Main Story: Chapter 45 Promise 3

After receiving Yulian’s word, I followed him and, without knowing the reason, I was now in a carriage.

It had been a while, but there was no sign of movement. Yulian also prohibited me from opening the window.

I broke up with Anna and Sieg on the way.

Anna was confused when we were going to go in different directions, but at last, she was guided by Sieg who wore a knight uniform.

If it was Father who called for me, why Anna and I were guided to different places?

As I was thinking about it, Yulian guided me to a place that was clearly not Father’s office. I thought he was in a different room, but eventually, we reached the outdoors.

I completely trusted him and followed him. Was it a bad choice?

Yulian nodded to me as a signal for me to enter the carriage. Looking at me who was hesitating for a moment, he opened his mouth.

“… I apologize. Telling that your Father was calling for you is just an excuse. It is to take you out of the tea party.”

There were no people around us, but he was being cautious as he said it with small volume.

For a moment, his expressionless face was loosening up a little bit, and then he made a small smile and said this.

“It’s an order from Albert-sama.”

“Sorry for making you wait, Lettie.”

Finally, the door of the carriage opened, and I felt relieved after looking at the person who entered.

It was not that I was suspicious of Yulian… Though, I was a little bit worried.

“Al… How about the tea party?”

Of course, the person who entered the carriage just now was Al. Maybe he was in a hurry since his hair was a little bit messy.

I unconsciously patted his hair to fix his hair. He silently looked at me and our eyes met.


“So-sorry. Your hair is a little bit messy.”

I withdrew my hand from his head when I heard Al’s blaming tone.

Al’s head was just in front of me when he was entering the carriage, so I suddenly let out my hand. It was disrespectful of me.

“—Sigh. You are as usual. Back when we were still little, you used to fix my hair when it was bouncing.”

“Eh? Ah, yes. Both of you made your hair messy quite frequently.  I always wondered what kind of position you were sleeping at night.”

While sitting on the opposite seat, Al said that like he was amazed.

I used to act as the big sister of the two and fixed their bed hair. After thinking about that, although on the inside I was older, on appearance I was younger than the two of them.

However, back then, since our heights didn’t differ so much, it was easier for my hand to reach their heads.

“Well… I did it on purpose, though. Seeing you fixing Theo’s head for the first time, I thought it was nice, so I imitated him.”

“Eh! Did you?!”

“Yes, I did. Ah, but earlier, it was not intentional, okay? It is because I left the tea party in a hurry.”

“Is it really okay?”

“I already made an excuse that I have another official business, so maybe it’s okay. The promise with Lettie is more important than that tea party.”

Al smiled with a compelling face. 

Although he was still young, I was overwhelmed with his royalty presence that was coming from that smile.

The carriage moved slowly, carrying both Al and me.

I wonder where we were going.

I asked that to Al, but he only replied to me with his smile.

He said that he wanted to show me something, but I couldn’t speculate the destination at all.

“It seems that… Lettie is now quite close to Sieg.”

“Am I? But well, compared to when I thought I was hated by him, it was now a lot better. So, I am sure it will not be awkward anymore when the Student Council activity resumes.”

Inside the rattling carriage, I was having an easy conversation with Al.

And something popped out of my head when we were talking about Sieg. I wondered why he was wearing the knight uniform.

“By the way Al. Why is Sieg acting a knight today? He took Anna as well…”

“He said he wanted to see the tea party hosted by the Queen. The fact that he was the prince of the neighboring country is still publicly hidden,  so he acted as my knight today. I am surprised you noticed it.”

“It is quite noticeable for me. Anna almost threw her fork and it was hard to stop her. Ah, by the way.”

Suddenly I was thinking about another thing.

Anna is wary of Sieg because his attitude towards me was quite terrible back then. 

However, the reason why Sieg took that attitude is that he thought I was that “Violet” and he wanted to avoid any danger.

(I haven’t said that to Anna so she still misunderstands…)

Now I was curious about those two who I left behind. Hopefully, there was no fork stabbed on Sieg’s body.

“It seems that Sieg wants to talk with Miss Anna.”

“I see… I hope they can converse peacefully…”

“? Lettie?”

Al made a question mark when he saw me looking far away.

Just then, the carriage stopped vibrating and the frame stopped moving.

“I have arrived.”

After a knock, the door was opened and I saw Yulian outside.

“Now, Lettie. Please take my hand.”

Al who went off earlier reached out for me in a refined way.

I politely took his hand and got off the carriage.


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