The Male Lead Wants to be My Wife!

Chapter 3: Doubting your eyes (3) – After conversion

In the following week, the secretary assigned many challenging tasks to He Shan. All the tasks assigned by the system were located at the Xu Company, so as long as the tasks were not completed, He Shan had to work hard to stay at Xu Company.

Until one morning a week later, Secretary Yu placed a file folder on He Shan’s desk.

Secretary Yu stood at one side with arms crossed, all the while looking at He Shan with an inquisitive expression, signaling him to open it quickly.

Secretary Yu had observed He Shan’s performance throughout the week. She initially thought that this young man would spell trouble, since he had a relationship with Bai Ziqing. However, the reality proved that she had over-thought it.

He Shan had no problem in terms of his abilities; the only thing lacking was experience. However, gaining experience was a thing that couldn’t be rushed. He Shan also had a non-confrontational personality, and the romours circulating around the company about her did not cause him to habour any biases against her either.


All of this made Secretary Yu feel a sense of obligation for cherishing such talent.

But at the same time, the secretary was puzzled about why she hadn’t noticed such a hidden treasure earlier. She couldn’t help but be grateful that the president had swapped Bai Ziqing with He Shan.

Upon opening the file folder and seeing its contents, He Shan’s hand paused slightly. He looked up at the secretary, tilted his head slightly, and removed the sharpness from his appearance by adjusting his black-framed glasses. This action added a touch of absent-mindedness, resembling a certain large feline species.

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He Shan quickly immersed himself in his work again. He dearly hoped he wouldn’t be working overtime this weekend. He wanted to go home and visit Grandma He.


There was no night time working in such a big city – the city was brightly lit even in the early mornings.

He Shan left the company and walked towards the subway station. After a while, He Shan’s footsteps paused slightly.

Once again, the feeling of being stalked arised. Who could it be? Despite numerous attempts to look back, from a week ago until now, He Shan could sense this creepy feeling almost every day, not only on his way home but also in the company.

“System, apply for a world core check.”

He Shan applied to the system again, hoping for a different result this time. Unfortunately, the system’s response was the same as the previous times.

He Shan frowned. He felt that this world was such a strange one. In previous dimensions, He Shan could clearly feel that his existence wouldn’t attract the attention of any natives unless he was on a mission. But now…

He Shan could distinctly feel someone’s gaze constantly on him.

Lowering his eyes, He Shan’s gaze fell on to the fallen leaves under his feet. In the night’s light, his shadow was quite prominent.

“All aspects of the world are normal, no anomalies detected.”

Listening to the system’s unchanged response, He Shan could only give up. If the system didn’t issue a task and didn’t detect anomalies, it meant he could only allow the other party’s actions and couldn’t act arbitrarily. He Shan therefore quickened his pace, hoping to shake off that uneasy feeling.

It was very chilly on this October night. If one were to go out, they would definitely need to dress warmly, especially if they’re taking photos!

The camera was lovingly cared for by its owner, but it was unclear whether it was for the camera itself or for the photos it contained. Nimble fingers glided over the display screen, lightly touching the portraits displayed. A hoarse laughter emanated from the photographer’s throat.


The wind blew through the city at night, attempting to take away the warmth produced by the daytime industrial activities, but it was melted by human warmth, blending into the air, merging into the soil, blossoming in the dust.

Mornings always indicated a new beginning, and a comfortable morning could give a person plentiful energy needed for the whole day.

But He Shan’s morning was somewhat suffocating.

One will always encounter awkward situations in their lives, and He Shan was no exception.

Such was fate when He Shan came to work early, but collided with Bai Ziqing when he turned around at a corridor. He had thought that after changing jobs, the chances of meeting would naturally decrease, but who would have thought it would happen so soon.

One delicate and slender, the other sturdy and tall, the advantage was obvious when these two collided.

