My Foolish Snake Husband Wouldn’t Stop Pestering Me

Chapter 10: A Different Feeling

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When Duan Lin left, there was no one happier than Zhou Ran.

In his opinion, Duan Chen’s brother was just a fool who would cause trouble wherever go. Now that he was gone, there was just him and Duan Chen alone in the villa to enjoy some couple’s time. It was also convenient if the night was to evolve into something else.

The corners of Zhou Ran’s mouth could barely contain his smile. His heart was elated but he had to maintain appearances as Duan Chen was an astute man and he feared that he would not think well of him.

Zhou Ran put down his chopsticks and stood up: “Duan Lin seems to have really gone. Ah Chen, let’s go after him, he should not have gone far. It is already so late, what if he meets with danger?”

“He has his own car, what danger can he encounter.” Duan Chen obviously did not take his words seriously.


“But ……” Zhou Ran looked at him with disapproval, his lips slightly open seemingly with words at the tip of his tongue.

Duan Chen sighed and took his sweetheart’s hand saying: “Don’t worry, Duan Lin may look like a rascal, but he is sensible.” Duan Lin had lived abroad for five years and there were far more dangers in foreign lands as compared to home.

Zhou Ran frowned, allowed himself to be tugged by the wrist and sat down: “It’s all my fault, if I hadn’t mentioned Yan Rui, he wouldn’t have gotten angry and ran out.”

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“Ah Chen …… What’s wrong with you?” Zhou Ran rarely panicked and a bad premonition immediately emerged from within. Duan Chen is worried about that stupid Yan Rui?


Duan Chen recognized his panic over nonsensical thoughts: “It’s nothing, eat first. You only had two bites of food earlier. As for Duan Lin, I will call him later.”

Zhou Ran was still unsettled. He sullenly took two mouthfuls of food and could no longer continue. The two men each have something different on their mind. It was only until after the table was cleared and as they were heading upstairs, Zhou Ran finally spoke: “Ah Chen, I feel a little unwell, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Duan Chen frowned but his face and eyes did not reveal any worry or tension: “Since you are unwell, I will send you back to the hospital for a checkup.”

“There is no need.” Zhou Ran’s face was a little embarrassed, thinking to himself: Duan Chen is too dense.

“It could be that I just had a relapse,  my body is still recovering and weak. I just need to rest and recuperate.” He said petulantly, his voice sounded rather pitiable. But Duan Chen was no fool, how could he not know what Zhou Ran was thinking, but his mood was already sullied tonight and he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“Ran Ran, you have just been discharged from the hospital and your body has not yet recovered, we shouldn’t be sleeping together.”

Zhou Ran was furious, he couldn’t figure it out. Didn’t Duan Chen like him? Why did he refuse him even though he has willingly offered himself?

“My condition is not as serious as you think, I ……”

“Be good, I don’t want you to have sex with me without any regard for your health.”

“Ah Chen, I’m just afraid ……” If some relationships are not established earlier, they may end up going off track. His worry was not unfounded, because he realised that Duan Chen may not purely dislike Yan Rui.

Duan Chen replied in a serious tone, “Ran Ran, don’t be anxious, we have a lifetime together. You have to believe me, I only like you.”

This made Zhou Ran slightly less uneasy in his heart. He nodded his head gently: “I believe you Ah Chen, go back to your room and rest, you haven’t slept for the past two days.”


After sending Zhou Ran into the guest room and closing the door, Duan Chen then turned back to his room. 

As the door opened, he briefly froze for a few seconds before remembering that he instructed Yan Rui to clear his belongings and move out. The room was now is spick and span, without the bright red sheets which he hated. All the furniture and decorations were arranged just the way he liked.

This room at first glance looked as if it materialized from thin air, lifeless, desolate without a trace of warmth, as if no one has ever lived here before.Within Duan Chen’s heart, a strange emotion surged. It desperately needed to be filled with something. Anything.

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