My Foolish Snake Husband Wouldn’t Stop Pestering Me

Chapter 8: He Never Needed A Reason to Torment Him

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Duan Lin swore never to covet his brother’s belongings. But does that include Yan Rui? He was to his brother like the weeds on the side of the road.

He rotated his wrist. The spot which was forcibly twisted by Yan Rui now had a twitching pain, it was even an agony to move his fingers, which caused him to wonder if his hand had been fractured.

Duan Lin grew up spoiled, self-indulgent and feared any form of suffering and pain. Right now, he had just been beaten up by someone he had despised, which escalated his fury. 

“Let’s see if my brother will break my leg or yours!”

Duan Lin had been beaten up by Duan Chen before and knew that when Duan Chen got annoyed, he would really be able to beat someone to death.

Yan Rui was aware that this brother-in-law despised him from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t say anything more, turned around, lifted his luggage and prepared to leave. It was already ten in the morning. He feared that if he still did not leave and met Duan Chen who was to return with Zhou Ran, he would be berated once more.

Duan Lin saw that he did not respond to him and was furious. He rushed up and kicked the luggage from his hands to the ground: “Little beast, you are finished. You hit my hand! My brother will kill you when he gets back. Just you wait! “

After he was done, he pursed his lips and stormed out of the room in anger.

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The bus drove slowly. As the school was its final stop, it took at least forty minutes to arrive there.

Reaching his stop. Yan Rui felt a little dizzy and his throat also felt sore. He couldn’t help but cough. But once he started, he lost control and could not stop until the force damaged his voice box.

It was hard to imagine that a snake like him would ever catch a cold. 

Yan Rui’s cough was severe. When he returned to his dormitory, he saw his only roommate who had not left school.

It has been four weeks since they saw each other. Yan Rui had lost a lot of weight, his face was pale white and frightfully pointy. Song Qi almost couldn’t recognize him: “Yan Rui, why are you back in school?”

Yan Rui carried his bag inside and made up a lie: “There is not enough room at home.”

Song Qi nodded, and seeing that he was swaying on his feet, he went over and kindly helped him carry the bag.

“There is no need, you go get busy.”

Song Qi was well aware that his roommate was not very bright. He was quite dumb but being kicked out by his family on New Year’s Eve was just too pitiable.

“It’s only right for roommates to help each other out.”

Yan Rui did not find it appropriate to reject him this time and thanked him again before asking: “Why did you not go home?”

“My home is too far away and I couldn’t grab a ticket, so this year I will not go back.”

Song Qi answered while setting the quilt. His fingertips accidentally touched Yan Rui’s hand and shook: “Why are your hands so cold?”

Yan Rui’s vision was already blurred but he still had the heart to joke: “I was born in the year of the snake and am naturally afraid of cold like one. My hands and feet will always turn cold when winter arrives, I am already used to it.”

Song Qi looked at Yan Rui and was suddenly startled. He lifted his hand to feel his forehead: “You have a fever.” The palm of his hand was hot, his temperature had to be at least 39 degrees. Yan Rui was not smart to begin with, this high fever might just damage his brains and make him worse.

Song Qi said seriously: “You have to go to the hospital.”

Yan Rui shook his head and resisted in a dry voice: “No, I’ll be fine after a nap.”

Before he found Ah Chen, he had been exposed to the elements day in day out and often slept in garbage dumps. His current living condition was much better than before, at least he had a shelter, a bed to sleep in, and even someone to keep him company.

Yan Rui smiled back. He was already exquisitely beautiful, with an additional smile, he became even more mesmerizing.

“Okay, you have a good rest. I have to go to work later and cannot keep you company. Call me if it gets worse.” Song Qi sighed and patted Yan Rui’s shoulder. He wanted to say more but could not find the words. 

Yan Rui was sensible. After the bed was made, he removed his shoes and slipped into his bed nest. Song Qi feared that he would feel cold so he brought his own quilt over and layered onto him. Song Qi is one of the few people in the school who was genuinely nice to him.

This was a private vocational college where Duan Chen was one of its shareholders. Yan Rui had been forced to enrol here.

He said that since his brain was stupid, he should study more. He constantly mocked him as a stupid beast who couldn’t even recognise words and that even schooling would be a waste on him. 

When Yan Rui first came to the school, he catapulted to fame and easily obtained the title of the campus’s beauty king. There were many who liked him but those who did not or were jealous of him were not few as well.

It didn’t take long for some people to discover something was wrong with him. For instance, he reacted slowly, moved slowly, had problems with comprehension and seemed to be a little stupid. After the suspicions were verified, he fell from grace and became a target for bullies.

But no matter how Yan Rui was bullied, he did not retaliate. Perhaps because he had a good character or to put it bluntly, he was cowardly and born to suffer.

After Song Qi left, Yan Rui was the only one left in the dormitory. He laid quietly and habitually placed his hand over his chest to feel the beating of his heart.

His body was in discomfort, feeling like being scorched in flames one moment and being thrown into an ice cellar in the next. His whole world was spinning as if everything had lost gravity.  He had a splitting headache and his limbs lost every ounce of strength.

In his throat, there was a burning pain. Yan Rui uncontrollably opened his mouth, like a fish thrown onto the shores, gasping for air and letting out a weak groan from time to time. A tendon on his temple also protruded and trembled gently as if his whole head was stuffed with all sorts of messy things.

In the daze, Yan Rui had a long dream. 

In his dream, Duan Chen came to fetch him home.


Meanwhile, after Yan Rui left, Duan Lin’s became increasingly irritable. The house merely had one less person. So why did he feel that it got significantly emptier and quieter? 

He sat on the sofa and couldn’t resist calling his brother.

Just as the ringing tone almost ended, the other party finally picked up.


“Brother, that …… Yan Rui is gone.”

Duan Chen’s tone was neutral: “Okay.”

Duan Lin was a little upset and felt stuffy in his chest but he didn’t know where this emotion came from.

He asked: “Brother, are you really letting Zhou Ran to move in?”

As soon as Duan Chen heard Zhou Ran’s name, the corners of his mouth curled up and he was in a better mood: “I’ll bring Zhou Ran home tonight. By the way, has Yan Rui cleaned up his room yet?”

“He has already cleaned it up.”

“That’s good.” Duan Chen’s voice changed and asked, “Why do you sound strange? What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s nothing, my hand was twisted by Yan Rui, and it still hurts.” Duan Lin was incomparably aggrieved.

“He hit you?” Duan Chen asked.

As soon as Yan Rui was mentioned, Duan Lin felt a fire in his belly: “Brother, you must help me teach him a lesson. He already dares to hit people now. He may do worse in future.”

For Yan Rui to beat up Duan Lin, in Duan Chen’s opinion, was a little unbelievable.

However, since Duan Lin said so, Yan Rui would then have to pay the price.

But then again, he never needed a reason to torment him.

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