The Male Lead Wants to be My Wife!

Chapter 2: Doubting your eyes (2) – Working is Hard

Bai Ziqing was a high-achieving popular student from D University. She was both a campus beauty and academic genius, and was often described by others as delicate and petite.

However, He Shan felt that Bai Ziqing was not someone worth associating with, as this pretty young lady seemed to be too overambitious.

Such a Goddess-like beauty, was currently in a dishevelled state – eyes red and hair messy, in the men’s restroom.The man facing her, though not clearly visible, was someone who, at a glance, would make anyone wonder. Especially considering that He Shan was standing next to the somewhat dubious Liu Yin.

Looking closely at Liu Yin’s face, you would find it more interesting than the changes in Peking Opera face masks. From surprise to anger, then to disbelief, and finally a look of understanding.

He Shan couldn’t quite understand why Liu Yin’s expression changed so quickly, but looking at the man’s aura and the suit he was wearing, he can make a rough guess.


The suit was a branded seasonal limited edition, priceless and unavailable on the market. The person who could wear such clothing must have had a high status. Coupled with Liu Yin’s expression, one could probably guess that this man was a significant figure in the company.

Previously, during his internship, He Shan overheard discussions in the tea room about Bai Ziqing often making acquaintances with influential people.

Liu Yin was about to speak, but the man on the opposite side spoke first.

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“Supervisor Liu, was that new intern under your supervision during the internship?” The man in the suit straightened his clothes and turned to look at Liu Yin.


When He Shan studied the man’s face, his pupils dilated momentarily. He was a very handsome man, the kind that left people speechless. It might be inappropriate to call a man beautiful, but he exuded a mature charm, like a bottle of awakened Bordeaux wine—dangerous and charming, serious yet unrestrained.

He Shan found it strange. He thought he didn’t have any beauty standards, but this man seemed to look exactly according to his taste. It’s almost as if this man had intentionally grew to look like this to tease him. He Shan can’t help but laugh at his own self-confidence.

The man’s gaze swept over Liu Yin and paused briefly He Shan who was beside him. The movement was very subtle, unnoticed by anyone.

Xu Li si was almost 30 years old, and all these years, he encountered many women who sought him for his status and appearance. Among them, there were quite a few persistent ones, but this woman today was genuinely annoying. Disgust had arisen from the bottom of his heart, as if he had been born to hate her.

“Yes, Bai Ziqing interned in our department, but after the internship, she was transferred to assist Secretary Yu. By the way, this is He Shan, who joined at the same time as Bai Ziqing.” Liu Yin smiled with a hint of cunning.

Upon hearing Liu Yin’s words, He Shan understood his underlying meaning. This man truly disliked Bai Ziqing, and because He Shan joined at the same time as her, he attempted to pull him down too. It was clear that this man genuinely disliked Bai Ziqing, and He Shan naturally won’t receive any goodwill just because he entered the company at the same time as Bai Ziqing.

“Well, I’m curious, Supervisor Liu, how did you approve this intern with such poor conduct?” Xu Li si glanced at He Shan beside him. He didn’t say anything, but his expression held some emotions that were hard to decipher. His fingers trembled slightly, and there was a nervousness in his heart.

Liu Yin’s face turned red, but was afraid to rebut.

Xu Li si then instructed Liu Yin to visit the CEO’s office around two in the afternoon and left.

At this point, He Shan understood that the man was none other than the famous Xu Corporation’s leader, Xu Li si.

He Shan wondered, was there some mysterious energy surrounding the restroom near their department? Even the CEO came here!

Back when Xu Li si passed by He Shan while he was leaving, He Shan felt a slight touch on the back of his hand, but he didn’t pay much attention.


He Shan couldn’t understand why the system gave him such a task, but he knew that he didn’t need to understand. Regardless of the final result, He Shan just needed to complete his task naturally.

Back at his office, Xu Li si sat back slowly on his chair. His face, devoid of expression, was turned away from the light. His fingers touch the back of his other hand, and his eyes revealed a passionate fire inconsistent with his cold demeanour.

They touched…

In the late afternoon, Liu Yin returned to his office with a pale face. Soon, someone conveyed a message to He Shan that the supervisor wanted to see him. He Shan approached the door and knocked.

Upon hearing the response from inside, He Shan pushed the door and entered.

Seeing He Shan, Liu Yin’s face broke into a wide smile with countless wrinkles, as he quickly requested He Shan to take a seat.

“Little He, your opportunity has come.”

Seeing Liu Yin’s smiling face and hearing his words, He Shan felt uncomfortable, as if some events had exceeded expectations. However, with no negative indications from the system and his self-proclaimed accurate intuition, He Shan was momentarily confused.

Liu Yin himself also felt puzzled. Why would someone like He Shan, a low-level employee, attract the attention of the CEO?

