Chapter 10 Violet and Otome Game

The otome game that I had once been addicted to was called “Flower Garland – Sparkling Wedding”.  And just like the title, the story was about the protagonist’s quest for a happy wedding.

At that time, I was on my way home from a friend’s wedding and I was bathed in a beam of happiness, but the day after that, I remembered that I had gone back to a petite black company to work.

‘Aaaaaa!’ was the only thing inside my head, and at that time, I discovered this otome game.

At that time, I didn’t have a boyfriend and I had no plans to get married. That was why I thought I might at least be able to get married inside the game. That was the reason why I was so enthusiastic to start the game and later on, I was splendidly addicted to it.

And I’ve already played it dozens of times.


The protagonist of this game, Annabel, was a 13 years old commoner. However, after her mother’s death, she found out that she had the blood of the Duke Family and was the daughter of the Duke. She always thought that her father was a normal commoner as well, but he was actually the Duke who had a daughter a year above her whose mother was his wife.

In reality, this story sounded really shabby. However, it was still in the opening of the game, so  ‘Hmm…’ was the only thing I thought inside my head. 

Annabel was scorned by her step-mother and step-sister. However, she was able to still keep her pure nature and grow up beautifully.

Then, on the campus she was enrolled in 1 year later than her sister, she had a fateful encounter.

The prince, the knight, other aristocrats, and her childhood friend of downtown.

She would nurture her love with one of them as the story flew towards the happy ending, where on the graduation day, she would be given a bouquet of flowers colored by the shade of her lover’s eyes. Then, the climax was the wedding with the wreath as the custom of the country.

By the way, no matter who Annabel chose, the step-sister would appear as the fiance of the prince, and Annabel was bullied by her sister and mother.

Yes, that’s right. Her step-sister was the villainess.

At the ending graduation party, before Annabel received her bouquet, the step-sister’s crime was exposed, causing her engagement with the prince to be annulled and she, with her mother, were exiled to the countryside. That was a rough plot of the story.

“Theo-sama, why won’t you come home?”

The woman with long light purple hair cried towards her husband. Her face looked dreadful. Her eyes were bloodshot and her face was pale.

“… I told you I had work to do.”

Without expressing any emotions on his face, the man who was called Theo-sama with brown hair shook off the woman’s hand and swiftly walked away.

“Why… Why? I even gave him a child, but why doesn’t he look at me?”

“…. Mommy”

A red-haired girl approached the half-crazed woman. After the woman noticed the girl’s presence, she grabbed her shoulder and looked at her with bloodshot eyes.

“Listen to me, Verbuna1バーべナ Romaji: Babena. It all depends on you to take your Father back…!”

The little girl nodded towards her mother who was filled with grudges. Since she was born, those words had been embedded within her.

“Fufu, fufufufu. Theo-sama,  I love you…!”

The woman’s mouth twisted into a smile as she laughed maniacally.

The name of the woman was Violet Richard. The mother of the villainess, Verbuna.

Violet was half-forcefully pushed into marriage by her parents, to her childhood friend who she had loved since childhood.

But, she had never received any love from him, even after she gave birth to a daughter, he rarely came back to their house.

One day, the man had brought back someone else’s daughter, and since then, that girl was raised as the daughter of the Duke as well. The girl’s appearance was similar to the woman she had hated for a long time in the past. Back then, he had given that woman so much attention, she too, wanted a piece of that attention. In fact, she wanted him all for herself.

She thought that she had finally gotten away from her but out of the blue, that girl came. She hated that girl who looked just like her mother and was loved by everyone around her. She hated her. Hate, hate…!

And so, Violet kept bullying her step-daughter until finally, both mother and daughter were exiled to the countryside and never met the man ever again.


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  1. Draz

    Thanks for the chapters!

    I’m really curious about how this is going to go. In order for Violet’s daughter to be born, she’ll need to marry Theo, but after all this, she’ll probably try to avoid that route. Considering the plot was that she was half forced into it anyway, it looks like she’ll get married to Theo no matter what. In order for the heroine to be born, Theo will need to cheat on Violet. But the Theo here seems to be genuinely into Violet and usually these stories go with the guy being completely in love with the girl, so it doesn’t seem like he’ll cheat on her.

    Maybe she’ll marry Al instead? And Theo will maybe marry the heroine’s mom somehow?

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  2. Bee~

    The likely route she’ll take is to avoid Theo or strongly oppose the marriage.
    Theo currently is a sweet lil puppy so he’s going to be sad but her plan will be counterproductive because it will strengthen his motivation. I don’t want sweet lil Theo to turn out to be a cheating dirtbag.
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