Bai Ziqing fell to the ground, the files in her hand scattering everywhere. Her small face turned pale as tears welled up in her eyes, lips tightly pursed. When she looked up and saw that it was He Shan who had collided with her, it seemed as if the tears that were originally contained burst out like a wild horse without reins. Anyone who didn’t know would think He Shan had done something unforgivable.

He Shan quickly helped Bai Ziqing up, continuously apologizing.

“I’m really sorry, Bai Ziqing, I didn’t notice someone at the corner. Are you hurt?”

He Shan’s caring words were very effective on Bai Ziqing, but she still disliked the man who took away her opportunity. To maintain her image, Bai Ziqing had to put on a soft and weak appearance again.

“It’s okay.”

Bai Ziqing looked at He Shan and shook her head gently, forcing herself to smile. It was a typical White Lotus* appearance that could captivate many men, but not for He Shan.


Looking at Bai Ziqing’s appearance, He Shan couldn’t help but feel a bit displeased.

When it came to his preference for potential partners, He Shan admired those with charisma and ambition, like Secretary Yu. However, He Shan wasn’t one to judge others and their preferences. Everyone has their own aspirations, and social experience told him that the majority of men still preferred delicate and weak girls like Bai Ziqing.

After helping Bai Ziqing up, He Shan bent down to pick up the scattered files. Inadvertently, he caught a glimpse of a few.

He Shan instantly understood why Secretary Yu’s face showed such impatience when he mentioned Bai Ziqing in front of her.

He Shan only caught a glimpse of a few files, but there were already more than four errors. He could not understand at all how Bai Ziqing managed to get into Xu Company.

He Shan handed over the neatly organized files back to Bai Ziqing. She took the files, remembered the incident in the restroom the other day, and looked at He Shan. Suddenly, a plan formed in her mind.

“He Shan, can I talk to you after work today?”

Bai Ziqing looked at He Shan with pleading eyes. He Shan was about to say something when a harsh voice interrupted him.

“Please, executor, assist Bai Ziqing.”

The icy mechanical voice made He Shan’s head ache. The sudden task interrupted He Shan’s refusal, and he naturally responded to Bai Ziqing’s request.

“Um, sure, but I might be working late.”

Seeing this gentle man agreeing to her request, Bai Ziqing felt secretly delighted. As long as she tried a little harder, she would be closer to her dream.


The incident in the restroom flashed in her mind, and Bai Ziqing bit her lip. One day, she would make that man bow down to her.

After parting with Bai Ziqing, He Shan returned to his workstation and dealt with the materials assigned by Secretary Yu. Around noon, Secretary Yu, in high heels, walked over and knocked on He Shan’s desk.

He Shan stood up, bowed his head, and looked at Secretary Yu, waiting for her orders.

“Xiaohao, come with me.”

Secretary Yu took He Shan to the president’s office. On the way, she briefly explained the reason.

Secretary Yu was sent abroad by the president, and since the secretary’s work at the company headquarters needed to be done, she asked He Shan to act as her replacement.

Secretary Yu was aware of He Shan’s abilities and believed he could handle the job. Hence, she recommended He Shan to the president.

Hearing that it was the president, He Shan felt conflicted. His face showed a hint of embarrassment.

Secretary Yu probably didn’t know about the peculiar “encounter” in the restroom between He Shan and the president. There was Bai Ziqing and Liu Yin too, the strange meeting of these four people.

Most of the time, Xu Li Si had an expressionless face, looking cold and distant. He would only express his impatience if he was feeling annoyed in some situations. But Secretary Yu had never encountered the young president show any expression of interest. Even after multiple successful projects, the President would always maintain his expressionless face.

Secretary Yu became a bit worried about whether He Shan could handle the president…

*Originally the author described Bai Ziqing like a 菟丝子 (aka Cuscuta Chinensis), a type of climber that wraps around that has very pretty delicate flowers. In such a context, the author was trying to portray the delicateness of Bai Ziqing, who was trying to latch on to the masculine He Shan. Something fun: Cuscuta Chinensis is actually a herbal medicine used as a tonic and aphrodisiac to improve s*xual function and impotence. Now you know~

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