My Rival Film Empress, Is Actually My Online Girlfriend!

Chapter 74 part 2

After a while, the show crew knocked on the door, startling Yan Shiqing. She pushed Shen Qiaoyu away quickly, her face already red.

But Shen Qiaoyu’s hand touched her p*ssy, feeling a handful of juices flowing.

Yan Shiqing was extremely embarrassed, clenching her legs together.

Shen Qiaoyu released her lips, a string of saliva connecting them. She gave her a lingering kiss, then raised her head and called out, “Okay, we’re coming.”

Yan Shiqing heard Shen Qiaoyu’s serious voice, but the next second, Shen Qiaoyu lowered her head again, placing her hand on her p*ssy, gently massaging it.


The pressure felt like a massage, not too light, not too heavy. Shen Qiaoyu whispered in her ear, “What’s wrong? Last night wasn’t enough? Already drooling, are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

“I knew you weren’t drunk last night!” Yan Shiqing was embarrassed and angry, even her neck turning red. But Shen Qiaoyu kissed her again, tears welling in her eyes.

Shen Qiaoyu’s tongue entered her mouth again, entwining with hers, their lips and tongues tangled.

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Yan Shiqing couldn’t resist her at all. Held by the waist, her legs trembled from the pain in her p*ssy, and her cheeks flushed with ‘pain’. She could only bury her face in Shen Qiaoyu’s chest, biting her lip and gasping for breath.


Fortunately, Shen Qiaoyu didn’t linger this time. After applying the medicine, she withdrew her hand and carefully cleaned Yan Shiqing’s p*ssy with a disinfectant wipe, kissing Yan Shiqing’s cheek to comfort her, “It will be better in a few days.”

“Mm.” Yan Shiqing responded, but hearing her voice, a clear liquid fell from her p*ssy again.

No one knew that, in the instant Shen Qiaoyu withdrew her hand, she actually felt very reluctant.

Yan Shiqing’s body seemed to have an addiction, but it was only an addiction to Shen Qiaoyu. She wanted to be held in Shen Qiaoyu’s arms all the time, to be treated like last night.

She was lost in her thoughts.

Shen Qiaoyu kissed her lips again, then spread her legs to apply ointment with a cotton swab.

Yan Shiqing felt so ashamed that she wanted to bury her head under the covers. The most critical part was that it was daytime, and the light from outside the window shone through the curtains, illuminating her constantly wt pssy clearly.

The cotton swab moved back and forth on her p*ssy, soaking up the cotton.

Shen Qiaoyu held her legs, not allowing her to escape. Yan Shiqing closed her eyes tightly, thinking it was fortunate that Shen Qiaoyu was too dense to notice the similarities between her and Qingning.

Or perhaps in Shen Qiaoyu’s mind, it had become a fixed thought that she and Qingning could not be the same person…

Lost in thought, Yan Shiqing felt like her legs were useless as Shen Qiaoyu carried her into the bathroom to take care of her.

There had been a time when Yan Shiqing never dared to imagine such a moment.


She never thought that her affection for Shen Qiaoyu could be displayed in the daylight, that she could kiss her with a slight tilt of her head, sit on the sink and brush their teeth together, wash their faces together, with Shen Qiaoyu occasionally bending down to kiss her and helping her get dressed one piece at a time.

She even acted spoiled, refusing to wear her underwear, and Shen Qiaoyu would unhesitatingly offer her own.

Thinking of the past and then the present, Yan Shiqing always felt like crying.

Because she knew this was just a fleeting moment of sweetness. When the truth was revealed, Shen Qiaoyu would definitely hate her.

So she cherished every moment now, indulging in their intimacy, enjoying this stolen time.

After they got ready and had breakfast, Shen Qiaoyu suddenly sent a message to Qingning before they left the house.

“Oh no, babe, I got drunk last night and suddenly fell asleep. I forgot to turn off the v*brator, and it ran out of battery. Are you okay? Did you take it out?!”

Yan Shiqing: “…”

She had already put the v*brator away, but seeing this message made her angry.

Angry that Shen Qiaoyu had forgotten her old love because of a new one. Last night, she had been so wild with her, but she forgot about Qingning and even forgot such a big thing.

No, wait!


She quickly pinched herself, constantly reminding herself.

I can’t be jealous of myself, I can’t be jealous of myself…

She had already come to terms with it. It didn’t matter if she stayed by Shen Qiaoyu’s side under two identities, as long as they could be together…

Now, her only challenge was to manage these two identities well and not let Shen Qiaoyu become suspicious.

So she quickly replied to Shen Qiaoyu: “It’s okay, I took it out early. I slept very well last night. How about you?”

“Me too ~”

“We’re about to leave now.”


After a few messages, just as Yan Shiqing was about to put her phone away, Shen Qiaoyu suddenly leaned close to her, looking down at her with a smile, “Are you chatting with your partner too?”

“Mm-hmm.” She quickly nodded and turned off her phone.

But Shen Qiaoyu hugged her from behind, kissed her cheek, and continued to ask, “How about inviting your partner out for a meal someday? I haven’t met her yet.”


Yan Shiqing: “!!!”

This lunatic, having an affair with her and still wanting to meet her partner?!

“No way.” Yan Shiqing refused firmly. No one knew how panicked she felt inside. She could only tentatively ask, “Why do you want to meet my partner? What are you planning?”

“Nothing, just curious. I want to see what kind of excellent person can be your partner and have you praising their skills in bed over mine.”

Yan Shiqing: “…”

Shen Qiaoyu chuckled, her fingers caressing Yan Shiqing’s tender cheek, then pinching her ear, teasing her, “What do you think? Should I meet her and have a little competition?”

Yan Shiqing’s face turned red from her teasing. She turned, trying to push Shen Qiaoyu away, annoyed, “Are you crazy? Having an affair with me and still wanting to meet the main person?”

“It’s thrilling.” Shen Qiaoyu wrapped an arm around her waist, preventing her from struggling, and suddenly lowered her head to kiss her lips.

Yan Shiqing struggled in her arms, her face completely red, and whispered, “Let go. The staff is outside, and the door isn’t locked. If someone comes in, we’re done for!”

“Don’t worry, my hearing is excellent. I’ll release you before anyone comes in…” Shen Qiaoyu’s eyes were dark, with a faint smile, as if she enjoyed seeing her nervous.

But Yan Shiqing struggled even more after hearing her words, exclaiming, “How can you do this anytime and anywhere?!”

Yet Shen Qiaoyu acted as if she hadn’t heard her, one hand around her waist and the other supporting her nape, starting to kiss her lips inch by inch, sucking on her lips.

Their breaths intertwined, becoming more rapid.

Yan Shiqing’s eyes misted slightly, enveloped in her arms, surrounded by her domineering aura, her nostrils filled with her scent.

She gradually couldn’t stand, leaning into her embrace, her hands tightly clutching her shoulders, her mind slowly succumbing to her charm. She then gently wrapped her arms around her neck and began to kiss her back.

Their heads tilted slightly, constantly changing angles to kiss each other, sucking on each other’s lips.

Their soft lips rubbed against each other, unwilling to part, swiftly colliding again, sucking on each other.

Before long, Shen Qiaoyu’s tongue had already entered her lips.

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