Extra 14 [If Story] A Certain Aristocrat Lady Daisy


“So, you are Daisy Reynolds?”

When her name was called, she raised her head from the book she had read. And she found a violet haired girl looking down at her.

Just looking at the girl’s appearance, her heart jumped.

Daisy knew about this girl.

She was very famous.

As the only daughter of Marquis Rottnel, she alone received the asylum and love of her father who was the prime minister.

—And, she was so fierce. She would be furious at everything that she didn’t like, and her wish would always be granted.

Ever since she was in the same class as her, she tried her best to not get involved with her and made her existence invisible. That was what it suppose to be.

Daisy usually read her book in the school garden during break time like this. 

“Wait, you! Violet-sama is talking to you. How dare you ignore her.”

“! Ah… I, I am so sorry! Ye-yes, I am Daisy Reynolds.”

When one of the ladies in a group that refrain behind Violet rebuked, Daisy quickly stood up and bowed deeply.

Since she was bowing, Daisy could only look at her feet.

However, she noticed that her legs were trembling and it made her even more anxious.

“It’s okay, raise your head.”


She tried to hold her cry as she raised her head.

Her vision seemed to be distorted, but if she cried, her mood would become worsen.

Daisy who unconsciously guessed that looked straight at Violet.

“Hm~ I admit you got a pair of beautiful sky blue eyes.”

Like she was determining the quality of a product, Violet said it.

“Isn’t it? Violet-sama. In this academy, the one only one who had a pair of sky blue eyes is Daisy Reynolds!”

Another lady came out and she proudly informed Violet.

That Violet was tilting her head in silence for some moments. And then, the edge of her lips raised and she smiled with satisfaction.

“You are not supposed to touch other people’s things. Did your parents never teach you this? But well,

You are not allowed to use your low status as a reason.”

“Touching other people’s things? What are you… Kya!”

Daisy didn’t understand what Violet was saying, and suddenly she felt pain.

Before she knew it, one of the ladies pulled her braided hair violently.

“Violet-sama! It’s a light blue ribbon.”

“Hoo, as I expected. Theo-sama, why did you give a ribbon to this girl?”

“Tha-that ribbon is a birthday present given by father.”

As her hair was being pulled, Daisy desperately argued despite her unnatural position.

Her fiance, Theophyl, might have given a ribbon to another lady, however, that lady was not Daisy.

The ribbon she had was her treasure given by her father. 

A moment later, she heard a sharp sound as the pain that she had never experienced before was gone. At the same time, Daisy got goosebumps as her hair dropped down, patted her neck.

“Hu~ It feels good. The ribbon Theo brought from the town doesn’t suit you, after all. If you got that short hairstyle, you don’t need a ribbon for a while.”

As Violet smiled and giggled, together with the other ladies, she went away from that place.

Daisy who was left alone there stared at her hair that fell on the ground and the light blue ribbon that had been carved and useless now.

— After that incident, using her poor health as a reason, Daisy Reynolds dropped out of the academy and returned to Reynolds’ residence.






Because of the bad dream and the cold air, Daisy woke up.

The sight that came into her eyes was not the flower pattern wallpaper she liked in her house, nor the one in her dorm room.

There was only a simple wooden ceiling there.

The assassination attempt of the royal family.

That sin was very heavy. Although she was an aristocrat, it was impossible to alleviate that sin.

Her father who was a Viscount was imprisoned and Viscount Reynolds House was crushed.

Her mother collapsed due to anxiety and went back to her hometown.

And Daisy.

She was kept in a simple building that had a lot of cracks where the winds came in. 

It was the monastery in the north.

The monastery was just the name. It was a place where a problematic underage girl was sent for labor work. 

“This is a lie… I am supposed to be Annable’s mother but I was treated like this.”

Not so high social status. Pretty face. Moreover, a pair of clear sky blue eyes.

The girl that came out in the novel—Those are the traits of the heroine’s mother and she believed that she must be that girl.

When she noticed that she was transmigrated to the world of the novel she had read, she was really happy.

The illustration now existed in front of her eyes, and she had that memory. That was enough for the reason to believe that she was the protagonist of this world.

—It was when Daisy was still in her previous life as a university student in Japan.

After the otome game was launched, the bonus story about Violet was released and became a hot topic because the players were able to take a peek at Violet’s world.

『You didn’t read part 2.』

Sieg’s previous words revied in Daisy’s mind.

(What is part two…?!)

The story she read before was written according to Violet’s perspective. There was no information about the identity and name of the heroine’s mother.

Theophyl got married to Violet unwillingly, but in the meantime, he was keeping his relationship with another woman.

Violet noticed Theophyl’s current situation and thoroughly eliminated the women who were closed to him. Christine was one of the victims.

Moreover, after she got the information that Theophyl purchased a ribbon for another girl, an innocent girl became the victim as well just because her eyes got the same light blue color as the color of the ribbon. That was all written in the novel.

And Daisy noticed why Violet had gone that far.

The mother of the heroine was a lady with the same eye colors as her, whose name didn’t pop out in the novel even once.

“No way… I was supposed to be the leading role, not a mob like this…”

As she muttered, the contents of the bad dream she just had were coming back inside her head.

Inside a simple room, the window was so small that a person could not pass through it.

The girl whose dark brown hair was trimmed up to her shoulders because it was unnecessary for the monastery was just starring somewhere with her wavering sky blue eyes.


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