Main Story: Chapter 34 Baron Cellars

“I can’t believe it….”

We just went out of Father’s room and now stood in front of the door with empty minds. Anna muttered as she was frozen there.

“Indeed… I am surprised as well.”

As I said so, Anna didn’t speak but nodded to give her consent.

“Okay! Misses! Let’s depart right now! Please go to the entrance~”

Sara suddenly appeared with her energetic voice that boosted our mood. We took a step forward to the entrance and after we arrived, I could see the carriage that had waited for us in front of the entrance. I got into the carriage first.

Later, Father will also come aboard the carriage with a guest.

And the carriage of Marquis Rottnel Family departed to the castle with 4 people on board as we were escorted by a few knights.

When we arrived at the castle, Father who had gone out of the carriage gave his hand to me. I accepted his escort and got off the carriage.

After walking for a while and taking a peek, I could see Anna was being escorted by a middle-aged man with the same brown hair.

Maybe because they were not used by it, their movements looked stiff.

The man who also got into the same carriage was Anna’s Father, Baron Cellars. This morning when I entered Father’s room, he was already there.

Baron Cellars were having a conversation with Father in a terrifying manner, but when he noticed that Anna had come in, he immediately changed his expression and gave a gentle smile.

Anna was surprised to find her Father then and asked, “Eh? Father? Why are you here…?” with a lot of confusion.

Of course, she was. She was hired by our house as a maid, but she was now decorated beautifully, and suddenly met her father from her hometown. Any sane people will definitely feel confused if they were in the same situation.

“Lettie. It is not appropriate to look behind when you are walking. You need to be careful on your footing. We reached the staircase.”

Soon after Father let out his voice, I quickly fixed my line of sight from the Cellars Family and faced forward. 

When I looked up after climbing up the stairs, I could see Father’s gentle smile as he was looking at me.

The military police around us said something like “That demon prime minister…?” or “What is that smile…” and those were coming inside my ears. Well, if I could hear them, then Father must hear them as well.

Father didn’t change his expression and kept smiling, but I bet he would give them some punishment later. Having secret talk in the middle of work is prohibited after all.

“I am sorry, Father. Somehow, I am curious about Anna…”

“I can’t blame you. Anna has been your maid after all. Is she doing well in the academy?”

“Yes, thanks to Anna I am able to spend my days comfortably.”

“I see…”


After asking about Anna’s being in the academy, Father’s expression became cloudy. I wonder why.

I wondered if it had some relationships with why Baron Cellars was called to the castle.

About the current problem, it seems that Father couldn’t give me the details. Therefore, Baron Cellars himself didn’t ask more about it.

However, it was involved with the assassination attempt of the prince from the neighboring country. That was the only information I got from Father.

Anna’s Father suddenly came to my house the night before yesterday. He arrived at Marquis Rottnel Residence this morning so he could go with us as well.

No wonder he got bags under his eyes.

Although he looked fine with the clothes he borrowed from Father, his face looked really tired.

I believe that when Baron Cellars arrived this morning, I was having a full course preparation for today’s schedule so I didn’t realize. That went for Anna as well.

“Marquis Rottnel, Baron Cellars, welcome!”

After the employee who was waiting for us in front of the entrance of the castle welcoming us, all of the people in the hall bowed their heads.

…Huh, what is happening here? 

(I come to this place to become the speaking partner with the princess from the neighboring country, right?)

I had been visiting the castle a long time ago for the lectures, it was the first time I felt the strict atmosphere of the castle. I could feel the overwhelmed respect they gave to me from those sights.

I thought she would felt anxious as well, so I took a glance at Anna. I wondered if her anxiousness had gone off somewhere that she was having her usual blank expression.

“Yaa, I’m glad you come~”

I felt relieved after looking at Anna’s state, and then I could hear a familiar voice in front of me.

It came from no other than the King. He gave a bright smile as he got off the gorgeous stairs.

Really, what is happening here…?!


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