Chapter 11 Violet and Otome Game 2


— …

I could feel that my body was a little heavy due to the tiredness, but it was much better than yesterday.

I laid in the bed and propped my upper body up.

I thought about a lot of things as my brain churned and as a result, recalled perfectly that the whole dream was about that otome game. Moreover, it was from the point of view of “Violet Richard”, the mother of the villainess, Vebuna.

The scene that played out was an optional movie after finishing the ending of the game. Plenty of people on social media had a lot of question marks towards that mystery privilege, not knowing who it’s supposed to benefit.

“I see… So, this is the world of that game.”

Murmuring those words, I felt like I was being sucked into the ceiling of the dim room. It sounded like an impossible story, however, I had already spent 7 years in this body, and strangely it felt right.

It was different from the modern western world, people had strange hair color. Every time I saw Mother’s hair color, Theo, and the others, I felt some kind of deja vu.

Al looked a lot like the prince who was one of the capture targets of the game. In the game, his name was never exposed, however in the party, he appeared as the father of the prince who exiled the villainess and her mother. He was His Majesty the King.

And Theo is… He had someone he loved, but because of the difference in their status and Violet’s selfishness, he was forced to marry her. He was the Duke and the father of the villainess and heroine.

“What the heck… I am the mother of that villainess…”

That madwoman whose light purple hair swung madly in the air, was me.

They were connected by a forced marriage. That was why Theo usually rarely ever came home and even after his daughter was born, he didn’t fulfill his role and never went back as though he had finished doing his part. Instead, he lived most of his life in the house with the one he loved.

After she died, his beloved daughter officially became the daughter of the Duke.

Let’s calmly think about it. Wasn’t it the villainess Verbuna who lived a harder life?

Since it was a game, I didn’t really care about it, since I was playing the role of a heroine.

However, she was used as a tool by her mother and didn’t get any attention from her father who only doted on his other daughter, Annabel.

No, no, no. The character of the villainess was distorted then. Her home environment was not normal after all. Of course, her harassment towards the heroine was terrible, however, Verbena herself also wanted to protect her place too because there was no other form of salvation she had.

“He had other people he loved, huh.”

I looked at the small blue flower hair ornament at the bedside.

So far, I never felt any hatred coming from Theo directed towards me. I’d like to think I was never as evil as that Violet, though she must have a reason that made her like that.

 In this world, he had not encountered the heroine’s mother. If he had met her, I might have been neglected.

Theo had the right to have a happy life with the one he loved. And I should not approach him any more than necessary.

I remembered the conversation I had with Freesia-sama yesterday and I immediately felt sick in the stomach.

If I stayed by his side, regardless of his intention, there was a chance that other people around us would get excited.

Moreover, Mother and Freesia-sama were good friends. Well, I actually felt that they are getting much more excited at this point.

“… Okay. Let’s strengthen Father’s guard! Until Theo met his destined person!!”

There was another way such as getting engaged with someone, but that would be a bad idea. Even though that other person would not be Theo, he would be forced to marry me and another Verbuna would be born.

To avoid the engagement with Theo, with the Duke Family as the opponent, the strategy of using Father’s authority as the prime minister might be effective to prevent me from getting engaged with anyone else until the time is right. Yes, let’s use this one.

Moreover, I too wanted to live happily in this world. I wanted to have a happy marriage with the person who shared mutual affection with me.

“From now on, I have decided to follow a plan. Firstly, I’m going to reinforce Father’s guard and prevent myself from getting engaged with anyone. Secondly, I would keep my involvement with Theo to a minimum. If the one who was likely to be the mother of the heroine appeared, I would fully support them!”

I wanted to avoid the future of being cheated on and the birth of the misfortunate daughter. I wanted my gentle childhood friend to live a happy life without having an affair.

Theo, I won’t interfere with you this time, so quickly meet that person so that you, that person, and Annabel the heroine, could become a family and live happily ever after.


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  3. Kate Dili

    Here it goes again. smh. I thought that this book will be different. But it turns out to be the same as other novel.

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