Chapter 9: I Don’t Have A Brother Who Goes Around Seducing Married Men

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“Alright, I know what to do.” Duan Chen replied: “Prepare a few dishes tonight, I’ll be bringing Zhou Ran back for dinner.”

Duan Lin froze and for a moment he thought that he was hallucinating and dug his ears. After a long pause, Duan Lin asked gloomily, “Bro, are you asking me to cook?”

Duan Chen replied as if it should have gone without saying: “There is no helper in the house. If you don’t do it, who will?”

“Can’t you bring Zhou Ran out to eat? If not, you could always order take-out.” Why must he corner this younger brother?

“Zhou Ran does not like to dine out. Just casually whip up something at home. Make it four dishes and a soup. Remember to prepare an assortment of both meat and vegetables and more of those which are higher in protein. Avoid anything spicy or with onion, ginger and garlic and also, make it slightly bland…”

How the fuck is this considered “casually”? You can “casually” try to prepare it yourself then. And you still have the cheek to request for 4 dishes and a soup? Why not just order a full course banquet instead?! 

Duan Lin grinded his teeth silently. He could only gripe in his heart. He feared that if he were to say it out loud, his brother would come back to beat the shit out of him.

Duan Chen said: “Your only merit is being a good cook. Besides, this can’t be that difficult for you right?”

Duan Lin: “…” Is this what a human being should even be saying?

“Do you hear me?” Seeing that Duan Lin did not reply to him for a long time, Duan Chen’s voice deepened with impatience.

Duan Lin was immensely aggrieved: “I heard you.”

After he had agreed, Duan Chen hung up the call immediately.

Duan Lin let out a sigh of relief, stretched his neck and gazed at the cloudy sky outside. His heart felt empty and somehow Yan Rui came to mind. Yan Rui was a kitchen destroyer. The food he prepared was too terrible to be consumed and he was even capable of burning down the kitchen in the process. 

Duan Lin held his chin and thought: Yan Rui may be dumb and not know how to cook but he could certainly be a great assistant for the task! 

But right now he was all alone to shoulder the burden without even daring to protest. Duan Lin put down his phone and went into the kitchen to begin.

Three hours later, Duan Lin warmed up his wrist and proceeded to bring out a tableful of dishes.  

At the last touch of sprinkling some salt into the soup, the doorbell rang.

Duan Lin wiped his hands clean before opening the door. When the door opened, he saw Duan Chen and the sickly Zhou Ran beside him.

Before Duan Chen could say anything, Zhou Ran smiled and greeted, “Ah Lin, long time no see, may I come in and join you both for dinner?”

Duan Lin pursed his lips and didn’t say anything, his cold and unresponsive gaze made Zhou Ran a little embarrassed.

Duan Chen’s eyes fell on Duan Lin, his face hardened: “He is talking to you, are you mute?”

In front of his brother, Duan Li had to be extremely mindful of his behaviour such that even his farts had to be cautiously let out. After being unjustifiably yelled at, he immediately lowered his head and replied, “Come on in, dinner is ready.”

“Pardon me for imposing.” 

Zhou Ran changed his shoes to indoor slippers and was led inside by Duan Chen. He secretly glanced at the surroundings and noticed that the decorations and ornaments around the house were of exceptional quality. Even the basic lightings were imported goods. 

This villa was considerably better than all the other villas which Duan Chen had shown to him. When he thought that such an excellent property belonged to Yan Rui, that cheap bitch, his stomach turned in discomfort and it pissed him off so much that his teeth became sore.

This will not do, he had to find a way to obtain this property under his name and legitimately live here all the time.

Entering the dining hall, Zhou Ran saw the table of food: “How fragrant! Just the smell alone is making me hungry. I didn’t expect Ah Lin to be so skillful.”

I’m not only skillful at cooking, I am also pretty good with hand jobs, want to try? Duan Lin rolled his eyes stealthily and did not pay further attention to that dainty white lotus. He only went back to the kitchen to bring out the pot of soup.

When he came out, Zhou Ran and Duan Chen were already seated at the table.

Duan Chen naturally sat beside Zhou Ran: “Let’s eat.”

Duan Lin was famished by then. After finding a corner to sit, he swiftly reached for his chopsticks and began to shove food into his mouth, chewing noisily.

As he ate, he observed Zhou Ran who sat diagonally across from him and was now smiling faintly and cordially conversing. If he were to be honest, Zhou Ran was rather attractive but had a thick air of pretension around him. And of course, when placed beside Yan Rui, a stellar beauty, he paled in comparison and appeared merely mediocre.

“Has Yan Rui left?” Zhou Ran asked.

Duan Lin abruptly choked on his mouthful of rice and could not continue eating. He turned his head to cough with his hand covering his mouth. 

Duan Chen frowned and placed a piece of pork ribs into Zhou Ran’s bowl: “Just eat, mentioning him will affect the appetite.”

Zhou Ran ignored him, sighed and continued: “It’s almost New Year’s Eve, why not bring him back? It won’t be too much trouble to have an additional person home, I can get along well with him.”

“No ……”

“No thanks.” Duan Lin interrupted his brother unexpectedly: “It’s better that he isn’t here, otherwise he would be disgusted like me and have no appetite anymore.”

Zhou Ran froze, and after a moment his face took on a ghastly expression, grabbed Duan Chen’s sleeve and asked, “Ah Chen, did I say something that I shouldn’t have?”

Duan Chen opened his mouth, “Is this how you talk to people? Has a dog ate up your education and upbringing from studying abroad all these years?”

Duan Lin shrank his neck and did not dare make a sound. He had always been afraid of his brother. No matter how much trouble he was in, he was undeterred but as soon as Duan Chen was to reprimand him, he would be instantly terrified.

Duan Chen turned his gaze on him and said, “Apologize to your brother Zhou Ran.”

In the past, as long as his brother asked, Duan Lin would obediently apologise. Somehow tonight, he moved his lips for a long time but was just unable to utter those words. 

Duan Chen’s expression was turning more unpleasant by the minute.

On the side, Zhou Ran started putting on the “good guy” act: “Ah Chen forget it, Duan Lin is still young, and he and Yan Rui have always been on good terms. It’s normal for him to think of me this way. Let’s just eat.”

“Which one of your eyes has seen me and Yan Rui on good terms?” Duan Lin gritted his teeth. Using this underhanded tactic, does Zhou Ran think he is stupid?

As expected, just as Zhou Ran delivered those words, Duan Chen’s expression got a few degrees colder.

“Apologize to your brother Zhou Ran, don’t make me say it a third time.”

Duan Lin could see the cold beams bursting out of his brother’s eyes which made both his legs go soft. He dug his fingers into his palms, jumped up and ran for the door. Before running off, he taunted: “I don’t have an indecent brother who goes around seducing married men.”

He felt that he was not that far from death…

But he will not give in, he is not Yan Rui that little beast, who permits Zhou Ran to step all over him.

There are times like this when Duan Lin felt that his brother was somewhat useless to be deceived by a man like Zhou Ran.

He wanted to look for Yan Rui but the school was too far. Besides, there were already no buses this late at night. After pondering for a moment, Duan Lin eventually decided to head to Grandmother’s place to lay low for now.


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