Mind Reader

Chapter 60 (H)

Before letting her take control, Liang Chuyuan made sure she was thoroughly overwhelmed.

With one leg hooked around his waist, Su Yao moved rhythmically, her whole body flushed, her vision blurred, unable to discern what Liang Chuyuan was thinking.

“Ah… ah…”

Liang Chuyuan caressed her leg, pressing closer, his firm chest against her soft bosom. He kissed her, muffling her broken moans in her throat.

Su Yao was almost out of breath. She arched her hips, instinctively matching his vigorous thrusts, but turned her head away to catch some fresh air, avoiding his kisses.


Liang Chuyuan bit her neck, leaving a red mark. Hearing her whimper in pain, he thrust harder, their faces nearly pressed together. Their eyes met, his gleaming with a mischievous light. [How about I don’t pull out later?]

Su Yao didn’t react immediately. When she did, her first thought wasn’t to nod or shake her head, but…

Had he overheard her conversation with Guan Ting?

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He then kissed her deeply, unleashing a storm of passion.


After countless thrusts, Su Yao was left limp, clinging weakly to Liang Chuyuan’s neck as they reached their climax together. When he finally pulled out, a mix of fluids flowed out, staining her tender flesh red.

His still-hard member showed signs of readiness again.

Liang Chuyuan collapsed to the side, his erect member standing out, a stark contrast to his otherwise handsome and toned body. He patted Su Yao’s buttocks and turned to meet her gaze. [Didn’t you want to be on top?]

Su Yao barely managed to open her eyes, “Hmm?”

He parted his lips, “Get on top.”

At this moment, his speech was remarkably fluent.

Su Yao’s lower body was already feeling sore, but Liang Chuyuan’s captivating smile was irresistible. She obediently twisted her body and climbed on top.

“You’re so warm.”

Liang Chuyuan laughed softly, the vibrations from his chest making Su Yao’s cheeks flush. As she raised her hips, her body seemed to find his erect member with uncanny accuracy, allowing it to plunge inside…

Her brows furrowed, a mix of discomfort and pleasure on her face. It was so full, with every inch of her inner walls stretched to capacity, the sensation of his presence overwhelming her. She moaned, her toes curling tightly.

Liang Chuyuan, with his long arms, easily gripped her hips, giving a concise command, “Move.”

Su Yao glared at him but slowly began to move, adjusting to the sensation.


Liang Chuyuan was far from patient in this matter. He immediately supported her hips, guiding her up and down.

At first, it was awkward, but with a few more thrusts, they found their rhythm.

The petals of her flower clenched around him, and as she moved faster, his member drove deeper, their synchronization improving with each motion. Their slick bodies collided, sending droplets everywhere, their hair sticking in damp strands, occasionally pulling painfully but insignificantly.

Su Yao’s hands rested on Liang Chuyuan’s thighs for support as she moved energetically. Her face flushed, her expression filled with a dreamy lust, her tongue peeking out to lick her lower lip, looking as enticing as a freshly picked strawberry.

Watching her made Liang Chuyuan’s throat tighten. He wanted to say something, but his member acted first, thrusting powerfully into her tender territory.

He thought, with her slender and soft waist, her breasts looked even more alluring.

His grip on her hips grew bolder, but then he suddenly let go, staring at the marks his fingers left on her pale skin.

Touching was no longer enough to quench his desire.

Liang Chuyuan grabbed Su Yao’s hand and, using his waist, sat up forcefully. His erect member drove deeply into her, eliciting a short scream from her.

Their bodies tightened together, Liang Chuyuan holding her hips still, keeping his member firmly embedded within her.

Then, he bent down to bite her tender flesh.

He couldn’t get enough of her.


Su Yao whimpered and clung to his neck, writhing like a snake, rubbing her softness against him, but quickly gave in, saying, “…so, so tired.”

Liang Chuyuan didn’t waste words. He leaned in to restrain her, kissed her slender leg, and thrust deeply.


Ignoring Su Yao’s pleas, he pounded into her relentlessly, not pausing for a moment—

Until he finally released.


Returning to the apartment from the Liang residence, Liang Chuang found that Liang Mo was already asleep. But she was a light sleeper and woke up at the slightest noise.

“You’re back?”

“Yeah.” Liang Chuang leaned down to kiss her. “Did I wake you?”

She rubbed her eyes, “No, I just fell asleep.”

Liang Chuang pulled her hand down, saying, “Don’t rub your eyes so much.”

Liang Mo drowsily looked at his hand and then nestled into his embrace, her face against his abdomen, her voice muffled, “You were gone for two days. What happened?”


“My dad found a woman for Chuyuan,” he paused, “who knows sign language.”

Liang Mo was fully awake now, lifting her face, “On purpose?”

“He wants to climb the Sun family tree.”

Even though the tree was old and no longer flourishing, it was still deeply rooted, far surpassing any mere sapling.

“The Sun family?” Liang Mo propped herself up, anger flashing in her eyes, “Sun Jiarui? How could they pair someone like her with Chuyuan?”

Guan Ting and Guan He still had an outdated impression of Sun Jiarui from before she went abroad. Liang Mo knew more, and in her eyes, Sun Jiarui was no good.

But Liang Chuang shook his head, “No real threat.” He frowned, “I’m just worried that if Chuyuan is pushed too hard, he might do something drastic.”

Remembering past events, Liang Mo felt a bit troubled too. Suddenly, Su Yao’s face flashed in her mind, and she felt inexplicably reassured.

“He won’t.”

“Why do you say that?” Liang Chuang asked.

“With Su Yao around, he won’t harm himself.”

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