Main Story: Chapter 8 The Student Council Officer

It was several days after I started joining the student council. I was asked to get some documents for our advisor, Flud-sensei, and brought it to the student council room.

When I opened the door and came inside, Sensei was sleeping with his head on the small table used for office work near the window. It seems that he had a nightmare so I woke him up. At first, I only needed to give the documents to him, but to kill two birds with one stone, I rolled my sleeves and started to organize the bookshelf.

—-Sensei was a bit weird just now, wasn’t he…

After I tried to wake him up, when he opened his eyes, he was like looking at a ghost with a frightened face. Well, I pretended I didn’t notice. Maybe he had a really bad dream.

I was relieved when his expression went back to normal after talking about decluttering.

As I was wondering about that, I continued organizing the bookshelf and secretly looked at Sensei who was next to me. He was also rolling his sleeves to help me with the work. Yes, the color of his face was getting better.

At that time, we heard the knocking sound from the door.

“Yes, come in.”

And then, Sensei replied with his voice only. Neither of us could open the door since we got some books on our hands.

“—Excuse me. Ah, Lettie. What are you doing?”

“A little cleaning. Sensei is helping as well.”

The one who came in was Al. If Al was here, then it meant that the 2nd year’s classes had ended.

The 1st year and 2nd year had a different curriculum, and the 2nd year got more lectures than us. That was why I usually got here earlier than the others.

“It sounds difficult. Let me help too.”

“Eh?! No, no, the prince should sit there and drink your tea. Soon, Anna will bring the tea here.”

“Then, until Anna comes, okay?”

In this academy, there were maids and butlers who were exclusively hired by the academy. There was also salon space only for aristocrats with some waiters there. Therefore, the maids and companions brought by the students were not allowed to serve inside the academy.

However, because I was now a member of the student council, for a special circumstance I was given the special privilege to bring Anna to the student council room to assist me at the time of the extracurricular activity. 

And of course, that special circumstance was talking about was the member of the student council itself.

Normally, the student council used the maid hired by the academy. However, this time there was the precious royal family as one of the members.

To exclude various dangers, since last year, the waiter hired by the academy was limited only to the employees who worked in the royal family. Because I was joining too, Al said, “If it is Lettie’s maid, it’s okay.” Therefore, they permitted Anna to enter the academy.

Those various dangers I was thinking about was poisoning and other countermeasures. However, from Anna’s story, it was also to prevent drugging by the maid. What a scary world.

If this treatment was caught by Miss Macdowell’s ears, she would likely try to screw me again. Personally, I too wanted to investigate something. It was about the downfall.

“Why do you pull out that book?”

“Um… that should be in here. Ah, the book Sensei has should be put here.”

“… Hee, we are only rearranging the book but it was easily put falsely.”

Al joined us tidying smoothly, and now crossed his arm and stared at the bookshelf. I couldn’t believe I let the prince do such a job. If this was heard by Al fraction, not only them, the ladies from Theo fraction would be angry as well.

Finally, I was told to speak normally like before with Theo and Al in the student council room. Due to the false explanation, I felt uncomfortable with how the others looked at us and decided to take some distance from them. But they said there would be no problem here. That was a lifetime of ignorance.

Moreover… I just knew the fact that I was the only girl member of the student council. 

(Theo, where will you become an acquaintance of that beautiful woman.)

More correctly, a beautiful mother.

“Violet-sama, I have brought the tea.”

After several knocks, I heard Anna’s familiar voice. So, we decided to pause the work and took a break.


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