The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 2 Grades are the only standard for determining a man’s charm!

Lu Xu Nan rubbed his temple, feeling a little slow. He looked at Fang Ci and asked, frowning: “Did you hear that just now?”

Fang Ci nodded his head.

Lu Xu Nan’s eyes widened, “You also heard it?”

Ning Yi really scolded him just now!

Fang Ci put on an act and covered the left part of his chest and said: “I just heard the sound of Classmate Ning Yi’s heart breaking. Kacha, shattered.”

Lu Xu Nan: “…”

He lifted his hand and pushed the other person, dumbfounded, saying, “I’m serious, just now did you hear Ning Yi…cough, scold me?”

Fang Ci waved his hands in front of his face after hearing him and exaggeratedly said: “Brother Nan, have you not woken up yet? How could Ning Yi scold you? Who doesn’t know that she desperately likes you!”

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Fang Ci shook his head, glancing in Ning Yi’s direction and sighing.

Ning Yi, who didn’t know she was being pitied by someone, was subtly looking in Mu Wanqing’s direction at this moment.

Trash plot, so draggy, ruining my youth!

What about the evening with a sunset as beautiful as a red lotus where the two people’s story was supposed to begin?

The female lead was trapped in a small alley by some hooligans. The male lead passed by riding a bicycle and there came the scene of the hero saving the beauty. Furthermore, he saw the beautiful face of the female lead that shocked both man and heaven, leaving a deep and vivid impression in his heart!

And the female lead, because she was saved by the male lead, harbored gratitude in her heart. Seeing the male lead was often late, didn’t listen in class, and didn’t do his homework, she took the initiative to lend him her notes and exercise booklet. After the original host saw this and became jealous, she embarked on the journey of picking on her…

Take note, protagonists, if you guys don’t begin, I’ll just be filled from head to toe with the greatest power to draw hatred for nothing and with no way to put it to use!

Really a case where the emperor isn’t in a hurry while the eunuch is anxious to death1 皇帝不急急死太监: An idiom meaning that the person involved isn’t affected by the situation while the people around them are much more so !

“Ai, don’t be sad, Lu Xu Nan is like this to everyone. At least he still talked to you. Look, when does he pay attention to other girls? You don’t even know, many girls envy you! He even sends you home!!” After seeing Ning Yi wiping her tears when she came back, Ju Meng habitually started to comfort her.

“That’s because my family’s driver didn’t come, Uncle Lu made him send me. He wasn’t doing it voluntarily…ying ying ying.”

Ning Yi wiped the corner of her eyes, very grateful for this original host’s body made of water. If it was her, these tears wouldn’t appear so easily on demand.

Ju Meng patted her knee comfortingly and said: “That’s still sending you. When Lu Xu Nan can send me home once, I’ll also have no regrets in this life!”

Ning Yi looked at Ju Meng, unable to blindly agree with her.

What’s so good about being sent home by such a big ice cube? A cold face the whole way back, did he feel like he hadn’t been angry enough? Being angry shortens one’s life, don’t you know?

Ju Meng noticed her gaze and guiltily waved her hands immediately, “I’m not having any improper thoughts of your family’s Lu Xu Nan! I know you guys have an arranged betrothal, I’m just describing the degree of Lu Xu Nan’s popularity. He’s so handsome after all, truly the dream lover of all the girls in school!”

What a pity, so many blossoming girls at an exquisite age, they became blind just like that.

Ning Xi swept a glance at the last row of the classroom. Seeing Lu Xu Nan’s big spiteful head, her heart and her mouth in disagreement, she said, “I know, he’s tall and handsome, his family background is also good, and he plays basketball so well. Although his grades aren’t particularly good, but that’s trivial, it’s normal for people to like him. But he’s mine, Uncle Lu said we’ll get married after we graduate from university!”

No! Grades are the only standard for determining a man’s charm!

As Ning Yi spoke, she pretended to lightly glare at Ju Meng in dissatisfaction as if in warning.

“Yes yes yes, you’re his fiancee!” Ju Meng went along with her words and appeased her.

As Ning Yi chatted with her, she turned her head to continue looking at Mu Wanqing again.

The other party was holding a pen and solving problems with a swish swish, completely focused, her eyes fixed. A tidy 25 cm stack of exercise workbooks and supplementary books sat on her desk. At a glance, it was a very fitting appearance.

