The Male Lead Wants to be My Wife!

Chapter 4: Doubting your eyes (4) – A pervert’s phone call

Italics: Internal thoughts

He Shan didn’t know what Secretary Yu was thinking, but he was quite worried about getting along with the CEO. He sincerely hoped that the CEO wouldn’t kick him out of Xu Cooperation early because of the previous incident. After all, he still had to support his grandmother as well as complete the tasks set by the system.

There was no response when Secretary Yu knocked on the CEO’s office door. When she pushed the door open, she spotted Xu Li si standing by the French window. She found it a bit strange but didn’t say anything. Instead, she turned around and introduced He Shan to Xu Li si.

He Shan politely bowed and greeted, waiting for Xu Li si’s arrangements.

Xu Li si slowly turned around and scrutinized He Shan.


“I hope you don’t disappoint Secretary Yu’s expectations. There are plenty of people who can replace you in this position.”

He Shan nodded obediently, although inwardly, he complained that he didn’t even want this position in the first place. As he thought about it, a faint electric current sounded in his ears, making He Shan’s earlobes itch. When he turned his gaze, he saw Xu Li si’s strangely attractive eyes dark and profound, revealing nothing.

Xu Li si actually felt annoyed at himself for putting on a cold demeanor. Why did I speak in such a tone? What if he thinks that I don’t like him?

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He Shan looked at the lady in front of him, his heart unmoved, but nevertheless still asked her what happened.


Bai Ziqing secretly rejoiced, thinking that this man could surely help her. So, she embellished the “facts” and recounted the incident in the restroom in great detail.

“To tell you the truth, I am also quite unsure what exactly happened…”

Although Bai Ziqing said she wasn’t sure, she recounted the happenings in great detail. 

He Shan understood from Bai Ziqing’s description that she accidentally spilled coffee on the CEO’s clothes that day. Without hesitation, he pulled her into the men’s restroom and became physically aggressive.

Bai Ziqing delicately wiped her eye corner, glancing at He Shan’s expression.

Basically, Bai Ziqing’s words could be interpreted as an explanation for why the CEO appeared in their floor’s restroom and the situation at that time. However, He Shan was not concerned about that; he was focused on what help Bai Ziqing needed.

Making a surprised expression, He Shan quickly comforted Bai Ziqing, “If Miss Bai needs any help, feel free to let me know.”

Bai Ziqing thought smugly in her heart, a chivalrous man was here to help. All the while, she still showed a sorrowful facade.

“As you know, I was previously working beside the CEO as the intern secretary. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t great in my job, so the CEO had something against me. He kept looking at me as if he wanted to eat me wholly, and I don’t really understand what he wants from me…”

After listening to Bai Ziqing’s rant, He Shan’s lips involuntarily twitched. He quickly took a sip of his coffee to cover up his lips.

He Shan had taken up such an important role, yet in reality, he had barely had the chance to meet up with the CEO face-to-face. And yet, Bai Ziqing, as an intern, had such a regular chance to meet up with Xu Li Si!

“Secretary Yu too… She doesn’t seem to like me alot… It’s as if she doesn’t like all the people near the CEO, you should take note.” Bai Zhiqing mentioned with a concerned face.


“He Shan, could you help me pass on to the CEO, it was entirely my fault the other day, please don’t feel concerned about my feelings…”

He Shan inwardly exclaimed, it’s here! He Shan glanced at Bai Ziqing, his head full of thoughts, but he ultimately still nodded his head.

What a large stalk of White Lotus you are!

A hit of disdain flashed across Bai Ziqing’s eyes, before she covered it up and flashed He Shan a grateful smile.

After chatting for a while, the two said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

Having heard a lot from Bai Ziqing, He Shan realized that she not only wanted help but also subtly hinted at a conflict with Secretary Yu. It seemed like she wanted He Shan to go against Secretary Yu!

Walking to the subway station, He Shan boarded the train, sat down, and thought. No matter how he looked at it, helping Bai Ziqing would cost him his job. Once dismissed by Xu Corporation, the days ahead would not be smooth.

After careful consideration, He Shan decided to complete the system task first. In regards to a job, he could always find another one if needed. The main goal was to support himself and his grandmother.

Lost in thought on the tram, He Shan didn’t notice a man with a mask in the opposite corner, using his phone to take pictures. The captured photos were quickly sent to another location.

After getting off the train, He Shan walked back home in the deep night. Suddenly, his phone in the bag rang.

He took out the phone, looked at the unfamiliar number, and answered it. Listening to the sounds, He Shan stopped in his tracks, regained his senses, and quickly hung up.

Blushing, He Shan hastened his steps back to the apartment, silently cursing the person a pervert.


On the other side, the young man standing on the highest floor paused, watching the call being rejected. He suppressed his rough breathing and slowly chuckled with a hoarse voice.

Dim light barely illuminated the white lilies on the desk, leaving the man shrouded in darkness.

“Faster, even faster. I’ll be waiting for you to tear me apart.”

Clusters of white lilies were displayed in the dim light. However, the fine glow was trapped on the tips of the lily leaves, silent and invisible.

Early the next morning, He Shan arrived at the company. As soon as he returned to his desk, Secretary Yu approached with a file.

“You’re early today!”

Secretary Yu teased while handing him the file.

He Shan took the file, opened it, and looked up at Secretary Yu, puzzled.

The reason was simple. The file contained the CEO Xu Li si’s schedule for the next two weeks. However, this was usually Secretary Yu’s responsibility, and He Shan’s work was only to assist with some unrelated documents.

“I’m going abroad on a business trip and there’s a problem with an important contract.” Well, it should be important?

“I understand, Secretary Yu. Don’t worry!” I’ll be fired really soon anways!

Secretary Yu was also puzzled by the CEO’s arrangement. Normally, such a small contract wouldn’t be taken too seriously, but the CEO asked her to handle it and stay abroad for two weeks.


He Shan was also glad for the chance to interact with Xu Li si again, but if things went as expected, he might be fired by the time Secretary Yu returned.

Secretary Yu clapped her hands, smiled at He Shan, and said, “Consider it as me taking a vacation. Young people, work well!”

“Take care, Secretary Yu. Have a smooth trip.”

Listening to the instructions from the elite Secretary Yu, He Shan obediently responded.

As Secretary Yu left, she glanced back at He Shan’s desk and complimented, “Nice white lilies!”

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