Married to the Male Lead’s Hidden Rich Brother

Chapter 16

At that moment, not only Bai Shuren’s family, even Zhou Qiaoqiao was stunned as they turned to look at Yan Wei.

“Yan Wei… um…” Zhou Qiaoqiao wanted to say something, but before she could, Yan Wei stepped forward and took her hand, showing a fond smile. He gently touched her head and then turned to Bai Shuren and said, “Hello Uncle, this is a small gift.”

Yan Wei thought to himself that if he had known he was coming as Zhou Qiaoqiao’s boyfriend, he should have bought some more gifts.

Bai Shuren received the milk with a dreamy expression on his face and then looked at Yan Wei, saying, “You are Qiaoqiao’s boyfriend?”

Yan Wei raised the corners of his mouth and said, “Yes, we’ve been dating… for a month.” After calculating the time he had known Zhou Qiaoqiao, it was about right.


Zhou Qiaoqiao also had a dreamy expression, thinking to herself, “What? When did we start dating for a month?”

Yan Wei turned back and touched her arm, saying, “Qiaoqiao, introduce me to them quickly.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao continued with a dreamy expression, “Oh, this is Uncle, Auntie, cousin and cousin-in-law. Huh, why hasn’t Huimin finished work yet?”

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When Bai Huimin brought him home, the Bai family was quite satisfied. He was dressed in an expensive suit and leather shoes. He was well-groomed and had a bright smile, although it was tinged with commercial insincerity. Overall, he was a very face-saving son-in-law to bring out. Look at his car, it’s all Audi TT, which costs 500,000 yuan! He bought it in full payment, so cool!


The neighbors also knew about that car and said it was a sports car and very expensive.

Looking at the red of the car and the smooth lines, a lot of people came to watch it when it was parked downstairs in the community.

It was very face-saving.

However, all of these appeared so weak and powerless when compared to Yan Wei. There are some people who don’t need to do anything. When they stand there, you can feel their difference from others.

For example… Yan Wei.

When he stood there, his temperament, attire, demeanor, and movements all reflected a certain status and position.

“Um…hehe, come over and eat!” Li Li smiled, feeling annoyed when Bai Zhongjie invited Zhou Qiaoqiao to eat earlier, thinking she was just coming to mooch a meal. She didn’t even think about the fact that Zhou Qiaoqiao had traveled by car from Yiwu City to Xian’an City, and the fare was around 90 yuan. Why would she come just to mooch a meal?

But after seeing Yan Wei, she didn’t feel like Zhou Qiaoqiao was coming to mooch a meal anymore.

She awkwardly smiled, although she didn’t know what she was feeling awkward about.

Zhou Qiaoqiao happily said, “Did Auntie make this? I love Auntie’s cooking the most. Oh, by the way, I’m here to return the money.”

As she spoke, Zhou Qiaoqiao took out her purse, and Bai Shuren frowned and said, “No rush, you can keep it for now.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao smiled calmly and said, “It’s okay, I had a little accident a few days ago.”


Bai Shuren: “…”

“That person compensated me for medical expenses and some mental anguish compensation. I owe Uncle money, and he brought it to me last time, but it took me so long to return it. I’m really grateful.” As she spoke, Zhou Qiaoqiao took out twenty-thousand yuan bills from her purse.

Bai Shuren took the money and said, “This is too much.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao put the money in Bai Shuren’s hand and said seriously, “When you gave it to me, I was really tight on money. It’s been several months, and I haven’t even written an IOU. Giving back an extra two thousand isn’t a big deal. I’m the one who’s benefiting from this.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao turned her head and said to Zhong Jie with a smile, “Oh, by the way, this is a red envelope for my little nephew.”

Bai Shuren looked at the thick red envelope and understood that there were probably a few thousand dollars inside. He had always known that Qiaoqiao was a sensible child. However, he couldn’t bring himself to take advantage of such a good deal.

Therefore, after pushing and shoving, the red envelope was was reduced to 500 dollars. Li Li almost vomited blood in anger. Fortunately, Bai Huimin suddenly came back and didn’t let her get angry for too long.

“Mom, Tianhao is coming for dinner today. What did you cook? If it’s not enough, let’s go buy some!” Bai Huimin shouted as soon as she opened the door.

And behind her was a man in a silver-gray suit, who said excitedly, “That’s definitely a Maybach Zeppelin. Damn, do you know? Even the emblem on the car is worth 200,000. You can buy a BMW with the customs duties alone! Who drove it here? Aren’t they afraid of getting scratched?”

Bai Huimin looked uninterested and put her keys in the small basket on the shoe cabinet in the entrance. She said boredly, “Who knows! If such an expensive car gets scratched, what will they do?”

Huo Tianhao laughed, “Scratch it? They’d have to pay with their life! But that model is definitely a limited edition. I think I’ve seen it before, priced at 14 million.”

Huo Tianhao was so excited that he didn’t notice that there were other people in the room.


It was Bai Huimin who spotted Zhou Qiaoqiao first. She frowned and said, “Why are you here?”

Bai Huimin had been influenced by her mother in some ways since she was young, so she naturally had some prejudices against Zhou Qiaoqiao. Zhou Qiaoqiao said, “I came to repay my debt.”

Bai Huimin laughed and said, “You have the money to repay? It’s just a little over 10,000, and it’s been causing a lot of arguments in my house every day. It’s been driving me crazy.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao smiled, and Bai Huimin sighed and went inside.

She put her bag on the sofa and found that the dishes on the table were quite abundant, so she said contentedly, “After we finish eating, Tianhao and I are going to watch a movie.”

This was the first time that Hou Tianhao had met Zhou Qiaoqiao, and he didn’t hold back his curiosity as he asked Bai Huimin, “Is she the cousin you mentioned who used to come to your house to mooch food when she was little?”

Yan Wei lowered his eyes and played with the watch on his left hand, saying softly, “The Maybach Zeppelin is insured. If it gets scratched, it won’t cost someone their life.”

He smiled and looked up at Hou Tianhao, saying, “Hello, I’m Yan Wei, the boyfriend of the cousin who used to come here to mooch food all the time. Nice to meet you.”

Everyone: “…” What was the price Tianhao mentioned earlier for that car?

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