Married to the Male Lead’s Hidden Rich Brother

Chapter 15

Zhou Qiaoqiao blinked her big eyes, not understanding the meaning behind this action.

But Yan Wei didn’t let her think too much, and he led Zhou Qiaoqiao out of the car. There was a convenience store at the entrance of the community, and Zhou Qiaoqiao went in and picked up two boxes of milk, which Yan Wei naturally took from her.

Zhou Qiaoqiao felt a slight movement in her heart, and she looked at him blankly. She was used to being alone, doing everything on her own. Other people’s kindness was always short-lived, and when it was taken back, it always came with a sting, which made her bleed a little.

“No, I can do it myself,” Zhou Qiaoqiao said softly, stretching out her hand, but it always seemed to be taken away, as if it was better not to reach out at all.

However, Yan Wei avoided her hand without any room for debate. The sunset cast a fiery red light on his face, highlighting his features even more prominently.


“You’re a girl. These things should be done by men,” Yan Wei said seriously.

Zhou Qiaoqiao looked up at him and pursed her lips, whispering, “I can do it myself.”

Suddenly, Yan Wei smiled and flicked her forehead with his hand. Then he said, “I know, but at this time, what you need is not what you can do, but what you should do…”

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After the Bai family’s two elderly parents passed away, Zhou Qiaoqiao’s younger uncle and aunt both married for love, so their marriages were better compared to her mother’s and older uncle’s. 


Her older uncle was named Shuren, and he and his wife Li Li had been farming in the village for more than 10 years until they finally bought a house in the city a few years ago. 

Because housing prices in Yiwu City were too high, rivaling those in Kyoto, they settled in Xian’an City. 

Their house has three bedrooms and one living room, approximately one hundred square meters. Uncle Bai Shuren and Aunt Li Li have a son and a daughter, named Bai Zhongjie and Bai Huimin respectively. Bai Zhongjie is three years older than Zhou Qiaoqiao and is already 27 years old. He is married with a son named Bai Zihui, who is one and a half years old. 

The family of six is now living in this three-bedroom, one-living-room house, so there are naturally many things happening every day. 

Zhou Qiaoqiao took Yan Weiwei on the elevator to the floor, then suddenly turned and asked Yan Weiwei, “Wait, why did you come with me to my uncle’s house?”

“What’s the deal with him coming up here carrying milk like a boyfriend or something? He has no relation or connection to us, and even calling him a friend seems forced.” 

Yan Wei was aware of Zhou Qiaoqiao’s slow reaction time, and calmly replied, “That’s right! However, since he’s already here, let’s go take a look.” 

Although Zhou Qiaoqiao felt that something was off about his response, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. 

As luck would have it, when Zhou Qiaoqiao arrived, her uncle had only just returned home and had forgotten to close the door, resulting in his wife scolding him as soon as he entered. 

Therefore, when Zhou Qiaoqiao arrived at the door, she heard her aunt shouting inside, “Are you a pig? Huh? Are you a pig? I’m asking you, has your niece paid back the money yet?” 

Bai Shuren’s voice was a bit strained as he said, “Qiaoqiao is a good kid, she just has some current difficulties. Once she gets through them, why wouldn’t she pay back the money?” 

Li Li screamed angrily, “Where would she get the money from? Huh? Where would she get the money from? I’m asking you, who in society only earns 2,500 yuan a month now? Your niece is just useless, a good university student who can’t even find a decent job? She couldn’t even hold onto a 2,500 yuan job.” 


Bai Shuren sighed and said, “Qiaoqiao was doing well in her studies at the time, she just had bad luck. When she graduated, her teachers had all recommended her for graduate school, but then a professor’s daughter at the university…”

“I don’t care why she didn’t go to graduate school. Look at her now, she’s in such a sorry state, doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Have you ever seen any guy pursuing her? They all think she’s foolish. You’re even more foolish than her, still giving her money.”

Bai ShuRen fell silent. He knew that the more he argued, the more embarrassing it would be. The silence inside the room was heavy.

Yan Wei listened to the conversation and an unnamed anger rose within him. He looked at the woman in front of him, her head lowered, her expression hidden in the shadows of the hallway.

Yan Wei took a deep breath, trying to prevent himself from doing something irreparable by approaching the door.

He looked at the silent Zhou Qiaoqiao, wondering if he should take her away, but suddenly she looked up. She glanced at the door, then turned to Yan Wei and made a quiet gesture. She listened intently for a moment.

The noise inside subsided. Perhaps it was because Li Li’s daughter-in-law had come out with her child, and the inside resumed its idle chatter of everyday life.

Zhou Qiaoqiao waited a few minutes, then suddenly called out loudly, “Yan Wei, this is my uncle’s house. Let’s go this way.”

Then Zhou Qiaoqiao turned to Yan Wei, revealing a bright smile. She pulled him to the door and exclaimed, “Why isn’t the door closed? Uncle, it’s me, Qiaoqiao.”

Zhou Qiaoqiao pushed open the door with a happy smile on her face, as if she was visiting as a guest as she always did.

At that moment, Yan Wei suddenly felt a surge of discomfort and pain in her heart. She was so strong that he wanted to hold her and protect her. His wings were enough to cover her for a lifetime.

“Qiaoqiao, why did you come?” Bai Shuren turned to look at Zhou Qiaoqiao, his face beaming with happiness.


Zhou Qiaoqiao giggled and rubbed her head, saying, “Uncle, I came to see you.”

Li Li snorted and laughed, “Qiaoqiao, did you go to get your hair done?”

Bai Shuren frowned and turned to look at Li Li. Although he was silent, Li Li still felt his unhappiness and didn’t say anything else.

Bai Zhongjie, as Bai Shuren’s eldest son, had a very similar personality to his father. When he saw Zhou Qiaoqiao, he smiled and said, “Qiaoqiao, you came at a good time. Dinner is just ready… uh…”

Bai Zhongjie looked at Yan Wei who came in behind Zhou Qiaoqiao, his face showing a puzzled expression.

At that moment, they saw the man’s handsome face with a slight smile, and his phoenix eyes shining with cold stars. The way he glanced down at them was so lofty.

“Hello, I am Qiaoqiao’s boyfriend, Yan Wei,” they heard his deep piano-like voice say.

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