Chapter 9 Violet Remembers 3

It was a familiar garden for me. Theo was walking forward briskly and I followed his back. This situation was like the first time we met.

After we walked for a short time, we reached a small fountain and a bench. Theo stopped and prompted me to sit down. In consideration as well as in politeness, he put his handkerchief on the bench before I sat down so that my one-piece dress would not get dirty.

He was a small gentleman.

“So, what do you need?”

When I asked Theo this, he searched around in his outerwear pocket, and then grabbed something and brought it in front of me.

“Here. It’s for you.”

It was a hair ornament with a blue flower as the motif. The flower was the same as the little blue flowers that I saw the first time I went to Duke Richard Mansion, at Theo’s flower bed.

“Eh? It’s for me?”


“Thank you! I don’t know what the celebration is about but this is adorable! I’ll put it on as soon as possible today! Sara-… Ah, the wedding!”

Out of habit, I almost called Sara for help. However, today, Sara was the protagonist, so I’ll just ask one of the other maids to help me.

“Give it to me.”

“Eh, can you do it?”

“… I am at least better than Lettie.”

The atmosphere didn’t seem right for me to say no to Theo, so I gave the hair ornament to him.

Fortunately, my hair had been styled in an updo with a white ribbon, so my hair wouldn’t get messed up from the other hair ornament.

I was a little tickled by the feeling of having my hair touched by an unfamiliar hand but it seems to have gone well without a hitch.

“Hey, how is it? It’s sad that I can’t see it by myself~ I will check it later.”

“It suits you, Lettie.”

When I turned around and looked at Theo, his ears were red as he was a little bit shy about it. It made me feel a little shy too.

I wondered why he suddenly gave me a present. I’ve known him for 4 years but this was the first time I’ve ever received anything other than flowers and sweets from Theo.

“That’s enough for now. I feel like Al will complain to me when he sees you.”

“Eh? Is Al coming today too? I haven’t heard about it though…”

“This is ‘Al’ we are talking about after all.”

Yes, I agreed as well. As Theo said it out loud, I was even more sure than before.

We didn’t say anything about our own red face from before as we forgot about it, so we returned to the wedding venue.

I felt a slight weight on my head that was different from when I arrived.


The garden wedding was successful.

Both the bride Sara, and her to-be-husband, our cook Keith, were radiant as can be.

Sara was wearing a pale yellow-green wreath on her head that made her look like a flower fairy.

Aren’t wreaths a wonderful thing? In my previous life, I often saw brides wearing that once in a while and I had gotten addicted to some games that had this kind of theme. 

That eventually became the cause of my death too.

Ah~ I had a lot of fun playing that game.

As I watched the two people’s happy faces, my mind wandered off elsewhere. If I think about it, that game also had the same wedding theme as well.


“Lettie, why are you making such a difficult face? The wedding turned out really nice, didn’t it.”

Mother said to me. Her glamorous red hair appeared in good health. Although her eyes still tended to glaze sometimes, the atmosphere she gave off was different from mine which was a quality of my Mother’s I guess.

Glen, my brother, then appeared, connecting his hand with Mother’s. “Sara is very beautiful,” he said as he gave a big smile.

“N-nothing. I was just thinking about something.”

Something. I almost remembered something important. That was what I thought as well when I saw Mother’s face. There was something I missed out and I almost got it.

“… I wonder what color of garland Lettie would wear. That hair ornament is really nice as well.”

“… A wreath?”

“Oya? You didn’t think about it? It is the custom of our country for the bride to wear a wreath with her husband’s eye color or hair color. You see, Sara wears the green wreath like the color of Keith’s eyes.”


Badump! My heart made an unpleasant sound. That story. It was the first time I’ve heard of it. However, I knew this setting.

“Oh, Rose~ Of course, Violet-chan will wear blue. Won’t she, Theo?”


All of a sudden, Freesia-sama barged into our conversation, and I could see that Theo’s face was red all over.

“Violet Richard, oh it sounds nice, doesn’t it? I will always welcome you!”

After I heard those words from Freesia-sama, I received a shock as though lightning had struck my body.

Violet Richard…?

My back felt cold and sweaty and my head started turning.

“Lettie, what’s wrong?”

When I turned to look at Mother, her vivid red hair entered my eyes. Theo was also looking worriedly at me in silence.

Theophyl Richard.

The Duke Family’s heir, with blue eyes, my childhood friend…

A rush of a large amount of information and images floating around in my head caused me to get sick but I managed to get back to my room despite everyone’s concerns.


And finally, Violet notice that she was in the otome game *lol*.

For those who confuse about it, let me explain: In the previous chapter, Violet remembered her past life, but she hadn’t noticed that she was in the otome game she had played.

There is one more chapter this week, so please enjoy!!

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