The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 3 Release your dirty f*cking hand!

“Brother Nan, what’s up with you today? To Ning Yi today, why are you so…”

Fang Ci looked at Lu Xu Nan’s face and held back the word ‘excessive’, “She didn’t even say much…”

Lu Xu Nan smacked his temples and said to Fang Ci, “Lao Fang, don’t speak now, use your head to think.”

“Ah?” Fang Ci was baffled, “Think about what?”

Lu Xu Nan pressed down on his shoulder, “Whatever you like, don’t say it aloud.”

Fang Ci: “…”

Half a minute later, Lu Xu Nan asked, “Did you think?”

Fang Ci went “ah”. “I did, I thought about whether we should go play ball later.”

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“Not playing.” Lu Xu Nan declined.

He was going to go see what exactly the alley, Mu Wanqing, and so on that Ning Yi mentioned was about.

Ning Yi dragged Ju Meng as she quickly made her way downstairs, afraid that Lu Xu Nan would fall sick again and catch up to her.

When she reached the first floor, she released Ju Meng’s hand, panting.

Ju Meng appeared to have some lingering fear as well. Patting her chest, she said in a small voice, “Lu Xu Nan he…was a little scary just now ah…”

“Exactly, he’s just that tra…” -shy.

“Sss–” Ning Yi’s temples felt like they were ruthlessly pricked by needles. She stopped talking, changed her tune, and said, “His personality’s just like that. Actually he won’t really do anything, he’s a very good person.”

Her head immediately stopped hurting.

Ning Yi scolded wildly in her heart, I can’t even say a bad word about him behind his back?!! Even if I do like Lu Xu Nan, no matter how much I like him, there will still be times when I’ll feel sad and hurt once in a while and unable to help but step on him and scold him a couple times, right?!

“But…” Ju Meng suddenly cupped her face with her hands and said with starry-eyes, “He’s too cool when he has a heavy expression!! That pair of eyes! Wow! I understand what the gaze of substance in novels means! That way he looked over, even my legs went soft~ So handsome!”

Ning Yi: …Was this the all enchanting aura that enveloped everyone in the character design of a protagonist? Xiao Mengmeng, can you see my hand? Your sister has been hurt! Can you not be lovestruck in front of her?

Ju Meng looked at Ning Yi in embarrassment. “Hey, don’t be mad, Yiyi. Even if he’s my sister’s man, he can still be admired! I am really only purely admiring! Purely, with no intention of being a rival!”

Ning Yi gave up. A fan girl won’t be able to see Lu Xu Nan’s shortcomings. Forget it, I’ll forgive your eyes that have been cheated by the plot overlord.

The two people separated at the school gates. Ning Yi watched Ju Meng get into the car, then turned around to look in the direction of the entrance to the school and still didn’t see Lu Xu Nan come out.

Logically, since Lu Xu Nan didn’t appear, then it was very possible that their initial intersection wasn’t today and Mu Wanqing also shouldn’t encounter trouble.


Ning Yi raised her head to look at the sky filled with red once again, the uneasiness in her heart becoming heavier and heavier.

It was better to think that something will happen than to think that there wouldn’t be anything.

Go take a trip to look for her and if it wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t be losing anything either. If Mu Wanqing was really bullied by that group of hooligans because she delayed Lu Xu Nan, then that would really be a sin!

Ning Yi didn’t go in the direction where her family’s car was parked, instead turning and walking in the direction south of the school entrance. In that direction, there was a small lane that led to Laocheng District. It was the shortcut that Mu Wanqing took back home that was described in the novel.

The geographical location of Hua High was between the old and new districts. To the north, there was Xincheng District and to the south, there was Laocheng District. The lane was just like a dividing line between territories, splitting Yucheng into two parts.

The circumstances of the families of most students in Hua High were pretty good. This can be easily seen from the luxury cars that came by the school gates before and after school. Nearly no students lived in Laocheng District.

The reason Mu Wanqing went to school at Hua High was because her grades were very good. To raise the rate of students promoted to the next grade in the student body, the school gave her a full scholarship in addition to supplementing living expenses to draw in a top student.

Ning Yi walked about 300 meters along the uphill slope. There weren’t many people around her already.

Suddenly, she heard a somewhat sharp whistling sound. A bunch of teasing immediately followed.

“Yo, didn’t expect that this girl is quite pretty without glasses!”

“You’re right! Tsk tsk, the feeling of this little face is pretty good!”

“You don’t say, despite being skinny, she still has the stuff.”

She was really cornered!

Ning Yi was greatly alarmed and quickly ran over to the end of the lane to look inside. Sure enough, she saw Mu Wanqing surrounded by four or five hooligans with hair dyed in all sorts of colors.

The sound of Mu Wanqing’s sobbing voice came to her ears.

“I really don’t have money on me. You guys, don’t be this way, I’ll bring money over tomorrow, okay? Fifty? A hundred!”

Immediately after her words fell, hoots of laughter followed.

