Main Story: Chapter 19 Lavender

“… Violet-sama, you are awake. Do you need some adjustment?”

The next morning.

Precisely, it was still early in the morning since the sun had not risen.

I was sleeping earlier than usual yesterday, so I woke up early and couldn’t go to sleep anymore.

The day before, I was sleeping on the sofa with my uniform intact. After waking up, I was surprised when I found myself on the bed and wearing my nightwear.

Moreover, I was even more surprised that I wasn’t waking up while being moved to the bed. I wondered if I was that tired.

But I was glad I didn’t have that bad dream.

“I am sorry, Anna. I felt refreshed after a good night’s sleep. I was able to have a good sleep once for a while.”

Anna was heading towards me who had gotten out of the bed and doing my usual body training while replying to her.

It was still too early to wake up, so I think Anna was checking on my condition because she was worried about me.

Her master who should be sleeping was awake, and now standing by the window with only one leg as the center, but she was not surprised by it and did her usual work.

I could feel her slender finger touching my forehead, checking whether I got a fever or not.

“It is not a fever. What about the school, Miss? I think taking some rest is better for the time being.”

“It is just a lack of sleep, so it’s okay. I will go to school. …Anna, I was wondering since waking up, why I can smell a nice fragrance in the room? Yesterday, there was no such fragrance, right?”

“Ah, so you noticed it, Miss? Ufufu.”


It was beside the lamp on the bedside and the lamp near where Anna’s hand was resting.

Although there was only calm orange light to see inside the room, I knew Anna was gently smiling at me, and I tilted my head.

I wondered if I said something strange.

Since I was awake, I could smell different flower scent drifting inside the room, and the scent made me feel comfortable.

“Last night, the lavenders addressed to Miss had arrived, so I took some and put it in the room.”


After hearing Anna’s previous words, I looked around the room. I found a small basket of flowers on the table. It was a little dark inside. I wondered if the source of the fragrance came from there.

“Ah, no, the lavender… is here. We received some cute potpourri1Potpourri is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant materials, used to provide a gentle natural scent, commonly in residential settings. It is often placed in a decorative bowl. -Wikipedia, so I put them under the pillow.”

Anna, who was searching for something under the pillow pulled out a cute small sachet. 

As I took the sachet handed by Anna in front of me, I smelt the gentle fragrance coming from it.

If I am not mistaken, I heard that lavender had the effect of making you relax.

—Because I was wrapped by this fragrance, I could sleep well.

“It arrived together with the flower basket, as the goods for visiting you. As expected for your future husband! Soon after I told him that Violet-sama was not sleeping very well recently, he arranged these goods for you.”

“… Err, Anna. Who is sending these flowers?”

“Of course, Theophyl-sama. And the one who carried Violet-sama to the bed was also him. It seems you have woken up, so I will prepare the tea. Please wait for a moment.”

“Wa-wait, Anna.”

Anna left me in dismay, and went out of the room, and left me alone. There were some words I couldn’t get rid of out of my mind, but she went out without even giving me the opportunity to ask for some explanations.

—He carried me? Theo?

Eh, he entered this room? Was it okay? Was it fine for him to enter the room? Anna!

I wondered if I was heavy. I was ditching my exercises recently. Aaaah I was being carried but I was not awake by it, how embarrassing…!

Even after that, my confusion continued until Anna came back to my room, brewed the herb tea using the lavender, and explained it in detail.


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