Ning Yi took her gaze back again and looked at her own desk that was occupied by a cosmetic mirror, lipstick, as well as nail polish and all sorts of snacks. She was even more distressed.

There are lemons on the lemon tree, under the lemon tree there is only me2 柠檬树上柠檬果,柠檬树下只有我: represents feelings of loneliness and desolation; the lemons on the lemon tree all have partners or are at least among ones like themselves, but there is only me alone underneath the tree ;; . T▽T

Ju Meng followed her line of sight and curiously asked: “Are you looking at that ugly person?”

To be honest, even though Mu Wanqing wasn’t dressed up right now, she still couldn’t be considered ugly.

Her sitting figure was graceful, her back extremely straight, very thin. So much so that the appearance of her slightly protruding shoulder blades could be seen under the thin school uniform, and exposed from the collar was a fair and slender neck, like a graceful white swan.

It was just a pity that everyone’s eyes had been deceived by the power of the plot. They must wait until Lu Xu Nan takes Mu Wanqing for a makeover in the future before they can discover in astonishment at the school dance: Wow! It turns out Mu Wanqing was actually so beautiful!

Same old story! Nothing refreshing! But…she was really looking forward to the arrival of that day! That way, she would be one step closer to completely breaking away from the plot!

Ning Yi resentfully retrieved a strawberry candy from inside her desk, biting it into pieces with a crunch.

Time passed quickly and following the teacher’s words “class dismissed,” the students who had been detained in a classroom all day cheered as they started to pack their backpacks and leave the school.

It was only natural for a bad student not to bring any textbooks home and taking it easy was popular right now. There wasn’t much homework after class either, randomly copying early tomorrow morning was fine.

Ning Yi reluctantly said goodbye to her textbook, worksheet, and workbook. She took her little cosmetic bag and walked out of the classroom together with Ju Meng.

Upon stepping into the hallway, Ning Yi’s eyes were met with a magnificently colored sunset.

A good number of classmates held their phones toward the horizon, taking pictures. From time to time, a wave of “so beautiful ah” and the like could be heard.

Seeing that red evening spread out across nearly half the sky, Ning Yi had a sort of intuition.

It was today! The start of the story line was today!

Wu wu wu, MIT wait for me, I’ll be there immediately!

Ning Yi quickly turned back and just happened to see Mu Wanqing come out carrying her faded backpack.

Seeing Ning Yi looking at her, she shyly and cautiously nodded and smiled at her.

Ning Yi, who was in a very good mood, also smiled widely at Mu Wanqing. The latter seemed to be a bit overwhelmed as she lowered her head, and left with quick steps like a little deer.

Ju Meng on the side said in displeasure, “Really, each time I see her is another time I burn my eyes, too unsophisticated.”

However much you think she’s unsophisticated now is how much pain you’ll feel from being face slapped by her beauty in the future, Xiao Mengmeng.

Ning Yi sighed ruefully in her heart. Watching Mu Wanqing’s back figure disappearing around the corner to the stairs, she pulled Ju Meng’s arm, urging, “Let’s leave too.”

The two people walked arm in arm to the back door. It just so happened that Lu Xu Nan and Fang Ci who just came out of the classroom blocked their way.

“Your family’s Lu Xu Nan!” Ju Meng pulled Ning Yi.

Lu Xu Nan noticed Ning Yi when he heard Ju Meng’s voice. It was just that his strange tinnitus had appeared again and this made him more unwilling to spare another glance at the nuisance. He withdrew his gaze, about to leave. Just as he turned to the side, he heard Ning Yi’s unmistakable voice full of dislike.

Don’t shout anymore, I see him, it really ruins my mood!

He looked toward Ning Yi in confusion, yet he only saw the other party with her head raised, looking adoringly at himself as usual, delicately asking: “Nan gege, are you going home now? Let’s go together!”

Words of politeness, don’t take them as real! Let’s let each other off, it’ll be a clear sunny day : )

The space between Lu Xu Nan’s eyebrows became more tightly knit. He looked at Fang Ci, then looked at Ju Meng. Neither of the two had any reaction.

What was going on? Neither of them could hear it? I’m the only one that’s able to hear it?

What are you looking at me for? You suddenly discovered that I’m beautiful? By all means, you can’t love me, it won’t go anywhere! I, Ning Yi, am unrestrained for life, only loving studying!