As it turns out, He Shan and Bai Ziqing’s job would be swapped. Starting from the next day, He Shan would be working under Secretary Yu.

Although there are often rumours circulating within the company regarding Secretary Yu’s reputation, Secretary Yu was still the President’s right-hand woman. It could be said that He Shan would be frequently dealing with Xu Li Si in the future.

Liu Yin often bullies the weak but fears the strong. He would frequently manipulate junior staff like He Shan, but it won’t be easy for him to manipulate the special-grade secretary assistant He Shan. However, whether this was an opportunity or a disaster for He Shan was entirely in Xu Li Si’s hands.


Upon receiving the news, He Shan’s heart was in turmoil, feeling that something was not quite right but unable to pinpoint it.

Upon returning home that evening, He Shan contacted Secretary Yu through the information provided by Liu Yin, explaining and handing over the work.

Next, He Shan attempted to apply for a world check from the system but was rejected on the grounds of the world being normal. Hearing the system’s response, He Shan attributed the uncomfortable feeling to a possible issue with his body. After all, being a synthetic creation, there will always be a possibility of having some glitches. He decided not to dwell on it any further.

The next day, when He Shan woke up, he felt refreshed and comfortable, as if yesterday’s uneasiness was just an illusion.

He Shan went to the company and reported to Secretary Yu.

Secretary Yu was a professional woman in her thirties, dressed smartly with delicate makeup, appearing very refined. However, there were rumours at the lower levels of the company suggesting a romantic relationship between Secretary Yu and the president.

People were strange at times. Unsatisfied with what they have, they resort to jealousy, attempting to smear and defame others. But when He Shan looked at Secretary Yu, he saw only an elite lady and not someone scandalous like the rumours portrayed.

Moreover, Secretary Yu always maintained a professional distance between the President.

“Hello, I am He Shan, and I just transferred here today,” He Shan said as he looked at Secretary Yu, who nodded expressionlessly.

For a young and handsome subordinate, anyone with biassed views would not dislike him too much, but He Shan just happened to be the other intern that joined together with the morally dubious Bai Ziqing.

Secretary Yu couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. Thinking about the troubles caused by Bai Ziqing during her tenure, she couldn’t understand President Xu’s arrangement of having an unknown junior employee with questionable abilities appointed to such an important position.

However, Secretary Yu was also a legendary figure who managed to stand firm in the large vat of the Xu Corporation. She wouldn’t undermine He Shan due to these small matters but would instead objectively assess his capabilities to see if he was fit for the job.


“Your desk is over there. Take ten minutes to settle in before starting your work.”

There was only one main desk and a side desk in the office. Secretary Yu calmly gave instructions, pointing to the side desk for He Shan.

Xu Corporation valued the qualities and work capabilities of its employees. High quality might imply a high education level, but a high education level didn’t necessarily mean entry into Xu Corporation. The employees under Xu Corporation were generally the cream of the crop in terms of both education and work abilities.

Following Secretary Yu, He Shan dealt with files all day and had to work overtime in the evening. After finishing the last pile of documents, he looked up to see Secretary Yu had already tidied her desk and was preparing to leave. He Shan quickly finished his tasks and prepared to leave as well.

Assigning a large number of troublesome documents to a newcomer on the first day was a test for Secretary Yu to observe her subordinates’ strategy of handling them. After carefully examining the files handed by He Shan, she found out that they were nearly perfect, and his speed was quite impressive for a newcomer too. The strain on her nerves caused by Bai Ziqing’s actions was finally relieved a little.

“Xiao He, wait a moment.”

He Shan’s movements paused. He looked at Secretary Yu with a puzzled expression, tilting his head.

Secretary Yu’s gaze paused, feeling impressed by this person’s rare good looks. The last time she was captivated by someone’s appearance was when she first met President Xu in her youth. But upon careful consideration, with outstanding looks and top-notch work capabilities, He Shan, who was so remarkable, remained relatively unknown in the grassroots department. It was truly perplexing.

“Tomorrow morning, make a trip to the Planning Department. I’ve sent you the documents. Handle it as soon as possible.”

After assigning He Shan’s work for the next day, Secretary Yu organised her bag and left, leaving He Shan to wrap up.

He Shan sighed, feeling a bit weary. In the past, back in the grassroots department, he could just slack off without notice. But now, after suddenly becoming Secretary Yu’s assistant, he couldn’t afford to be lazy. He had to give his full effort to work.

The company was a bit far from He Shan’s residence, so he usually walked to the nearby subway station and took the subway. Today was no exception.

He Shan soon left the company and headed towards the nearby subway station. Despite the short distance, he walked with unease.

He Shan looked back, and apart from a few pedestrians, there was no one suspicious. Was it just another illusion? He entered the subway with a heart full of doubts.

Unbeknownst to the departing He Shan, not far away, a suspicious-looking man was standing behind a brand sign.

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