Married to the Male Lead’s Hidden Rich Brother

Chapter 8

He just didn’t expect to be rejected.

Yes, Yan Wei thought it would be easy to invite her out, after all, he had looks, family background, and ability. However, this woman’s rejection seemed too natural, so now, looking at Zhou Qiaoqiao innocently, he couldn’t say anything for a moment.

Zhou Qiaoqiao still had a little conscience, and she smiled at him and said, “Thank you just now!”

Yan Wei squinted and shamelessly said, “I just helped you.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao nodded and replied, “Yeah!” Yan Wei continued to guide her and asked, “That was a big favor, right?”


Zhou Qiaoqiao still nodded, “Yeah.” It was worth 500,000!

Yan Wei continued, “So, you’re not even willing to have a meal with me?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao stopped nodding, looked puzzled, blinked her eyes, looked at Yan Wei for a while, and asked uncertainly, “How about… having a meal?”

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It was the first time that Zhou Qiaoqiao had been treated so chivalrously, and she blushed with happiness before sitting down.


Yan Wei closed the door for her and went to the other side to enter the car himself.

Mao Liang tried to sneak a glance at them through the rearview mirror, but quickly saw Yan Wei doing the same to him.

Mao Liang awkwardly smiled and focused his attention back on the road.

Yan Wei then spoke to Mao Liang, “Domain.”

Mao Liang responded, and Zhou Qiaoqiao wondered to herself, what is Domain? And where is it?

As she pondered this question, she suddenly thought of another one. Zhou Qiaoqiao turned to Yan Wei and softly asked, “Who is treating whom to a meal?”

Yan Wei was caught off guard by the question and took a moment to understand what she meant. Suddenly, he had the mischievous idea to tease her and said with an air of entitlement, “What do you think? I helped you, so you treat me. Isn’t that normal?”


Of course, that’s normal!

But… she didn’t have any money right now!

So, Zhou Qiaoqiao quickly turned to Mao Liang and said, “Go to Wenhu Road, Ge Yun Lamb Scorpion.” 1 Lamb Scorpion is a hotpot using lamb spine. There’s no real scorpion on the stew, but the shape of the spine looks like a scorpion.

Mao Liang was taken aback and looked at Yan Wei through the rearview mirror. Yan Wei told him, “Just keep driving.”


Mao Liang then turned his attention back to the road and continued driving towards Yujing.

Yan Wei turned to Zhou Qiaoqiao and asked, “Where is that?”

“It’s a restaurant that serves mutton hotpot!” Zhou Qiaoqiao replied. It was the only place she could afford to treat Yan Wei with the money she had on her. If Yan Wei had chosen the place, she guessed that it would cost at least a few thousand yuan.

Yan Wei sighed and said, “Forget it, I’ll treat you this time. Next time when you have money, you can treat me.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao quickly nodded and said, “Okay, next Monday I’ll have money and I’ll treat you to steak.”

Mao Liang: “…” He looked at Zhou Qiaoqiao, who was still oblivious and very happy, and couldn’t believe how easily she fell for Yan Wei’s quilt routine. 2 “被套套路” (bèi tào tào lù) or quilt routine is a slang term that refers to being tricked or fooled. It can be translated literally as “being trapped in a routine” or “being tricked into a pattern.” Yan Wei fooled her with his trick.

Yan Wei nodded solemnly, and Zhou Qiaoqiao felt relieved. She felt a bit tired and soon fell asleep in the car without realizing it.

She fell into a deep sleep and when she woke up, she saw that the bright sky had turned dark. She was confused for a moment and suddenly realized, did she sit in the car from noon till night?

She was startled and was about to get up when Mao Liang turned around from the driver’s seat, put his index finger to his lips, and let out a soft “shh”, gesturing for her to be quiet.

Zhou Qiaoqiao blinked her big eyes and only then realized the weight on her left shoulder.

“Let him sleep for a while,” Mao Liang whispered.

Sleep for a while? At this moment, Zhou Qiaoqiao only then felt the soreness in her left shoulder.


After Mao Liang spoke, Yan Wei slowly lifted his eyelids, his clear eyes seemed as if he hadn’t slept at all, but Mao Liang knew he had.

Yan Wei raised his head, looked straight ahead, and said, “Sorry.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao moved her left hand and said, “It’s okay, no problem. Have we arrived?”

Yan Wei’s gaze slowly turned to her, as if trying to see through her, and his deep brown irises were mesmerizing.

Zhou Qiaoqiao felt nervous when he looked at her, so she deliberately puffed out her chest to give herself some confidence, and asked him: “What are you looking at?”

Yan Wei smiled and said, “Nothing, I just find it interesting.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao tilted her head, looking puzzled at him. Mao Liang got out of the car and opened the doors for both of them, interrupting Zhou Qiaoqiao’s thoughts.

The “Domain” Yan Wei took Zhou Qiaoqiao to was a high-end Western-style restaurant. As they walked in, they were greeted by the soft saxophone music that filled every corner of the restaurant, immersing them in its melody.

The bright lights and the simple yet luxurious tables, chairs, and bar exuded a sense of satisfaction. The art paintings hanging on the walls were framed with golden metal, giving off an air of nobility under the crystal chandelier.

A polite waiter escorted the two of them to their table and handed them the menus.

When Zhou Qiaoqiao opened the menu, she was momentarily confused. The entire first page of the menu was in English with no pictures, and Zhou Qiaoqiao couldn’t understand it.

The menu at the Domain was one page with pure English descriptions. Zhou Qiaoqiao wanted to find some beef, but the menu might have written “pastrami” instead. Therefore, if one’s English isn’t excellent, they would be just as confused as Zhou Qiaoqiao. After all, some food has many varieties.


Yan Wei looked at her with a smile that Zhou Qiaoqiao couldn’t understand and asked, “What’s wrong? Can’t understand it?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao didn’t like it when people provoked her because she was easily provoked. She immediately pointed to one of the items, “Give me this tortellini.”

The waiter standing beside her politely bent down and said, “Certainly, miss.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao grinned and said to Yan Wei, “I just love cream.”

Yan Wei: “…”

Sansukini: Wei Wei found his cure in the little pillow Qiaoqiao.

This is Lamb Spine or Lamb Scorpion

Lamb Scorpion

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