Married to the Male Lead’s Hidden Rich Brother

Chapter 6

Sister Xu had already packed everything for Zhou Qiaoqiao, and Brother Sunglasses opened his small QQ car to help her put everything in the trunk.

Zhou Qiaoqiao stared at his QQ and asked, “Is this car expensive?”

After Sister Xu paid the final money, Brother Sunglasses opened the door and said, “It’s very cheap.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao got in the car and touched the leather seats, saying, “Cheap? Haha…” After asking, she suddenly smiled happily.

After starting the car, Brother Sunglasses shook off the goosebumps on his body and asked her, “What are you laughing about?”


“I was thinking that maybe I could also buy one, so I can rent a cheaper house and it wouldn’t matter if the workplace is far away.” Zhou Qiaoqiao muttered, “The houses in the city are expensive and small. It’s convenient for work, but I feel sorry for the money. The houses far from the workplace are big and comfortable, and the bus fare is not expensive, but it’s far and tiring.”

Brother Sunglasses spat out a mouthful of blood and roared speechlessly, “You’re not considering the cost of gas for driving!!!” He suggested, “Why don’t you include the gas cost in the rent, then you can rent a better house in the city?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao was stunned, blinked at Brother Sunglasses, and then suddenly realized, “Oh, oh, right!”

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Thinking about it, Zhou Qiaoqiao was even more grateful to Brother Sunglasses. He sometimes came after work to check on her, so she didn’t feel so lonely in the hospital.


Brother Sunglasses was also stunned by Zhou Qiaoqiao’s question. The two of them had met briefly and may never meet again after he sent her home.

“Shao Kai.” Although he thought this, Shao Kai still answered her.

“Thank you for picking me up!” Zhou Qiaoqiao giggled and touched her head. Her large bandage had been replaced with a small one. There were patches of baldness where her hair used to be. If she didn’t have hair, it would be fine, but Zhou Qiaoqiao had hair around the perimeter of her head, which made her look even uglier.

Shao Kai: “…I mean, do you want to buy a hat?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao comforted him with a glance, feeling that he was also silly, and said, “It’s the middle of summer, my wound has just been stitched up, and you want me to wear a hat? No, we’re not doing that, okay!”

Shao Kai deeply sighed, feeling that his suggestion was silly, but also feeling that his suggestion was actually normal. Perhaps, in the eyes of normal people, she was a fool. In her eyes, what he called normal people weren’t really that clever either.

Zhou Qiaoqiao grabbed her hair and said sadly, “Don’t worry, I’ll shave off the rest of my hair when I get back tonight. When my wound heals, I’ll go buy a hat to wear. Alas! I don’t know wen will I be able to grow such long hair again.”

Shao Kai could only say, “Soon.”, to comfort her.

Zhou Qiaoqiao guided Shao Kai all the way to her own home. Shao Kai drove from the city to the outskirts and said speechlessly, “What time do you have to get up in the morning to go to work?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao replied, “I used to live in the city where my accommodation was provided by my employer. Didn’t you know I got fired by the company after the car accident last time?”

Shao Kai was stunned and asked: ” You were hit by a car?”

“Yeah! I was even thrown in the air, but luckily I wasn’t seriously injured. Hahaha…” she said, proudly lifting her head and laughing.


“Yes! The person ran away, and there wasn’t much harm, hahaha…” After saying that, she proudly raised her head and laughed.

Shao Kai asked, “…What about the driver?”

“He ran away. I still owe money my uncle money for my leg!” Zhou Qiaoqiao waved her hand. Shao Kai thought she was really pitiful. She had just come out of the hospital and was back in it again. He didn’t want her to carry her luggage upstairs and accidentally fall, so he helped her and sent her luggage upstairs. Zhou Qiaoqiao was moved to tears and said she wanted to treat him to milk tea, but he generously declined.

Zhou Qiaoqiao stayed at home for two days. She first went to shave her head and then bought a breathable beach hat for 40 yuan. It looked quite fashionable.

In order to match the beach hat, she picked out a printed long dress. Zhou Qiaoqiao looked left and right and felt that wearing this to collect debts in Yuyao was considered fashionable enough.

So, she confidently took the bus.

Despite living in a remote area, the location was good. The bus stop was downstairs, the vegetable market was behind the house, and there was a big supermarket across from the bus stop. If it weren’t for looking for a job in the city, it would be considered a good life around here.

There weren’t many people on the bus at first. Everyone didn’t notice her until someone discovered she had no hair and started stealing glances at her from time to time.

Zhou Qiaoqiao was annoyed by being stared at, so she turned her head and glared at them.

As a result, those people didn’t feel embarrassed and continued to stare. Two of them even took out their phones to take pictures.

Feeling embarrassed, Zhou Qiaoqiao quickly pulled down her hat to cover her face, and when the bus arrived at the terminal, she hurriedly got off.

Zhou Qiaoqiao lived far away, and even after reaching the terminal, she still needed to transfer to another bus. It took her an hour to reach the Yuyao Entertainment Bus Stop.


With the passengers’ curious looks, Zhou Qiaoqiao got off the bus and walked past a hundred-meter-long square after passing the bus stop sign. She stood under the building of the Yuyao Entertainment headquarters, holding onto her hat to prevent it from flying away. She looked up at the tall building with dozens of floors and slightly opened her mouth in amazement.

Before she could recover from her shock, someone accidentally bumped into her left arm. Zhou Qiaoqiao cried out in pain and stumbled forward two steps before falling into the arms of a man.

Zhou Qiaoqiao looked up and saw that the man had picturesque features, so handsome that it made her heart beat excitedly.

He frowned deeply at Zhou Qiaoqiao, only to see her mouth open and close twice before finally asking, “Did you stay up late yesterday?” referring to his dark circles…

Yan Wei: “…”

Sansukini: Our CP finally met! Will there be a spark between them?… ZQQ is such a happy little pill. I would have been very depressed already if I’ve encountered so much bad luck like her. See you next chapter.

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