SLT’s 2nd Year Anniversary + 1k Discord Members Celebration


I have exciting news! SLT is celebrating not one but two events! We are celebrating our 2nd Year Anniversary and have just reached 1k members in our discord server

To celebrate these two events, we’ll be holding a raffle for 5 Nitro Classics! That’s right. This means there will be 5 lucky winners and everyone has an equal chance of getting picked! So how can you participate in this raffle? Well, we’re doing it in the form of novel reviews!

For each review you submit on the novels the site has, it will be counted as 1 raffle ticket! So that means the more novel reviews you submit, the more raffle tickets you have and the higher chance you have of getting picked!


Please keep in mind that there are rules for submitting reviews!

1. Readers must be in the SLT server.
2. Rating of reviews must be a minimum of 3.
3. Reviews must be dated July 2021 onwards
4. Word count of reviews must exceed 30 words.
5. The word ‘Edit’ under the profile photo must be seen in the screenshot as well as the date of the review. A sample will be shown in the google form linked below!


The deadline of the event will be on August 27th 2021 and the day after that, we’ll be announcing the lucky winners!

Make sure to join and leave a review to let your favorite translators know how much you appreciate their work!


Google Form to submit reviews:

If you have any questions regarding this event, feel free to ping me at #suggestions in our discord server here!

Thank you all for being a part of Second Life’s journey and Happy Reading!! πŸ’•πŸ’•

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