Ranking below everyone in the school and she loves studying?

Lu Xu Nan simply wanted to laugh just listening to it.

Suddenly the ringing that had originally disappeared for a good half a day became intense. Lu Xu Nan pressed his temples firmly and rubbed them a few times.

A good dog doesn’t block the road! Big brother, if you continue to be late, Mu Wanqing will have left the school!

Ning Yi was thinking this way. She deeply felt that she can’t delay the time. She reached out and grabbed Lu Xu Nan’s shirt and shyly said: “Nan gege, don’t look at me like that. Let’s go, I’ll let you look to your heart’s content~”

Lu Xu Nan reflexively took a step back, keeping away from Ning Yi, “Don’t touch me, stay farther away from me.”

Ning Yi felt that, in front of this person, her self-restraint really can’t be kept.

Please, who wants to touch you? I even dislike you! Didn’t you see I only grabbed the corner of your shirt? 

You really think you’re some 18K diamond embedded handsome man? he~~~tui (spitting sound)!

Lu Xu Nan took a deep breath, lowering his eyes once again to look at Ning Yi. As expected, the other party had a pair of red eyes again, looking like she was holding back tears.

He just watched as she wiped the corner of her eyes, looking hurt as she aggrievedly said: “Nan gege, you…you’re too much!”

“Mengmeng, we’re leaving!” Ning Yi pulled Ju Meng, about to pass Lu Xu Nan walking forward.

I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I have to first wash my hands immediately, really unlucky!

Huh, unlucky? In all these years, who bothered who?

Lu Xu Nan only felt that his temples were pulsing. Maybe he was agitated by the tinnitus ringing or angered by Ning Yi, he caught Ning Yi’s wrist,”What did you say?”


A sound like a metal sword being unsheathed sounded. Lu Xu Nan discovered in shock that the ringing had disappeared again!

Isn’t it good for me to leave without caring about you? You suddenly scolded me and I can’t even say “you’re too much”? You think everyone in the world is your mother3 全世界皆你妈: lit. everyone in the world is your mother; This can mean that a person doesn’t know any fear – they are ignorant of the world as mothers are kind to their children. Here, she’s complaining that LXN expects everyone(her) to treat him kindly. ?

Ning Yi twisted her wrist, her tone aggrieved, “Nan gege, your grip hurts a lot! Ying ying ying~ Clearly you were the one who made me shut up first and I already said I’ll leave myself, what are you pulling back me for?”

F*ck! My hand is going to break! Release your dog paw!

Lu Xu Nan let go when he heard the other person say that it hurt. He lowered his eyes and saw the red marks made by his fingers on her wrist. Contrasted against the white skin, they were especially obvious. A trace of astonishment flashed through his eyes.

He definitely didn’t use much strength, how was it red just like that…

Ning Yi rubbed her wrist as she looked at Lu Xu Nan resentfully as she said aggrievedly, “Nan gege, even though you treat me like this, don’t worry, I won’t tell Uncle Lu.”

So angry! When I go back later, I’ll wander around your house, accidentally let Uncle Lu see the bruise, then accidentally tell him that you made it. See how Uncle Lu will scold you to death! Humph!

“You!” Lu Xu Nan couldn’t help taking a step forward, he was held back by the arm by Fang Ci.

Ning Yi cowered a bit, turned around, and left pulling Ju Meng.

Dog Lu is indeed a dog! He was hit with rabies today, right?

Oh no, I delayed for so long, will it affect the plot? Mu Wanqing wouldn’t have already been robbed of her money, right? No, I have to go to the alley to take a look.

What did plot mean? And who was Mu Wanqing?

Lu Xu Nan watched Ning Yi’s back, his expression deep as water.

[1] 皇帝不急急死太监: An idiom meaning that the person involved isn’t affected by the situation while the people around them are much more so

[2]柠檬树上柠檬果,柠檬树下只有我: represents feelings of loneliness and desolation; the lemons on the lemon tree all have partners or are at least among ones like themselves, but there is only me alone underneath the tree ;;

[3] 全世界皆你妈: lit. everyone in the world is your mother; This can mean that a person doesn’t know any fear – they are ignorant of the world as mothers are kind to their children. Here, she’s complaining that LXN expects everyone(her) to treat him kindly.

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