Mind Reader

Chapter 65 (H)

In May, the air had already become suffused with a stifling heat. The floor-to-ceiling window was half open, letting in a breeze. Fortunately, the air felt cool against their dry skin, with no discomfort at all.

Su Yao was genuinely scared, afraid that Liang Chuyuan might really carry her to the balcony. Although they were on a high floor, facing Wenjiang directly, there was no guarantee that no one would be watching. It was too thrilling, and she didn’t dare take the risk.

“No, really, don’t!”

Sensing her reluctance, Liang Chuyuan stopped and looked at her. His hands continued to knead her buttocks as he hoarsely asked, “What’s in it for me?”

Su Yao gritted her teeth, tightened her inner passage, and whispered conditions in his ear.


The conditions made Liang Chuyuan’s eyes light up, and he smiled, “Alright.”

Feeling relieved, Su Yao was still annoyed at being teased by Liang Chuyuan. When he laid her down on the bed, she took the initiative, twisting her body to seduce him—

In front of him, she slid her hand inside herself.

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She truly had a tight, hot grip inside. Liang Chuyuan couldn’t stand it any longer. He buried himself deeply into her hungry flower, pressing to the deepest part. He opened his mouth, sucking on her swollen nub, sucking fervently as if drinking milk. With a thrust of his hips, his urethra convulsed, spilling thick spurts.


This time, they finally reached the climax together.


Becoming a married woman, Su Yao didn’t intentionally announce it to others. She even kept her ring stored away, maintaining her usual low profile.

Zong Ming was the first to notice something was up. By chance, he overheard a conversation between Su Yao and Liang Chuyuan in the stairwell. Startled, he stood rooted to the spot. By the time he realized he should step away, Su Yao had already spotted him.

“…Do you need something?” Seeing Zong Ming, Su Yao’s heart skipped a beat, unsure how much of her conversation with Liang Chuyuan he had heard.

Zong Ming’s lips moved slightly, his eyes carrying an unclear meaning. “You got married?”

He had just heard the words “marriage certificate.”

Seeing his reaction, Su Yao’s heart tightened. Now wasn’t the best time to go public. But at the same time, she felt a bit relieved—Zong Ming finding out early wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. After thinking for a moment, she chose to admit it. “Yes.”

“When did this happen?”

“Last Tuesday.”

“With that guy from last time?”

“It can only be him,” Su Yao replied with a smile.


Zong Ming fell silent.

Knowing Su Yao was married, his emotions were complicated. It wasn’t that he loved Su Yao deeply. If anything, his feelings for her were more about liking and admiration, common sentiments driven by an appreciation for beauty. It wasn’t abnormal to have such feelings. But knowing the “flower” had been claimed, he knew he didn’t need to stubbornly pursue her. Still, hearing the news so suddenly was a bit hard to process—

To be honest, he did harbor some selfish thoughts, like waiting for Su Yao to be single again and then seizing the opportunity to fulfill a teenage dream.

“You just got the certificate, right?” he heard himself ask.

Su Yao nodded, vaguely. “We haven’t had time for anything else yet. We just got the certificate first.” She paused. “Zong Ming, can you keep this to yourself for now?”

Zong Ming looked at her deeply, as if seeing through her thoughts, but he didn’t expose her. He simply responded, “…Alright.”

“Thank you.” Su Yao sighed in relief. “I’ll be heading back then.”

Zong Ming stepped aside, watching her leave. Just as she was about to walk out of his sight, he called out, “Su Yao.”

She stopped and turned around. “Yes?”


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