“What can a hundred dollars buy? It’s not even enough for us brothers to buy two packs of smokes.”

“You say you don’t have money, how do I know you’re not lying to me?”

Mu Wanqing: “I’m really not lying to you.”

“Then you prove it.”

Mu Wanqing’s voice trembled as she asked, “How, how to prove it?”

“Take your clothes off, won’t that prove whether or not you really don’t have money?”

Once these words were said, the vulgar laughter of the little hoodlums immediately sounded.

“No! Don’t touch me! Ah–“

Mu Wanqing’s shriek sounded.

F*ck! These trash!!!

It was only written in the novel that Mu Wanqing was robbed of her money, it didn’t say she was treated like this!

Ning Yi saw that those hooligans actually went to pull Mu Wanqing’s clothes. Seeing two buttons of her shirt pop off and reveal the collarbone and a section of the strap of Mu Wanqing’s underwear, hot blood rushed straight up to her head. She glanced back and seeing absolutely no sign of Lu Xu Nan, she immediately rushed in directly.

 “Stop! I called public security!”

The hooligans really stopped. Mu Wanqing clutched her collar, cowering with her head lowered, her tears dripping.

Ning Yi grasped the opportunity while they weren’t moving and reached her hand out to pull Mu Wanqing, wanting to pull her to her own side.

Suddenly a hooligan with green hair grabbed Mu Wanqing’s other wrist and said, “Brother Zhi, don’t listen to her! I just saw her sticking her head out and watching! If she really called security, she would’ve directly rushed in!”

Shouldn’t these kinds of hooligans be nobodies with no IQ? Unexpectedly, they can even logically analyze things?!

Ning Yi was simply speechless. In any case, the original host was an actual supporting character, but despite that, she was still duller than a hooligan!

“This girl is also not bad ah! Wow, a brand name bag! A rich person ah!”

“Yes,  I can give it to you right now, however much you want, You let my classmate go!”

Ning Yi felt the situation was far from good and replied to them while secretly bringing the hand holding her phone behind her, intending to speed dial the chauffeur.

The driver had her phone’s location, so once he hears that something isn’t right, he will immediately hurry over as quickly as possible!

“F*ck! This girl wants to call the police!”

 It was the green-haired hooligan who found something wrong. He snatched Ning Yi’s phone, deftly disconnecting the call that she’d just dialed and immediately turned off the phone, stuffing it into his own pocket.

Ning Yi grit her teeth with silent hatred.

Brothers, with this intelligence of yours, why are you still a hooligan? It would be better for you to test into a police academy and be a policeman!

Ning Yi could only hurriedly deny, “I didn’t! You also saw it. That wasn’t the number for the police, that was my driver’s number. I’m here to go to school, so I don’t have cash on me. I just wanted to tell him to bring money for me.”

The green-haired hooligan spoke again, “Brother Zhi, don’t listen to her. Her eye are rolling round and round, you can tell at a glance she’s up to no good. It looks to me this bag of hers is quite expensive, the accessories she’s wearing are also not cheap, let’s just take them!”

Hearing this, the red-haired leader really was moved. He waved his hand, indicating for him to directly go forward and snatch.

Ning Yi was simply about to vomit blood, who exactly was up to no good?!

Regardless of whether it was now or before, Ning Yi was only a little girl in her teens. Suddenly being surrounded by so many men, there was no way she wouldn’t panic.

Seeing these people looking at her as they reached their hands out, she was scared to the point her hair was standing on end and trembling, “Don’t touch me! I can just get them for you!”

“Who knows what else you’re thinking of pulling! Take ’em!” The green-haired hooligan ordered. He was the first one to reach his hand out toward her neck to snatch, hooking the slender silver chain. With a pull, a lush green jade Buddha of great color and luster was yanked off.

Another blonde-haired hooligan laughed as he said, “Ah Lǜ1 绿 (lǜ): literally addressing him as Ah Green, this is really too crude of you. Look, the little girl’s neck is scratched red because of you.”

Saying this, he rubbed his palm a few times on Ning Yi’s neck near her collarbone and praised, “Oh! The feeling of soft skin and tender flesh is indeed good, worthy of a rich family’s daughter.”

Ning Yi just felt like a bug had crawled over her neck, she nearly vomited from being rubbed by the rough calloused hand. Almost reflexively, she lifted her hand, delivering a slap at that person.

The blonde was inattentive and directly suffered a blow from Ning Yi’s hand. He spat, ruthlessly glaring at her as he scolded, “Stinky b*tch.”He pinched her cheeks with one hand while he lifted his other hand high up, ready to bring it flying down.

Ning Yi subconsciously closed her eyes while Mu Wanqing was screaming beside her.

1, 2, 3.

Yet the slap that was supposed to come didn’t come down for a long time. Ning Yi finished silently counting to three and suddenly heard a familiar voice–

“Release your dirty f*cking hand!”

[1]  绿 (lǜ): literally addressing him as Ah Green

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