New Site Features

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to announce a few new features I’ve implemented on the site!

We now have notifications, library and user profiles created for registered users.

The below features can only be accessed by logged in users to save server resources so go register now if you haven’t!

Novel Page

  1. On every novel page, you can now see a ‘green Add to Library’ button just below the ‘Start Reading’ button. Upon clicking the button, it will change into a red ‘Remove From Library’ button.
  2. The ‘Yellow’ Last Read Ch. will also appear once you have clicked on a chapter.
  3. The eye icons beside the chapter names are indicators of whether you’ve read the chapter or not. If you would like to mark it unread, click the ‘open eye’ icon.

Top Bar

1. On the top bar, you’ll see a bell icon which shows all the new releases of the novels you’ve put into your library and your profile.

Clicking the bell icon will show a dropdown of the 5 most recent new releases.

Clicking your profile will show you account settings and checking your library list.

Translations Page

Lastly, I’ve also revamped the translations page found on the menu, with filtered options.

Clicking any of the below options will allow you to sort our site novels according to your needs

Though we might not have a lot of JP novels on the site, our small team is always recruiting for translators!!

Please do apply if you’re interested and you have the skills and time!!

We most definitely need manpower to expand our novel list! QAQ

Go to recruitment page here to fill out the application form here!

If you’d like to support our site and see new features, you can donate on our site ko-fi right here!

I’ve only been teaching myself how to code for a few months so there might be errors somewhere. If you encounter any of these errors, please report them to our Contact Us page with an attached screenshot or on our discord!

Likewise, if you have any suggestions on what new features you’d like to see, comment down below or share it on our discord server!

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