Main Story: Chapter 18 About The Dream 2

“I, I am so scared… Lazareth-sensei was…!”

The previous ferocious voice made the dark brown hair lady was now gone and replaced by a soft, coaxing voice as her attention was now on Theo. The uniform scarf that should have been on her chest was now lying on the floor near her foot. It seems that was the reason why I heard the sound of rustling clothes just now.

I was expecting a worse appearance from her and thinking about what I should do. But as long as I looked at her back, it was not as bad as I imagined, so I was glad.

Although Sensei noticed my presence, fortunately, the lady didn’t notice that I was there. So I hid in the shadow of the curtain and watched the current situation.

“Lazareth-sensei was touching you? When I tried to enter this room, I was blocked by the servant here. Is this servant yours? Even having someone to watch the door, you are very careful.”

It was Theo’s usual cold voice. 

I looked at the black hair male who was grabbed by Theo, wondering if he was the servant of that lady.

“Wha… I, I don’t know someone like him! He is not my servant or anything! Theophyl-sama, please believe me. I was really scared…”

“Why did you say that… Miss…!”

“Uh, don’t call me! You are now not related to our House anymore. Theophyl-sama, he is my former servant who had been fired before. As you can see, it was an arbitrary behavior of his.”

“…I see.”

“Ah… So you believe me…!”

She snuggled on Theo and let her enchanting voice out from her mouth as her hair was waving gently. That girl, she was in the same special class as me.

She was a beautiful girl with clear blue eyes like the sky. We had been exchanging greetings some times and she always smiled gently at me. That is why I didn’t notice that she disgusted me that much.

Although Father told me to always be careful of my surroundings.

“I understand what has been said. It seems that you are not willing to speak the truth. …I decide to speak to this former servant of yours. Just now, my people have arrived. You will come as well.”


That lady was resisting when the maid of the Richard House was locking her movement. With her former servant, she was pulled to the corridor.

“I will go with them, can you take care of the flower for me?”

“It is my honor… But is it okay, Theophyl-kun? It is your duty, isn’t it?”

“… For the time being, dealing with this problem is the first priority.”

“Well, we better get rid of the sparks that were falling on the flower first. Thank you for coming. Because of your help, I was okay. Leave the rest to me.”

“Yes. Then, excuse me.”

Theo looked back, replied to Sensei, and then went out of the room.

Before he went out, I believe his eyes met mine for a moment.


“Violet-sama, what are you going to do after this? Should I call the doctor?”

“… I am only feeling a little bit tired, so you don’t need to call the doctor. I want to rest now, is it okay?”

“I will prepare the bath for you. How about your meal?”

After I came back to my room, I entrusted my body to the prepared sofa. I was answering Anna’s question by shaking my head with no strength. 

It seems I was really tired. Recently I had bad dreams, so I believe lack of sleep was one of the factors that made me this tired.

(From the story Sensei just told me… I wonder what it means by him having a similar dream I had?)

After Theo was gone, we spoke for a moment by the window.

I found that it was strange that the window was opened, and he gave me the reason.

“– Actually, I was experiencing a similar situation in my dream before. I don’t remember it very well, but I was dismissed by the academy because I touched a student, and of course, I don’t remember doing such a thing. And I was chased away from the country. It was a bad dream. Maybe it was a predictive dream.”

Since he had that dream, every time he was talking with a female student, he was being very careful and always let the door and window open. But, the previous situation was quite dangerous since the door was closed from the outside. 

He noticed that both Theo and I were in the garden, and when the female student was having dubious signs in the conversation, he aimed so that she spoke loudly. After knowing this, I can say that Sensei is a really brilliant tactician.

As I heard the story from Sensei, I felt my back was ragged.

Just now, I was also having the same dream.

The dream I was chasing out Sensei, to forcefully get into the student council.

I didn’t remember the content of the conversation very well, and the outline of the people coming out in the dream was blurry so I didn’t know what expression they made.

But the atmosphere of the dream and one part of the conversation, I remembered it clearly.

“—It is your fault, Sensei.”

The one who said that words, was Violet’s 

The Violet in the dream was always looking down on others and made them sad. I could only see the situation. I couldn’t do anything.

As I started thinking about it, my head and eyes were spinning. Seeing my face color was turning pale, Sensei looked worried and instructed the academy employee to call Anna for me.

“I want to sleep… But I don’t want to see that dream…”

Although I said that, my body was shrinking on the sofa, and my eyelids were heavy and not able to open back as I felt sleepy.

Before my consciousness was gone, Anna who looked exhausted and tired, and Theo who was hurt were coming into my head.

Such a gap between the dream and the current world, I apologized to the gentle childhood friend and lady attendant inside my heart. And before Anna came back, I lost my consciousness.


At first, I thought that girl is Christine, but it is not, it seems. And one thing that I noticed, it looks like Violet also had the if story dream. This is just my speculation, since it is not stated explicitly :3

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