1 God?

Lu Xu Nan… he definitely won’t question her like last time, right?

Look at me, you have to see me.

Yan Ziyun thought.

Ning Yi, who had disabled notifications, simply didn’t know about these things.

She left Lu Xu Nan’s room angrily in the afternoon, completed a couple questions in anger after returning to her room, and immediately felt better. She sat up and stretched. Just as she was feeling restless, Ju Meng and the others came back with food and drinks.


Ning Yi immediately threw her phone aside and happily accepted the food.

“How do you feel? Is your foot better?” Xu Xing Ji naturally heard about her foot injury and came over to visit.

Ning Yi waved her hand carelessly. “It’s okay, I just twisted it a little, it’ll be better in a few days.”

Mu Wanqing was the most worried. She knelt down to take a look, but was still worried and pulled a chair from the side to have Ning Yi put her leg on as she urged, “You still have to be careful. My mom also twisted her foot before. You have to pay attention not to put weight on the injured foot for it to get better quickly, otherwise you can easily twist it again!”

“Our Mu Wanqing is the most attentive!” Ju Meng had already experienced Mu Mama’s meticulous care on this brief trip and granted her an intimate nickname.

Mu Wanqing gave her a small closed-lip smile, a little helpless. “You’re randomly calling people.”

Ning Yi kicked away the disposable slipper, put her leg up, and copied Ju Meng’s tone, “Thank you, Mu Mama~”

Mu Wanqing couldn’t do anything about the two of them. She bent and picked up a bag, saying angrily, “I’m not paying attention to you anymore, I’m going to wash grapes.”

Ju Meng insisted on teasing her, raising her hands and shouting loudly, “Mu Mama is the best! Mu Mama is the world’s most virtuous!!”

Xu Xing Ji couldn’t help laughing. Mu Wanqing blushed. She couldn’t resist giving Ju Meng’s face a pinch and quickly escaped into the bathroom with the bag.

Ning Yi rolled the plastic packaging of the disposable chopsticks into a ball and threw it at Ju Meng, laughing, “Don’t always bully people.”

Ju Meng opened a drink and said, “I didn’t, it’s Mu Mama who gets shy easily.”


Xu Xing Ji who was leaning against the table watching them suddenly sighed, “Unexpectedly, you guys are getting along so well now…”

Ju Meng didn’t hear the deeper meaning in it and replied, “I didn’t know her well enough before! Who wouldn’t like Mu Mama when she’s such a gentle and virtuous little cutie?”

But Ning Yi knew he was lamenting how the “love rival” actually became a good friend. While Ju Meng had her head down, she took the opportunity to shrug her shoulders at Xu Xing Ji, mouthing at him, “I’m not under the control of the plot.”

Xu Xing Ji only smiled. She didn’t know if he understood or not.

Ning Yi glanced past him to Mu Wanqing by the sink and couldn’t help thinking how she should have been on the way to the woods at this time, spending a romantic night among the fireflies with Lu Xu Nan come evening, but she was delayed by her (Ning Yi’s) accidental injury, she didn’t know if it will affect their progress…

Probably not, right? Ning Yi frowned. The plot of the school campus phase of the novel didn’t make up much of the novel to begin with. Furthermore, according to what happened before, the male and female leads are the supporting framework of the novel world. If that was affected, this world would probably be in jeopardy.

When she accidentally messed up the plot before, her spirit was nearly obliterated! Since she was no longer subject to control, that proves that her influence was already nearly nonexistent, right?

Thinking so, Ning Yi was relieved. But thinking more into it, she suddenly felt that something wasn’t right.

Why wasn’t Lu Xu Nan despicable at all today? Carrying her back to the hotel was okay, but he  even came up with a jar of fireflies out of nowhere? It doesn’t look like something he would do!

The saying goes, “one who offers unsolicited hospitality must be harboring evil intentions”. He wouldn’t be hiding something evil in his heart, right? She felt it was necessary to be a little more careful.

Ning Yi made a decision and no longer thought about it. Eating while watching Ju Meng, who couldn’t sit still, pull the other two to play Fight the Landlord (card game) with her. She gave pointers to Mu Wanqing who had never played before from time to time.

The phone on the bed went off with a “ding”, she picked it up and looked at it. It was a notification from <Almighty Quiz King>–


[Dear user Y_N0.1: <Almighty Quiz King> live reality show sincerely invites you to participate in the first season…]

“Yiyi, should I press Mengmeng’s cards?” Mu Wanqing asked, conflicted and pinching the cards in her hand.

Ning Yi marked the notification as read in passing, exited the app carelessly, and went to look at her cards for her.

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