The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 4 Broken

Because he was suddenly able to hear Ning Yi’s thoughts and simultaneously deeply felt it strange, Lu Xu Nan was curious about the “plot” and “alley” that she mentioned when she left.

He went to get his bike from the racks, first dropping off Fang Ci at the basketball court along the way, then making his way out of school on his bike.

He knew the alley next to Hua High. There were boys in his class that skipped self-study in the evening sometimes and they would climb over the south wall and from this alley, go over to the Laocheng side to get a late-night snack.

Lu Xu Nan rode southward for a while after leaving the school gates. Sure enough, from far away, he saw Ning Yi’s figure rushing into the alley.

The way south was an incline. He stood up and fiercely peddled, rapidly heading over that way.

Who would’ve thought he would actually see such a scene when he got there?!

Lu Xu Nan saw Ning Yi who was surrounded in the middle at a glance and anger suddenly rose in his heart.

Since she was little, Ning Yi was fond of cleanliness. When they were small, he once accidentally pushed her when it was raining and she fell to the ground. She cried until she was out of breath, scaring the adults who thought she was hurt somewhere.

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“Cough cough cough–“

The blonde covered his throat, coughing crazily.

The other few people all reacted, raining filthy curses such as “□□mb” and the like. They lifted their fists and rushed at Lu Xu Nan together.

Ning Yi heard their movements and opened her eyes. What she saw was precisely the punching and kicking as Lu Xu Nan pounded those hooligans.

Her chest was still violently moving up and down as she looked blankly at the many pairs of Lu Xu Nan’s not far away. Evidently she hadn’t come back to her senses yet.

It was Mu Wanqing that pulled her over to one side, asking in a tearful tone, “Classmate Ning, you’re okay, right? Are you okay? Did you get hurt anywhere?”

It was also Ning Yi’s first time running into this kind of situation, she was also shaken. Even the tips of her fingers were numb.

She licked her dry lips, unconsciously shaking her head softly.

Starting from elementary school, Lu Xu Nan had begun learning self-defense from the teacher arranged by his family and later, he also practiced a few years of taekwondo. Naturally, dealing with these couple of hooligans wasn’t even worth mentioning.

Very quickly, those few delinquent hoodlums were beaten until they were scared witless and running toward the other end of the alley frantically.

Lu Xu Nan gave the slowest person a kick and didn’t chase after them. He flung his wrist, turning around to go look at Ning Yi.

He saw that the rim of the other person’s eyes were very red, there were even two shocking red finger marks left on her face, and her neck also seemed to have been scratched, there was a faint trace of blood.

Lu Xu Nan’s gaze became heavy.

Tsk, he’d still gone too easy on them just now.

He walked over, asking solemnly, “How are you? Are you unwell anywhere?”

Hearing him ask this, Ning Yi suddenly felt pain. She let out a hiss and wanted to touch her painfully heated neck, but was lightly blocked by Lu Xu Nan.

“Don’t touch it, there’s a wound.”

Ning Yi could only change the path of her hand and rub her face.

I miscalculated. If I knew Lu Xu Nan was going to come anyway, I wouldn’t have rashly rushed out. Really hurts.

Lu Xu Nan said in his heart, so you also know you rashly rushed out?

But seeing her grimacing in pain, his thin lips moved. The criticizing words were better left unsaid. He turned to look at the female student beside Ning Yi. Looking at the other person’s face, he thought and only felt that she looked a little familiar and couldn’t recall what she was called. He asked, “Are you okay?”

Mu Wanqing first shook her head, then soon after recalled that the buttons on her shirt had popped off. She gave a low cry and, grasping the collar of her shirt, her face red as she expressed her gratitude in a low voice, “I, I’m fine, thank you, Classmate Lu.”

Lu Xu Nan originally hadn’t noticed her clothes, but now, because of the other person’s action, he instead actually saw a flash of a pink shoulder strap. He immediately looked away, unconsciously coughing as his ears heated up a little.

“En, don’t mention it.” He briefly replied.

Red rain is falling from the sky! Lu Xu Nan, this person, can actually blush! Tsk tsk, they deserve to be called a match made in heaven, she really immediately struck his fancy! Wu wu wu, Teacher Wang, Teacher Xue, MIT, I’m coming!!!

The noisy voice sounded in Lu Xu Nan’s mind once more. That small bit of charming gentleness that had abruptly risen immediately vanished.

Lu Xu Nan didn’t know why Ning Yi had to put him together with this female student, but seeing her attitude of watching a play, she had obviously calmed down. 

Huh, he really shouldn’t have worried about this girl, how could she be scared?! 

Lu Xu Nan indifferently looked at Ning Yi, asking, “You’re alright?”

Is this resenting me for being in the way? Go go go, I’ll leave right now, okay? I’ll leave all the remaining time for you guys to freely develop! No problem at all!

Ning Yi gestured with her hands, replying, “I’m alright, then I’ll be going back…”

Suddenly, Mu Wanqing softly pulled her arm, cutting off the words she was going to say. 

Looking at her very sincerely, her tone full of gratitude and apology, “Classmate Ning, I’m really grateful for you this time. And also very sorry, if it wasn’t because of me, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

Actually if it weren’t for me, you should’ve been saved by Lu Xu Nan sooner.

Hearing Mu Wanqing say this, Ning Yi was instead a little embarrassed, she shook her head, “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t hurt too much. It’ll be fine once I take care of it when I go back. What about you? You didn’t get hurt, right?”

“No.” Mu Wanqing also shook her head. Suddenly, she went ‘ah’, “Classmate Ning, your phone and necklace were snatched by them! Those are very expensive, right? We have to call the police immediately! There’s still hope to get them back!”

Ning Yi actually didn’t care about these, what she lacked least right now was precisely money. “It’s fine, my phone has location tracking, I’ll report it to the police later and let my family take care of it.”

“That’s good then.” Mu Wanqing nodded her head. She suddenly let out a light laugh and looked at Ning Yi with a blushing face, “Actually, I used to think that Classmate Ning was a little hard to get along with. You and Classmate Ju beside you seemed to not like me very much. But today, seeing you smile at me in the hallway, I then knew I had thought wrong. It’s just that I didn’t expect you to be such a heroic person, you’re really great! In the future…in the future, can we be friends?”

Ning Yi unconsciously wanted to say “okay”, but her head suddenly burst into acute pain. A hundred times more painful than any other time before!

She nearly thought her head was going to explode in the next second!

Ning Yi unconsciously let out a groan. Holding her forehead, she blankly turned to look at Mu Wanqing, finding that the other party was looking at her with a sort of grateful and worshipping gaze.

Yes, looking at her!

Looking at her, Ning Yi! And not Lu Xu Nan!!!

Before she lost her consciousness, Ning Yi finally belatedly reacted–

It’s over! I broke character!

Why does it seem like this story line is developing in a strange direction???

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