Main Story: Chapter 10 The Navy Blue Knight

“… I wonder why.”

Licoris and I were on our way to the open space courtyard to eat lunch. My head was elsewhere as I was thinking and unconsciously my mouth spoke out.

Of course, it was heard by Licoris who was next to me. She replied, “About what?”

“I feel like I was avoided by our classmates. I can feel they keep some distance every time I talk to them like they were unfriendly towards me.”


The one who was blowing her breath was Licoris. She was so mean.

It had been two months since I entered the academy, and I never spoke to our classmates other than morning and evening greetings and about the weather. I was expecting a splendid academy life after all.

Even the noble ladies who should be my tea friends were not close friends of mine at all… Those ladies were crowding together with either having a topic about Albert or Theo. They would excitedly exchange their beautiful information.

I didn’t want to join that conversation, but I envied it a bit because it was a normal conversation between ladies and they looked happy. With this all this feeling, I shot a glare to Licoris and she looked back at me with her almond eyes and smiled.

“—Well, you can’t help it. Something about your title or things like that. It was like there was something big behind you that made other people can’t just carelessly come close to you.”

“If you said it like that, it is scary. Don’t make it like I was being followed by a ghost.”

“It was similar, you know.”

“You can just say there is something you can see from me…”

“The beloved daughter of the current prime minister or Marquis Rottnel, number one based on the grade in our batch, the member of the student council, and close with the first prince and the son of the Duke. .. After lining all of these, I can say how amazing you are, Violet.”


She was only lining up the facts, however, it felt like a strong punch. Moreover, my stoic face doubled the hardness of talking to me. Since I was aware of that, I tried to always smile. What the hell is this?

“Well, actually everybody wanted to talk to you, but all of them and you were restraining yourself to each other, like slowly approaching. That is what I think… Uh, I know you’re not listening to me.”

As Licoris said that, but I was having my own thoughts and I was not listening to her very well. And while we were talking about it, Licoris and I reached the courtyard.

The courtyard had a green and fresh grass and the color contrast with the terracotta-colored bricks of the passageway was beautiful. There were a lot of trees and benches placed all over the courtyard. Although it was a courtyard, it was so big and nobody could see through from the back of it. Like a tree-lined path, the space for growing a lot of plants was wide.

As being distracted by other places, we were searching for a place to eat until we found the garden table in the shade of a tree and perched there.

“By the way Licoris, I noticed this morning that you brought a big basket. How many servings are there?”

Today’s afternoon meal was made by Licoris. Although she was the daughter of the Earl, she was good at cooking. It seemed that she had been borrowing the kitchen since morning to prepare for the afternoon meal. I was invited by Licoris, and I was assigned as her companion. The basket she brought was as big as the one used for the family picnic. There was no way the two of us could finish all of it.

“Aubrey will come later. He eats a lot, you know. He said he will be late, so why don’t we eat first?”

Licoris said that as she took out the sandwiches and some side dishes on the table. ‘Ah, I see.’ I was convinced by her reason. Aubrey was her fiance and their relationship was very fine.

“He~ I see-”

“… What, are those eyes?”

“Nope! Nothing… It is not like I think it is very charming~ On the other hand, I wondered why I was in the middle of a pleasant lunchtime with your fiance. Am I not in the way?”

I would be a fly disturbing their time, so it was not late to dismiss myself.

“No, you are not! … I want you to stay. I want to speak with Violet outside after all. Moreover… I will be nervous if there is only me and him. I invited him just for the sake of inviting you.”

Licoris who usually had an unyielding personality, now lost her confidence as she told me with a small voice. Her cheek was tinted pink. She told me that it was a political engagement, however, after looking at her condition right now, it seemed it was more than that.

(He is an honest person after all. One of the capture targets is their child, so this couple is secured. Un, Un.)

Licoris was so cute. My inner self who had the past life thought so and nodded while I heard the sound of the crimpling grass.


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