Main Story: Chapter 9 The Student Council Officer 2

All of us sat down and began sipping our tea. The tea was accompanied by madeleines supervised by Anna. It seemed that she persuaded the chef who worked in the academy’s kitchen and struck in the recipe of the Rottnel family to give a similar taste.

I didn’t notice Anna had been doing such things while I was enjoying my life as a student at the academy and I was surprised.

“Eh, but, I wanted to let Violet-sama eat delicious foods,” was what she said to me with a straight face. Well, I loved madeleines very much, so I was happy. I was too scared to ask her how she was able to enter the kitchen or how she was able to persuade the chefs, and other things.

“This madeleine is really delicious.”

“Yes, it is. It has a good flavor and light in the mouth.”

I knew Al liked this taste since that time, and I was happy that Flud-sensei liked it as well.

“Anna, the reproducibility is really high! It tastes the same as the one we ate in the house.”

“It’s an honor. I trained the chefs starting from how to use the equipment, amount of frothing, the amount of butter, and the precise time for grilling it. It seemed my effort was not gone to waste.”

“… I, I see.”

I now wondered who was that chef that had gone through a lot of things. She said it was training, but it sounds hard. Basically, Anna always had her expressionless face, so it was difficult to distinguish when she was joking when she was not. I wanted to believe that now she was joking.

“Please give the chef my thanks if you met him again.”

It was more like an apology for accompanying her. Anna received my offer with her usual straight face, but she mysteriously gave the aura “If Miss is praising me, then I can be even better,” and nodded at me. I wondered how much high that ‘better’ meter she had.

While I was looking at Anna with distant eyes, I heard a knock and one male student came into the room.

“Ya, Sieg. You’re late.”

“… Yes, I had something to do.”

“How about Theo?”

“I saw him on the way here, but he was surrounded by the female students. I think he will come later.”

“Haha, Theo, as always. It was correct to come here earlier.”

The boy with red-brown hair named ‘Sieg’ was one of the remaining student council members. He was a second-year student and a commoner. At first, I thought the one who was at the top of their batch was either Theo or Al, but in fact, he was number one for the classroom lecture.

Besides classroom lectures, there were also etiquette, dance, and aristocratic society which were the educations for nobles. Therefore, Theo and Al were better in this field. In total, the one who took the top seat was Al.

If there were other people than Theo and Al who were that excellent, the way to the top was so hard and I pitied Miss Macdowell even more. I was sorry I said something like that.

And this person.

“Sieg-san, good afternoon.”

“… Yes.”

It looked like he was vigilant at me. Since the first time I met him, he was like this, and I had never had any normal conversation with him.

Knowing about our silence situation, Al suggested calling each other by name. But I had never heard my name from his mouth, not even my family name. 

It had been 1 year since he knew Al and the others, so, when they were talking, he was having fun. But, if I joined that conversation, his atmosphere changed as he only acted cold to me.

(I wonder why. Maybe he doesn’t like that I was becoming one of them now. If so, I hoped he bluntly just said he doesn’t like it.)

“Sieg-san, please have some of the confectionaries. I recommend them.”

For the time being, I recommended the madeleines in front of me.

“Living as a noble lady is easy. Always talking about tea and confectionaries.”


He gave me a cold piercing stare as he replied. I took back my words. This was more than being vigilant.

While Al was beginning to scrutinize him, I didn’t have the time to give a counter. I saw Anna was taking a knife from the cutlery basket and had murderous intent as she shot Sieg with her stare. Put that knife away immediately!

“… Sorry, I’m late! …. What kind of situation is this?”

When Theo came into the student council room, this place had turned into chaos.


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