Main Story: Chapter 46 On The Hill

After getting off the carriage, I was walking for a short period of time as I was escorted. When we almost reached the destination, there was a hill with a good view there.

When I was still in the carriage, I wondered why the carriage was tilting. I didn’t expect we went to such a high place.

The high heels were sinking into the soft ground, so it was quite hard to walk on it.

“Lettie, this way… Oops, are you okay? I’m sorry. You are still wearing the outfit for the tea party, so it’s hard to walk, isn’t it?”

As I was thinking about it, I lost my balance and almost fell down. But before I touched the ground, Al pulled me strongly in a hurry towards him, and now we were facing each other.

“Thank you. I am okay now.”

“We will arrive soon. Hold my hand until we reach the destination. —Here, this way.”

Following Al’s word, I gripped his left arm tightly and moved forward. It was a little bit embarrassing, but it was better than falling and showing a shameful sight.

“… Wah!”

Al guided me to the top of the hill. The center of it was covered by bricks and there was also a bench to sit on.

The fence that was preventing people from falling down was placed there, and on the other side of it was a magnificent view of the royal capital that was so beautiful as it was a painting.

I have been living in the royal capital, but it was my first time to look down the whole city from this high place. The view was just like the picture on the postcard that showed Europe’s townscape, like the stones and bricks buildings that were lined up. It was very beautiful.

“Al, it’s amazing! I wonder which one is my house~ If that is the castle… then maybe it is that way.”

“If you are too excited, it is going to be dangerous, you know. Moreover, you are always careless.”

“… That is not true.”

Well, I acknowledged that I was a little bit too excited. 

After all, I didn’t know that there was such a spot where you could enjoy such a wonderful view. It was not strange to be excited.

But I wonder if I had been careless. … Maybe I myself didn’t notice and it might have happened before, but I wanted to believe it was not true. It’s your freedom to accept it or not.

I unconsciously made a displeased face and Al slowly walked closer to me and then his left hand gently scooped my right hand.

“—Lettie. Eventually, I will be the king who rules this royal capital and this country.”

I was reflected on those jade eyes of his.

And I who was reflected there nodded towards his words.

In the game, it was also Al.

I only know Al in this world, but it seemed natural to be certain about it.

“If it is Al, I believe that you will be a great King. Ah, it doesn’t mean that Al’s father is not a good King. Of course, His Majesty is also a wonderful person. But Al is, um…”

“Fufu, you don’t have to forcibly praise my father, you know.”


“No, thank you. I am sure I am able to make your wish come true. I want to make this country even a better place.”

Al, who said that, made an expression full of determination.

And that determination will surely bear fruits someday. I could feel it vaguely.

As I responded to his determination with a smile, for a moment, there was a silence between us.

“And then… Lettie.”

I could feel Al put some strength on his hand as it was still gripping my right hand.

“—No, Marquis daughter Violet Rottnel. I want you to be next to me when that time comes.”

Al lowered his body and then put one of his knees on the ground, then kissed my fingertips with his lips.

His jade eyes that gave my fingertips a short glance now saw right through me.

I who just witnessed his sudden behavior noticed that my cheek was burning hot shyly.

“Will you become my—Albert Roland’s princess?”

And I gasped in surprise with those words.

Al’s, Prince Albert’s eyes were burning and I noticed that there were no lies in those words.

We stared straight at each other.

I’m sure it was only a few seconds of silence, but it felt like the silence was longer than that.

“I, I….”

As I was still confused, I earnestly replied to him. 

My heart was so noisy that it felt hurt.

I feel like I was going to cry.

(My feelings…)

Like it was caressing my cheek, the wind gently blew to the hill.

Putting more strength on my free left hand, I continued my words.


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