Mind Reader

Chapter 64 (H)

Their first time was in the bathroom.

The difference was, last time it was Liang Chuyuan’s idea; this time, it was Su Yao’s.

The bathtub was spacious enough for both of them, but with the water filled to the brim, any movement caused it to spill over. At this moment, the bathroom floor was drenched with water—some had overflowed initially, some was splashing out now, accompanied by their moans. Desire filled the air, spreading out damp and palpable.

Bubbles covered her breasts, thick and foamy. Liang Chuyuan brushed them aside, smoothing and gathering them again. Her nipples stood erect, frothy, looking like they might topple. He scraped some foam off and touched it to Su Yao’s chin, “Does it smell good?”

Su Yao couldn’t utter a word.


The thick, substantial presence of the cock inside her was overwhelming, even when still. She felt it in her bones, her limbs weak, throat constricted, unable to form a sentence amidst her moans and gasps.

Liang Chuyuan answered for her, “Seems like it does.”

He toyed with her tender breasts, kneading and caressing, enjoying the softness and smoothness under his hands. After playing for a while, he splashed more water over them, revealing her fair skin, and felt a tightening in his lower body. He pushed deeper.

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“Rv’p dsv.”

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“Pslp kv qllz tsse, xu okql?”

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“What should you call me?” Liang Chuyuan whispered, nibbling her soft earlobe.


“Husband…” Su Yao obeyed, tilting her head to kiss his lips, “F*ck me harder.”

And there was no stopping after that.

Liang Chuyuan bit into her full, tender breasts, his hips moving fiercely and violently. His relentless pounding grew heavier with each thrust, as if he wanted to embed himself inside her permanently with a wild and domineering force. Su Yao was being fucked so hard that she eventually lost her voice. She abandoned all restraint, kissing Liang Chuyuan back without any order whenever he kissed her.

As she sucked on his protruding Adam’s apple and toyed with his small nipples, her hand slid down into the warm water, caressing his heavy balls. Her brow relaxed, revealing a subtle, enigmatic smile.

The c*ck went deeper.

Catching sight of her smirk, Liang Chuyuan’s eyes flashed with various emotions, unable to fully capture her seductive allure. He pounded harder, targeting her most sensitive spots, leaving no part of her untouched.

Initially, entering her tight pussy had been difficult. It took a while for her to adapt before he could thrust smoothly. Afraid the warm water might take up space, Liang Chuyuan never pulled out too far, continuously thrusting deep. Despite this, repeated pounding caused thin streams of water to seep into her passage, making her lower abdomen feel achy and swollen. Su Yao tried to pull away but was only held tighter.

The more they moved, the less water remained in the bathtub—

In truth, much of the water was also seeping out from within Su Yao. Before he entered, he had teased her, making her cum once; midway, she couldn’t bear it and came twice more. After three orgasms, she was like a fish out of water, limp against Liang Chuyuan, gasping for breath.

“Why… why haven’t you come yet?” she panted.

Liang Chuyuan looked at her and, instead of answering directly, said, “Let’s change places.”

Su Yao, terrified, wrapped her legs tightly around his narrow waist like an octopus, clinging to him completely.


“Where to?” Her voice was altered by fear.

Liang Chuyuan had initially thought of the bed, but seeing her like a startled bird, he changed his mind on a whim, “The balcony.”

Su Yao seemed too stunned to refuse. She wrapped herself in a towel, the water droplets absorbed, while the hardness inside her moved slightly, eliciting an instinctive moan as she regained her senses and shouted, “No!”

But it was too late.

Liang Chuyuan carried her, fucking her as he walked. Each large stride drove his cock deeper. Tonight, his stamina was astonishing, and Su Yao was worn out, her limbs like jelly. She didn’t dare make any large movements, fearing any friction would leave her sore the next day.

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