Married to the Male Lead’s Hidden Rich Brother

Chapter 1

“Zhou Qiaoqiao doesn’t want to live anymore, life is so boring.

Whose life has turned out like hers? It’s unlucky, but there should be a limit to it, right?

But not for Zhou Qiaoqiao. When she was still in her mother’s womb, her frequent fetal movements scared her mother so much that she couldn’t sleep or eat properly, and she was born prematurely.

Little Qiaoqiao stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit for three weeks before her mother could take her home. But while they were walking on the street, someone bumped into her and she fell on the ground, so she was sent back to the NICU on the same day.

Later on, her mother always said she had a bad brain, and Zhou Qiaoqiao always suspected it was because of the fall when she was a baby.


The beginning of Zhou Qiaoqiao’s life was full of misfortune, and it only got worse as she grew up.

After being discharged from the hospital, Zhou’s mother lost her breast milk because Zhou Qiaoqiao had been hospitalized for a long time, so Zhou Qiaoqiao could only drink milk powder. But before she even drank it for two months, her father went bankrupt. So she had to switch to drinking milk powder and rice porridge.

Later on, her father had an affair and brought back a younger brother for her. Her mother was so upset that she accidentally fell down the stairs and died.

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Can this be endured? Of course not!


Zhou Xiongxiong thought she was an easy target, but foolish people are very stubborn. Zhou Qiaoqiao has decided not to live anymore…”

Standing at the entrance of this nightclub, Zhou Qiaoqiao held a sharp fruit knife in her hand. The nightclub security guards were all fearful and reaching out to stop her. Suddenly, they saw a red flowerpot the size of a basin falling from the sky and directly hitting the woman’s head, knocking her to the ground.

Accompanying the flowerpot was a furious shout from upstairs: “What the f***! Where’s my flowerpot?”

Following the sound from above, the younger brother following the sunglasses-wearing security guard cautiously asked the boss in front of him, “The sound shouldn’t be coming from a very high floor, right?” So, she shouldn’t… die from being hit, right?

“If she dies, will we be responsible?” Another younger brother asked anxiously. They were chasing after the person who ran out, but they didn’t kill the person!

The sunglasses-wearing security guard stared dumbfounded at the woman bleeding profusely from her head and shouted, “What are you looking at!!! Help her!” Who the f*** brings a flowerpot to a nightclub?


When Zhou Qiaoqiao was taken away by the ambulance, she had already breathed more than she had inhaled and she hadn’t arrived at the hospital yet! The sound of the machine representing her heart stopping beating rang in her ears, and Zhou Qiaoqiao’s death was not peaceful.

Just die like this? Why should she? Even if she had to die, couldn’t she die on her own terms? Did she have to be so unlucky to die like this?

Accompanied by the machine’s beep, Zhou Qiaoqiao seemed to enter a strange world in a daze.

In this world, Zhou Qiaoqiao learned more things she didn’t know and the secrets of this world.

It turned out that the world Zhou Qiaoqiao lived in was just a book called “The CEO’s Substitute Queen.” Yes, it was just a book, and Zhou Qiaoqiao was shocked, and her worldview was greatly impacted.


The male protagonist in the book is named Yan Ye, the president of Yuyao Entertainment. He has a first love named Shang Qiwen, who he couldn’t have, and she married someone else. So Yan Ye looked for a substitute, and he found the female lead, Shan Lingtong. Then the female lead used food, drinks, and games to capture the male lead’s heart in all aspects of life.

This is how it should have been, yes, it should have been.

In this book “The CEO’s Substitute Queen,” Zhou Qiaoqiao herself had a role, she was a cannon fodder, a complete cannon fodder. When the male lead Yan Ye brought the female lead Shan Lingtong to the nightclub to have fun, Shan Lingtong was flirted with by Zhou Qiaoqiao’s younger brother, Zhou Xiongxiong.

Therefore, it was natural that Zhou Xiongxiong owed a debt, and that’s why he brought Zhou Qiaoqiao to pay it off. This led to Zhou Qiaoqiao’s death and then brought in an external soul — Liu Yun.

Yes, after Liu Yun arrived, “The CEO’s Substitute Queen” instantly became “Me and the Female Lead Fights Over the Male Lead After Transmigration”.

In “Me and the Female Lead Fights Over the Male Lead After Transmigration”, Zhou Qiaoqiao’s body allowed Liu Yun to take over. After obtaining Zhou Qiaoqiao’s body, Liu Yun quickly received her memories and successfully caught the attention of the male lead Yan Ye. Before Yan Ye fell in love with Shan Lingtong, Liu Yun intercepted him and became her husband.

From then on, she reached the pinnacle of life and lived the life of a wealthy woman. Even Zhou’s family followed Zhou Qiaoqiao’s lead and lived a comfortable life.


Zhou Qiaoqiao was not convinced!!!

Why in my own body, I live a life like this? Why when someone else use her body, they becomes rich and stable?

In her anger, Zhou Qiaoqiao directly ignored the fact that her life was just a book, and her body was about to live the cruel life in the book.

Zhou Qiaoqiao decided to stay in this body and not leave… (TL: Atta girl)


So, the doctors in the hospital heard the deadly alarm of the electrocardiogram machine first, followed by a sudden return to normal heartbeat after two minutes: “Dong, Dong, Dong, Dong”.

The doctors were excited and shouted, “Quick, quick, she’s alive, she’s alive!”

As soon as the words fell, the electrocardiogram machine sounded the deadly alarm again: “Di”.

(TL: It’s the sound of the flatline.)

The doctor was stunned and asked, “Did we make a mistake?”

The electrocardiogram machine once again returned to normal heartbeat: “Dong, Dong, Dong, Dong”.


“Dong, Dong, Dong, Dong”…

The doctor, who was played dizzy by the electrocardiogram machine, wondered, “Is she dead or not?”

Of course, despite the sarcasm, everyone still did their best to save her. After half an hour, they finally succeeded in saving the woman who had an odd aura conflict with the electrocardiogram machine.

Zhou Qiaoqiao looked at the hospital’s white ceiling and showed a proud smile, thinking: “Hehe, I won!” ✊

At the same time, in another hospital in the same city, Shang Qiwen also opened her eyes. She first looked at her hands, then went to the dressing table to look at her appearance, and then smiled and asked herself: “Did I just transmigrate?”


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