Married to the Male Lead’s Hidden Rich Brother

Chapter 5

Zhao Ling knew about anorexia, also known as AN (TL: I think it’s short for Anorexia Nervosa), and its causes are generally complicated. An involves many factors, including social and cultural, psychological, and biological influences.

In today’s society, most AN patients are female. Due to the constant societal pressure to be slim, and media marketing promoting the idea that dieting leads to success, more and more women believe that being slim is more attractive and easier to succeed.

Well, none of this has anything to do with Mr. Yan in front of her.

He is a man!

And he’s a very handsome man. When Zhao Ling took over his case, her father told her that Yan Wei was not just suffering from anor^xia, but also from severe insomnia. However, it’s not that he couldn’t eat or sleep. When his body needed it, he could eat and drink heavily and sleep until the sun is up.


But once his body could hold out, he refused to eat and sleep properly. He once told Dr. Zhao that even if he sat there and ate, the food was tasteless to him. And even if he went to bed early, he couldn’t sleep soundly.

As a result, he has two dark circles around his eyes all year round, but fortunately, his physical health had not been greatly affected.

Over the years, there have been only a few instances of fainting due to hunger..

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Yan Wei nodded with his eyes closed and said softly, “Let Mao Liang drive you home.”


Feng XiYuan shook her head and said, “No need. I’ll call a car. Mao Liang is your driver, and you may need him for something.”

After Feng XiYuan finished speaking, she left. Zhao Ling was embarrassed by Feng XiYuan’s mocking smile. She looked at Feng XiYuan, who was wearing a black lace tight-fitting top and black and white vertical striped wide-leg pants, and the whole person looked exquisite and capable. The arrogance and confidence in her steps also made people envy her.

It wasn’t until Feng XiYuan left that Zhao Ling spoke to Yan Wei: “Your blood pressure was a bit low in your checkup, and your blood sugar isn’t high either. You should have noticed that your complexion hasn’t been good lately. If you don’t eat properly, your condition will only get worse.”

Yan Wei opened his eyes, and his clear eyes would make people feel like he was focusing on them. Zhao Ling often got lost in his focused gaze. At this moment, he seemed a bit confused as he looked into the distance. He nodded after thinking for a while and said softly, “I know.”

After Zhao Ling left, Yan Wei sighed helplessly and said softly, “It really doesn’t taste good!” He closed his eyes, but no matter what, he couldn’t fall asleep. It had been two days since he slept well. How long did he sleep yesterday? It seemed like two hours, which wasn’t bad.

When Brother Sunglasses came to pay for Zhou Qiaoqiao, he complained, “Why do I have to come and pay for you after you got discharged from the hospital?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao also felt wronged and said, “Yan Ye hasn’t come to see me since he left, nor did he send money to me. I have no money!”

Brother Sunglasses was speechless and said, “Are you that poor? I heard from Zhou Xiongxiong that you’ve been working for two years. Can’t you afford to pay 20-30 thousand yuan?”

Standing at the checkout window, Zhou Qiaoqiao couldn’t lift her head because of the scolding. Brother Sunglasses kept complaining, “It’s ridiculous that this hospital doesn’t have online payment.”

The people in line in front and behind looked at Brother Sunglasses and wanted to say something to him. This was someone else’s private matter.

Finally, an old man in the line next to Brother Sunglasses couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Young man, your girlfriend is sick and needs money. Why do you have to talk to her like that? Do you think people like coming to the hospital?”

Brother Sunglasses was stunned for a moment and suddenly shouted, “No, she’s not my girlfriend! Do I have such poor taste?”


“That’s even worse. If she’s not your girlfriend, why do you dare to scold her like that? Is she your sister?”

Brother Sunglasses explained, “No, I don’t have such a stupid sister.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao was not convinced and said loudly, “Although I’m not his sister, my head injury is because of him! Let him pay for me first, and I’ll pay him back when I get back.”

Brother Sunglasses: “……”

This time, not only the old man in the next line but also the men and women in front and behind Brother Sunglasses criticized him, “Did you hit her? It’s the 21st century, and you still dare to hit your wife?”

“Is this domestic violence? Shame on you.”

“Brother, this is not right! Women should be treated with love, especially your own woman.”

Watching everyone pointing fingers at him and teaching him a lesson, Zhou Qiaoqiao nodded tearfully and felt that what they said made sense.

Under this heavy pressure, Brother Sunglasses, who had no defense, quickly paid the money, and then pulled Zhou Qiaoqiao back to the ward.

On the way, he asked puzzledly, “Why did you nod your head?”

Zhou Qiaoqiao replied with great satisfaction, “I think what everyone said makes sense!”

“Do you know that your nodding just now has made me unable to clear my name even if I jump into the Yellow River?” said the impatient Sunglasses Brother, who kept explaining that everyone misunderstood him. However, when he saw Zhou Qiaoqiao nodding, he felt even more sorry for her and tried even harder to educate her.


Unfortunately, even though he was talking to her now, it was was like playing the piano to a cow (TL: like talking to a brick wall). Zhou Qiaoqiao just looked at him with a confused face and then sweetly smiled at him before openly shaking her head.

Sunglasses Brother: “…” Argh, my blood pressure!

As to whether he found Zhou Qiaoqiao cute or annoying, probably both!

Sansukini: The scene with Qiaoqiao and Brother Sunglasses are always hilarious…. but they are not meant to be😁.

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