Chapter 1: His Sole Purpose

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“City Hospital, come to the third floor immediately.”

It was 1 am in the morning and it was pitch dark and snowing heavily outside. The weather forecast warned that it was not advisable to go out in this blizzard.

Yan Rui opened his mouth, but even before he could speak a word, the call ended. The person on the other end didn’t seem to want to hear his voice. Yan Rui clutched the phone tightly in his hand and his frozen white lips twitched.

The only person who could make Duan Chen approach and summon him to the hospital this late at night had to be Zhou Ran, whose condition must have worsened. Zhou Ran was suffering from acute sepsis, a blood infection that required him to undergo extensive blood transfusion. To make matters worse, he had a blood type rarer than that of a Panda’s blood. There were only two records of this blood type in the entire country.

The only one who can save Zhou Ran at the moment was Yan Rui but not because they shared the same blood type. Rather, it was because Yan Rui was a snake, or more accurately, a 10,000-year-old snake demon who had cultivated into the human form.

His blood could prolong a human’s lifespan and consuming his scales could ease any type of pain. For these two reasons, Duan Chen agreed to be betrothed to him, becoming a fiancé to a demon.

Yan Rui got up and rummaged through his wardrobe for clothes. The wardrobe was mostly empty because he owned very few pieces. He chose his thickest down coat, put it on and hurried out.

This was the coldest night of winter. He was naturally afraid of the cold, and his body shivered from the wind and snow. Yan Rui thought about how anxious Duan Chen would be in the hospital. He didn’t bother to bring an umbrella and ran straight to the roadside to hail a cab.

But how could there be cabs on the road on this particular day?

Yan Rui’s eyes turned red with worry. His hair was quickly covered with snow and the banknotes held in his hands were soaked in melted snow and crumpled up in a ball. He gritted his teeth and ran towards the hospital in the heavy snow. It took him nearly 50 minutes to reach using the route which would typically take 30 minutes.

When he arrived at the hospital, he was completely drenched in melted snow. His lips, which were originally a tender shade of pink, were now dry and cracked from the cold. The tip of his nose turned red, his face was dreadfully pale, and even his dark, curly eyelashes were tinged with a layer of frost.

The nurse on duty was startled to see someone enter, expecting that it was some kind of a medical emergency. She went over and saw the man bent over, shaking and asked, “Sir, what’s wrong with you?”

Yan Rui struggled to control his trembling voice: “Third ….. Third floor …… blood transfusion.”

The nurse instantly reacted: Is this the blood donor for the severely ill patient?

“You’re Yan Rui?” She asked. Yan Rui nodded his head.

The nurse ignored her own astonishment and led the way: “This way up.”

The hospital was heated but Yan Rui still felt cold. As he walked, the snow on his body fell onto the ground, turning into puddles of water which lined the path.

The nurse noticed that he was staggering behind her and subconsciously reached out to hold him steady. However, he was so cold that she retracted her hand as soon as she touched him. Yan Rui’s body was cold beyond a human’s normal body temperature. Touching him was like touching ice.

When the nurse and him were in the lift together, she could feel the cold radiating from him. Yan Rui noticed the nurse glancing at him, he looked down and saw the water stains which he left on the floor, his feet shifted uneasily.

“I’m, I’m sorry for dirtying the floor.”

 “That’s okay, it will dry soon.”

Yan Rui paused for a moment then knelt down to dry the stains on the floor with the drier parts of his sleeves. 

“I’ll dry it so no one will slip.”

The nurse’s heart sank as she watched him wipe the floor. It was at this moment that the lift made a sound to indicate that they had arrived on the third floor.

“Mr. Yan, I’ll take it from here. You can go ahead.”

Yan Rui looked up with a pair of luminous black eyes which were crystal clear.

“Thank you.”

“The patient is in ward v301. Mr. Duan has been waiting for you.” The nurse reminded him.

The thought of Duan Chen’s angered expression from the wait caused Yan Rui to cower and stumble as he ran. This was the same place he was at just two months ago. It was also for a blood transfusion. He was about to go through it for the second time even before he had fully recovered. The thought of the icy needle piercing his veins turned Yan Rui’s face white with fear.

Although his heart was afraid, he had already arrived outside the ward. The door could not completely hide the sound of voices speaking from inside.

Yan Rui pushed the door open. He saw Duan Chen standing by the bed, and called out, “Ah Chen.”

“Why are you so late? Didn’t I tell you to come over immediately? Are you sleeping at home again?”

Under the shining white light of the ward, the man’s beady eyes stared cruelly at the face of this pale and frail man in front of him. There was no trace of compassion on his grim face.

Yan Rui shook his head, “No, it’s snowing heavily outside….” He trailed off in the middle of his sentence. The curtains of the large glass windows were fully drawn. Anyone could have clearly seen the snowy scene on the outside. He clearly knew of the situation but blamed Yan Rui anyway.

Donned in a jet black tailored coat, Duan Chen’s beauty was unparalleled. He looked at Yan Rui and smirked.

“Take this man down to have his blood drawn.” 


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